Trampoline takes flight in wild Aussie storms [VIDEO]

WATCH: The moment cyclonic gusts swept through a Brisbane backyard, hoisting the kids’ tramp up in to the air like a piece of rice paper.

Wild weather has (as usual) been battering Australia, this time in south east Queensland.

Storms, some labelled as “super cells” by the Bureau of Meteorology, have swept across the sunshine state this week, with fierce winds and monster hail whipping the suburbs.

In the video above, Brisbane resident Dawn Patterson caught the moment cyclonic gusts upto 130kph swept through her backyard, hoisting the kids’ trampoline up in to the air like a piece of rice paper. Taking sail, the tramp is unceremoniously dumped into the neighbour’s yard.

Meanwhile, approximately 3,300 homes in Chinchilla were without power after a freak hail storm pelted the town with icy stones as big as gold balls. Hail piled up against houses like snow… in spring… in Queensland!


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