Technological innovations making those trips home that little bit easier

Technological innovations making those trips home that little bit easier

Living in the UK has plenty of upsides but one of the definite downsides (depending on how you look at it) is how far away it is from home.

For some, this will be a welcome break from the homeland they’re wanting to escape, but many of us still have family, friends or other business that we need to attend to on occasion back in Australia. The journey can be long and arduous, to say the least, but, thanks to modern technology, those 24 hours in the sky are getting easier.

Portable Gaming

Remember long car journeys as a kid and how you’d have to pack everything from board games to those super-clunky Gameboys? These days, everything can be done on your phone. Not only are phones incredibly light weight, they also have a diverse range of options for passing time through gaming. For example, casino games are increasingly popular with young people, and blackjack, roulette, slots, and dice games can all can be played through the likes of the VegasCasino website, which even offers deposits in bitcoin for the more tech-savvy traveller. Of course, there are lots of different options. Some are even made for travelling, such as 2016’s smash-hit Pokémon Go. There have been some recent updates, meaning that it has more reasons to play now whilst in transit. And, when you arrive in Australia, there’s even a region-locked Pokémon to catch in the form of Kangaskhan, which you won’t be able to get back in the UK.

No data? No problem. That’s where the next modern advancement comes in super handy!

Wi-Fi On Planes

Whilst a digital detox is sometimes a welcome break for many of us, there are times where it’s just not practical for us to be away from our devices for a full day at a time. Wi-Fi that is available on planes is complex but the good news is that it’s more and more common in 2017. Whether you need to send emails for work or you just want to calm your in-flight anxiety with some social networking, it’s easily done these days, and it’s not as expensive as you may think, either.

Just keep in mind that you’re 35,000 feet in the air. You aren’t going to get super fast download speeds, but you should be able to post that obligatory cloud pic!

Netflix & Spotify Downloads

Sometimes, you get on one of those planes where there’s no Wi-Fi available, so what do you do? You make sure you come prepared, of course! With pay monthly subscriptions to some of the biggest media apps in the world, you can now download your favourite TV shows or songs to play offline. This function was basically made for long journeys because you’ll be without data or a connection for extended periods of time. Just remember to watch Netflix tactically – don’t forget that the shows available in the UK and Australia can differ, so just make sure to watch the ones you know you can’t get when you land, first!

The journey back to Australia can often be difficult (not to mention expensive) but it sometimes has to be done. Try to think of it as an adventure, rather than a bore!

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