Top 8 destinations for your 2014 holiday bucket list

Top 8 destinations for your 2014 holiday bucket list

Get packing! Here is our list of the top eight destinations for you to include in your 2014 holiday bucket list.

THE world is filled with enticing destinations that holiday makers flock to annually. Whether it’s roaming beautiful landscapes, immersing yourself in entertainment, or relaxing by the ocean, there’s a place out there that’ll ease your stresses and inspire your imagination. If you’re searching for the perfect holiday destination in 2014, consider visiting one of the following eight places. You won’t regret it.



If you’re looking to explore a country that has a rich culture and extensive history, India should make its way onto your itinerary. Not only is there a plethora of sites to see, like the temples and ruins, but many of these places are cheap to visit — if not free. Additionally, India’s rupee has decreased in value by more than 20 percent in the last year in comparison to the US dollar, making it the perfect destination for anyone who’s travelling on a budget.



Not only is Brazil home to beautiful beaches and 60 percent of the Amazon rainforest, but it’s also hosting the World Cup in 2014. This makes it an attractive destination for soccer — or better yet, futbol — fans from across the world. Although the World Cup will take place during the Brazilian winter months of June and July, the temperatures will remain relatively mild. In short, pack a spring jacket for the cool nights but don’t forget your swimwear for the sunny days.


amsterdam_canals lo

Europe will be a hotspot in 2014 (isn’t it always?), and that’s largely because of the 20 vessels that are scheduled to debut on the rivers across the old continent. One of the most popular cruises will depart from Amsterdam and take travellers on a scenic tour through Europe on its way to Budapest, making stops in 13 cities along the way. If spending 15 days on a ship doesn’t intrigue you, there are plenty of sights to see in Amsterdam to satisfy your travelling needs.

Greek Islands

Topdeck in Greece

It’s no secret Greece has had a rough few years, with high unemployment rates and severe austerity measures. Although this has deterred some tourists from visiting the country, others have taken advantage of the low prices the country now offers visitors. If you’re looking for a beautiful beach paradise with a hint of ancient culture, the Greek Islands are the perfect destination for you.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas

What would a destination bucket list be if it didn’t include Sin City? Although the old adage says “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make memories and bring them back home with you. Sure, there are the typical attractions like the casinos, live shows, and resorts to enjoy, but there’s more to Vegas than that (or maybe that’s exactly what you want). With more than 100 things to do, including the “Solve a Crime at CSI: The Experience at the MGM Grand Las Vegas,” there’s something for everyone in your family or group of friends to enjoy.



This is another option for anyone who wants to spend their holiday burning in the sun and sinking in the sand. This beautiful paradise might seem financially intimidating to the average traveller, but Fiji offers plenty of accommodations for all guests. The Mamanucas and Yasawas Islands have many resorts that are popular among backpackers, making it possible for almost anyone from any economic background to experience Polynesia without breaking the bank.


Pomorie_region bulgaria

Although costs in Eastern Europe have steadily increased over the past few years, especially in the famous cities, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a country to explore in the region that won’t hurt your pocket. Bulgaria offers visitors a magical experience, with stunning landscapes, astounding architecture, and marvellous museums to explore. It’s not always a talked-about destination among the crowds, but Bulgaria is famous for an assortment of things.


farming ethiopia

Perhaps sitting on a beach for a week just isn’t your style; no worries. If you’d rather take more of a spiritual journey and see parts of the world most will never explore, consider putting Ethiopia on your 2014 bucket list. Whether it’s walking through the Lake Tana monasteries, discovering the Blue Nile Falls, or staring in amazement at the rock-hewn wonder of Lalibela, this country is sure to refresh your outlook on life and leave you with plenty of memories to treasure.

It’s sad to say, but 2014 will be gone before you know it, so make sure you spend your year in a way that’ll leave you with no regrets. Travel to any one of these eight destinations and you’ll do just that.