Travelling with technology: the techno traveller’s guide

Travelling with technology: the techno traveller’s guide

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, it’s pretty much impossible to leave technology behind. Here are top tips for travelling with tech.

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WHETHER we’re heading for a golden, secluded isle surrounded by schools of happy dolphins or travelling to the depths of the Amazon — there’s no getting away from technology. Whether you’re taking your tablet, eReader, smartphone, laptop or digital SLR, it’s very difficult to travel without tech these days. If you’re a gizmo-addicted traveller we’ve put together some top tips to keep your tech safe and functional on the road!

You might think the biggest danger to your smartphone is theft, but the real danger ominously lurks within your phone. The EU may have introduced a cap on roaming charges but data roaming could still leave you with a very nasty bill indeed when you return home. If you want to avoid suffering cardiac arrest when you open your post-travelling bill, sort out a roaming bundle with your network provider, explore options like cheap data at or buy yourself a global SIM.

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Meanwhile, to keep your smartphone safe from external threats, make sure you keep it in a zipped or securely fastened pocket (no, not your back one), listen to local advice about how safe it is to flash your consumer goods around and don’t leave your mobile charging in your hotel room while you head out on a day trip or night on the tiles.

Perfect for bookworms who don’t want to lug War & Peace all the way to the Peloponnese. Your eReader will let you take all the literature you want in a lightweight, glare-proof fashion. If you are going to download a new eBook, make sure you’re using someone else’s free Wi-fi; hotels, airports and cafes are a safe bet.

To save on those nasty data roaming charges on your smartphone, we also recommend downloading a hefty stack of maps and guidebooks before you travel — straight to your eReader. This will allow you to get hold of all the information you need, whenever you want it, without going online.

If you’re going to need to work while you trot the globe, a laptop is a faithful, if bulky friend. If you’re travelling far and wide, you’re going to need something durable and lightweight. Netbooks are small and brilliantly transportable, but they can be less than ideal if you’ve got a big project on. We recommend something a little larger but as light and sturdy as possible. Investing in a good, sturdy case is just as important.

Meanwhile — insurance! It will probably set you back a pretty penny, but if you depend on your laptop for income while you travel, you’ll need to be able to afford a replacement post-haste. Make sure you back up everything you do to a cloud-based service too — that way, whatever the world has to throw at your laptop, your work will stay safe.

Ah, the all important digital camera! They’re crucial for holiday snaps, but salt, sand, sea and heading off the beaten track aren’t ideal for the most fundamental travel gadget. Keep your lens cap on securely at all times your camera isn’t in use, consider adding a cheap plastic film over your LCD display to prevent scratching, carry it in your hand luggage, make sure you take enough memory cards and, once again, invest in a good, sturdy case. You’ll thank us later, we promise! Bon voyage!