Trump tells Turnbull Australian universal healthcare is better than US, Bernie Sanders laughs

OPINION & ANALYSIS: Does President Trump actually understand how the Aussie Medicare system operates? Does he even remember Malcolm Turnbull’s name?

It was typical Donald Trump, putting his mouth before his brain. This time he actually lauded something that is polar opposite to what he advocates and was celebrating passing just hours before.

In a joint press conference with Australia’s prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, which was postponed by several hours due to the US House of Representatives passing a bill designed to dismantle so-called Obamacare and probably throw some 20 million Americans off health coverage, President Trump proclaimed Australia’s health system to be better than that of the United States.

“I should’t say this to our great gentleman, and my friend, from Australia, coz you have better healthcare than we do,” Trump said to a beaming Turnbull in front of reporters in New York.

Does Mr Trump actually understand how our system (Medicare) operates? Does he realise it’s pretty much the kind of universal healthcare system that his opponents on the left, who want to go further than just Obamacare, call for?

And Bernie Sanders had a field day. Watch the clip, above.

Hell, does he even remember Malcolm’s name? Doesn’t look like it.

Since the remarks, the president’s aides have sought to clarify what he said, as they so often are called upon to do…

“The President was complimenting a foreign leader on the operations of their healthcare system. It didn’t mean anything more than that,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said later.

“I think he believes that they have a good healthcare system for Australia,” she added.

“What works in Australia may not work in the United States.”

Probably not the right time to bring up our gun laws, huh.