RIP selfie sticks, the camera of the future is here [WATCH]

VIDEO: Selfie-lovers rejoice! Your personal drone/flying camera is here…

Selfie sticks are so 2016. Introducing the Hover Camera Passport, a new personal drone (or rather “flying camera”) that follows you around, giving you a drone’s view of your everyday life.

Developed by Zero Zero Robotics over two years, it might have missed Christmas, but we’d go out on a limb and bet it won’t matter.

The device is a tiny, foldable drone with four propellers that is controlled by a smartphone app, snapping 4k video and photos via a 13-megapixel camera.

It is super portable and doesn’t get in your way at all. According to Tech Crunch, the drone is super user friendly – you just throw it up in the air to get started and then fold it in order to shut it down.

This camera wants to be there with you while you’re walking down the street or jumping of a cliff – without you having to worry about fiddling with remote controls.

Meng Qiu “MQ” Wang, CEO of Zero Zero Robotics told Mashable that they wanted the user experience to be very natural and easy to use. “We wanted to make sure the learning curve for users is minimum. So there is no remote control or anything. There’s no calibration process.”

The camera comes with an auto-follow mode, it has body and face tracking, is equipped with electronic image stabilization to smooth footage out and is battery operated. There’s even a Wi-Fi hotspot on the device, perfect for those who want to share their videos and pics on social media.

If you want to create magical videos and snap some awesome aerial pics of yourself, the device is available on now.


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