Stoke Travel wants YOU for La Tomatina!

Stoke Travel wants YOU for La Tomatina!

La Tomatina is the one time of the year we exercise our repressed urges for wanton violence! And it’s not like the Stokies are out there going nuts, everyone is going nuts.

La Tomatina
By Wade Gravy

We here at Stoke Travel respect the other players in the travel game. We think the Fanatics, PP, First Festival, Contiki, Busabout, Topdeck, and others, do a wonderful job. The way we see it is that each company fulfills a different niche. Everyone is different and we are lucky that there are enough mobs out there to satisfy all our individual travel needs. We think it’s better for tourism, and by extension for the world, when there are so many travel options out there.

So we act with courtesy and professional respect toward our fellow tourism operators. Usually. Normally. Mostly. But sometimes the urge to just attack their faces gets the better of us and we lash out in a wildcat fury. We can’t help but just grab the nearest thing and hurtle it at their goddamn smug little “we’ve got more guests than you” faces. Fortunately for everyone these urges only come about once a year, at the same time of year, and all the other guys feel them at the same time too.

At La Tomatina. It’s the one time of the year we exercise our repressed urges for wanton violence, the time when not-really- but-kinda hurting others physically is not just sanctioned, but encouraged. And they’re all in on it too! It’s not like the Stokies are out there going nuts, everyone is going nuts. And Stokie can attack Stokie, can attack Fanatic, can attack PP, FF, Contiti, B-A-B and TD, and each and every on each other and others. It’s a Bacchanalian orgy of human bolognaise, and it’s all just the most wonderful fun for everyone involved.

Thing is, Stoke’s rag tag army at Tomatina is traditionally a little smaller than the others, (though at Oktoberfest it’s huuuge) so Uncle Stoke WANTS YOU! If you want to join the hedonists’ army this 29 August we suggest you head down to your local recruitment centre (internet) and enlist (book) now (yesterday).

Stoke Travel operates the loosest camps in Europe and La Tomatina is no difference. You can combine a Stoke Tomatina trip with the Water and Wine festival and an Ibiza weekender. For 50€ a day we include camping accommodation (tent, mat, sleeping bag), breakfast, BBQ dinner every other day, private shuttles to both Water and Wine and Tomatina, guides, campsite parties, unlimited beer, wine and sangria and a Bloody Mary to pump you up for the battle. Just quote Aussie Times when booking for the free booze.

Enlist NOW!


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