The straight edge punk too popular for Facebook

The straight edge punk too popular for Facebook

Former Big Brother star Michael Crafter of Confession is so popular Facebook says he’s got too many friends.

The words ‘Australian Hardcore’ and the name ‘Michael Crafter’ go together like a fine wine and an aged cheese.
Though it’s probably an inappropriate metaphor as Crafter doesn’t drink and was a strict vegan for eight years.

Best known as lead vocalist and founding member of the highly successful, but now defunct, I Killed The Prom Queen, the extroverted 28-year-old is heading to the UK and Europe with his current band, nu metal super group, Confession.

Their album Cancer debuted in the coveted #1 position on the AIR charts.

In his career, the energetic Crafter has also been a member of Carpathian, Shotpointblank and American hardcore band Bury Your Dead.
He organised an annual music event dubbed “Crafterfest” from 2004-2007, runs a controversial music website and he even has his own clothing label, Mistake Clothing and was a Big Brother contestant in 2008. Not bad for a kid from Aldinga.

Crafter is what’s known as Straight Edge, which means he doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or take drugs.

“I became Straight Edge in ‘97. I had a lot of troubles when I was a kid. I grew up in a boring town and when you hang out with older people you tend to experiment with drugs and drinking and stuff. I saw that I was on a downward spiral, and I even saw some friends become junkies,” Crafter said.

With all that he’s accomplished within hardcore, and for all his outspokenness, Crafter has become somewhat of an idol to some of the younger generation.

“I just feel like they should find someone good to look up to. They should get into footy or find some legit celebrity or something, not just some loser that’s in a band. You don’t think people in bands are someone to look up to, but I guess kids do and they get pretty stoked on it or whatever, it just seems really odd to me.”

Such popularity has lead to Crafter’s personal Facebook page reaching the limit. What happens when you reach 5000 friends on Facebook? Does the internet explode?

“It maxed out and said I can’t have anymore friends. It did it last night. You go to click and add a new friend and then it tells you it can’t. I probably should message Facebook and tell them to sort it out, there’s friends banking up! I’ve got 40 new adds and I can’t accept them!” he joked.

Like him or loathe him, you can’t argue the fact that Crafter has truckloads of drive and ambition, although trouble does seem to find him in all that he does. His website Broken Glass Online is a metal, punk and hardcore music news website. It has gained recognition mostly for its notorious online forum which often contains highly offensive material.

“Oh god. Broken Glass is the most out of control music news website in the history of Australia. It’s the most controversial thing ever. I’ve had cops call me. I’ve had the site shut down like ten times. I’ve been told by people that the web address is going to be banned. If something happens, it’s on that site….I’ll probably end up in jail sooner or later because of it.”

Most people might try to monitor or censor the content after causing so many problems, but that’s just not in Crafter’s nature.

“God no. Can’t do that, you gotta let the people speak even if it can get you in trouble.” 

Confession play at O2 Islington on Sunday March 14.

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