Republican Turnbull says he is ‘Elizabethan’ upon meeting the Queen

Republican Turnbull says he is ‘Elizabethan’ upon meeting the Queen

Former head of the Australian Republican Movement, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull danced to a delicate diplomatic tune when he met with Her Majesty in London.

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has politely described himself as an ‘Elizabethan’ on meeting the Queen. It was a curly one for the man who came to political prominence as head of the Australian Republican Movement

In a tweet following the audience with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in London on Tuesday, Mr Turnbull said: “Although I am a Republican, I am also an Elizabethan. It was an honour to meet Her Majesty today at Buckingham Palace.”

“Politics is full of unpredictable events,” Mr Turnbull had mused during a press conference before the palace visit.

“All I can say is … most Australian republicans are Elizabethans as well.”

The prime minister said he would keep the conversation between himself and the Queen private, as per protocol.

“I obviously look forward to her advice and wisdom,” he said ahead of the meeting.

“She’s after all known and advised many, many prime ministers.”

Prime Minister Turnbull’s meeting with Queen was the last official engagement on his brief visit to London following the G20 conference in Germany over the weekend and a stop off in Paris to meet the new president of France, Emmanuel Macron.

Among his engagements in London, Mr Turnbull also paid a visit to the London Bridge and Borough Market area where two Australians lost their lives and two others were injured in the recent terrorist attack there.

During the London visit, it had been rumoured that former prime minister Tony Abbott may be offered the position of Australian High Commissioner to the UK in order to lure him away from politics as a means to prevent him undermining Mr Turnbull’s leadership.