Five top perks of being an Aussie alien in a foreign country

Five top perks of being an Aussie alien in a foreign country

Sometimes being an alien from Down Under makes you feel like the luckiest person on the planet.

It’s not easy being an alien but it sure as hell is fun. Here are five of our favourite upsides to being an Australian living overseas…

1) As an Aussie, you’re automatically more interesting

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Whether it’s your culture, language or life experiences that make you stand out, you’re usually the centre of attention. And you love it, admit it.

2) “Sorry, I’m Australian” is a legitimate excuse for just about anything


As an alien, you have the added advantage of being able to play dumb when you bend the law by saying, “Well that’s how we do it in Australia, mate”. It actually does work sometimes.

3) You grow a little stronger every time you resist the urge to jump on a plane back home


Life will throw you curve balls and all you will want to do is run. But you don’t. You deal, you grow and you come out braver than you were before.

4) Every experience overseas is a life lesson learnt


The learning is endless. Your new country is your oyster, an oyster brimming with new cultures, languages, experiences and pearls of wisdom. If you’re not learning about the country, you’re learning about yourself.

5) Your patriotism goes through the roof

Australia pride

You don’t realise how unique and special Australia is until you leave it. And when you return, you look like a bloody fool because you can’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

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