Shocking racist ambush on Senator Dastyari, “sickening face of white nationalism” [WATCH]

VIDEO: Australian Senator Sam Dastyari says of being racially abused at a pub: “It makes you feel small, it makes you feel horrible.”

Senator Sam Dastyari has been videoed while receiving racist abuse when trying to buy a beer at a pub.

A group of men confronted the Labor politician on Wednesday night, calling him a “terrorist” and a “little monkey” and telling him to return to his native Iran.

Speaking to Karl Stefanovic on the Today program on Thursday, Dastyari said of the incident:”It makes you feel small, it makes you feel horrible.”

“They’re the sickening face of white nationalism in this country,” he told Stefanovic.

“I worry more about the 15-year-old girl getting the school bus home today having to get this kind of abuse than a politician that’s lucky enough to have the some support structures around him.

“I’ve got a voice but a lot of people don’t.”

Dastyari says he is consulting with his family before deciding whether to lodge a formal complaint against his abusers.


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