Top 5 benefits of teak furniture for the outdoors

Top 5 benefits of teak furniture for the outdoors

According to a Burmese tradition, teak is a royal tree, used by the Thai royalty in ancient times. Used in maritime building since the 1600s, it is one of the most valuable trees around.

It was even used on the Titanic and it is from the maritime use that the furniture designs come. In fact, it was used to build the furniture on aircraft carriers as recently as the 1960s. While it is definitely one of the more expensive woods out there, it is worth the price, from its durability to the smell of the wood when freshly cut.

1. It Is a Worthwhile Long-Term Investment

Teak outdoor furniture lasts for decades in terms of physical durability and style. It is considered a luxury material, and can withstand just about any natural element. It can also last through long term exposure to moisture without rotting, making it perfect in any situation.

2. Doesn’t Require Much Maintenance Or Care

Teak is also a low-maintenance wood. It is known for changing color naturally from golden brown to a low-intensity grey. To preserve the blond color, sealant and oil can be applied to the wood every now and then (preferably annually). Do not oil or power wash your teak furniture. If you really want to clean your teak outdoor furniture, wash it with mild forms of soap and clean water.

3. Greener Than The Greenest Trees Out There

Teak is able to be preserved for centuries and is very eco-friendly because of its massive lifespan and durability. It is typically found in India and Myanmar. There have been outcries over deforestation of teak in Burma in the past, but most of the supply today comes from plantations in Indonesia and India. Even termites stay away from this grand old hardwood, making it one of the greenest trees around.

4. Resistant To Moisture And Humidity

Teak has high levels of oil and wax in it, and is perfect for outdoor door frames and rafters in tropical countries. It can resist moisture extremely well, making it perfect for use in humid climates. Another great thing is that the wood doesn’t blacken after coming into contact with a metal. This makes it great for furniture with metal screws in it as well!

5. Retains Temperature Regardless Of External Climate

Another reason why this wood is used to make furniture in hot climates is that it retains a core temperature that is less than the outside temperature. This means that lying in a teak chair will cool you down on a hot day. There doesn’t seem to be anything that teak is bad at doing, because it won’t burn you in the summer nor will it freeze you in the winter.


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