Try one of the least well-known Canary Islands – Fuerteventura

Try one of the least well-known Canary Islands – Fuerteventura

Hypnotic sand dunes, gorgeous villages, active volcanos, golden beaches and year round sunshine. Fuerteventura is a great escape, especially if you’re fleeing the winter cold.

A less well-known island of some of the most popular ones in the Canaries (which include of Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and La Palma), Fuerteventura (or ‘strong fortune’ in Spanish) in the archipelago of the Canary Islands, is rich in culture and attractions. If you really want to hold on to the high life, try out some of the 5-star hotels Fuerteventura for the fuller experience.

Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canaries, after Tenerife. It is situated off the coast of Africa and due to its location enjoys year-round sunshine. One of the best attractions the island has to offer is the Oasis Park, where you can witness wildlife at its best.

With over 7,000 species of flora and fauna including some endangered species, the arid landscape of the park gives visitors a true insight into the scenery with places to stop for R&R and a spot of lunch. With 200 acres of landscaped garden and 2,300 tropical species of plants and cacti you’ll be feeling like you’re walking through a real-life Eden Project, without the domes.

The surroundings are awesome and there’s something for the children too: parrots performing tricks, falcons, owls and eagles on display and children can get up close to the rabbits, turkeys, swans (if they want to!) and donkeys. Pony rides around the farm are available as well. The Oasis Park really does have something for everyone, of every age.

If you’re a sand-dune enthusiast, then you must see the Fuerteventura sand-dunes too. You can take a full day trip to see these glorious pieces of architecture that nature has created. You will end up at the Corralejo Natural Park and could be forgiven for thinking you’d moored by boat somehow to the Sahara Desert.

The relaxing boat trip will land you with some incredible sights and you would be wise to be happy-snapping the day away with your camera so you can share memories when back home.

Fuerteventura has some gorgeous villages alongside its capital Puerto del Rosario. The island has the delightful village of La Oliva at its northern tip, and Tiscamanila and Tefia in the middle. The old capital of Fuerteventura, Betancuria is in the west and has amazing mountainous views and you can experience truly traditional cooking and welcomes because this small municipality only has about 800 inhabitants.

If you want to take in the breathtaking air, or simply feel the Spanish culture up in the hills – this place is what it’s about. Another great town to visit in the mountains is Pájara. The website can also situate you close to Jandía, at the peninsula and south of Fuerteventura, with resorts Costa Colma and Playas de Jandía.

Fuerteventura is known as ‘La Playa de Canarias’ (the beach of the Canary Islands) mainly because it is full of 77 km of long, sunny, glistening beaches, with stunning golden sands.

The island also has 24 volcanoes and lava fields which have shaped its spectacular landscaping. Rather than taking a trip to see the more popular Canary Islands, a suggestion is to try this one instead. It’s great for families and for a romantic getaway.


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