Tips for keeping your elderly folks active

Tips for keeping your elderly folks active

As one ages, the fact remains that their tendency to move around and be agile is reduced.

This is a normal phenomenon but can be combated with the right methods. It is very important for older folks to keep themselves active and limber so that you do not start gaining weight and losing muscle mass. With age, the importance of keeping fit increases. Sometimes an accident or a fall might make them afraid to want to be up again on their feet, but this should not be the case. You have to make sure that you help them get back and become fit and active once again. They must not allow the fear of falling again to keep them from getting back on their feet. So if you have older folks in your family here are some ideas of what you can do to keep them on their feet and in good health and spirits.

Encourage Them to Get Rid Of Fear

Sometimes a small fall or a great fall can leave them stuck in more ways than one. It is important for you to keep their spirits up and allow them time to heal. Once they start healing make sure that you get the right mobility aids for sale that are available to help them get back on their feet. The fear of having fallen will keep them from trying to be up and move again. But you must encourage them and let them know that now that they did fall they know how to be more careful the next time and thus will be able to keep pressing forward with no more mishaps. With the right walker or crutch or any other equipment that they need they will be able to press forward until they can manage without them.

Give Them Fun Activities

Sometimes they simply do not want to do much walking around because it is not driven by interest or passion. This is where you have to tap into their interests and make them want to get up and go for that walk. If there are grandkids, they are very much likely interested in spending time with them. Allow for the little ones to go out for a bike ride to the park with the grand parent. This way they will walk around making sure the little one is safe. At the same time they would have managed to get some much needed exercise.

Be Reasonable With the Requests

You may encourage them to walk to the garden to see if the flowers are in bloom but if they are feeling out of it try not to over push them. You do not want them to feel like they are being pressured to do something. Even though you have the right intentions, you need to consider their emotional state as well. If they actually need assistive gear, make sure that you get the right one after having discussed with the doctors. Always have their best in mind, this way you will not go wrong.

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