Promotion: Help Medical Research!

Promotion: Help Medical Research!

Trials4us are part of Richmond Pharmacology the UK’s largest Clinical Research Organisation. Help medical research by registering today…

About Trials4us 

Trials4us are part of Richmond Pharmacology the UK’s largest Clinical Research Organisation. 
We conduct medical research on volunteers to help develop new medicines. Our two research units are based within St George’s Hospital and Mayday Hospital, giving you the best volunteer facilities. Our team of doctors, nurses, scientists and experts are highly experienced in clinical research and will look after you throughout your stay. 
Our unit is a home from home with TVs, videos & DVDs, daily newspapers, games consoles and an internet room where you can surf the web for free or keep in touch with friends by e-mail. Even your meals are planned in advance by a nutritionist and cooked in our on-site kitchen.
By volunteering for a clinical trial you are helping to find a treatment or cure to help improve the standard of living for millions of people and sufferers of different medical conditions.
Get paid to participate in clinical trials, take advantage of our entertaining facilities, and be safe in the knowledge that you are with the UK’s leading Clinical Research Organisation.
What are clinical trials? 
By becoming a medical trial volunteer you will be assisting in the research of new medicines and your participation is essential for the development of potential treatments and cures. 
In order to obtain a license for a new medicine, the pharmaceutical company who want to produce it must firstly conduct research into the medicine. That’s where Richmond Pharmacology, UK’s largest Phase I & II Clinical Research Organisation (CRO), is commissioned to independently conduct such medical research. 
This research involves recruiting you, a healthy volunteer, to take part in the clinical trial within a hospital environment so that the effects of the medicine can be closely monitored. 
The type of medicine we are researching will determine your suitability to take part, and in order to check your health and well being, we will ask you to give your consent for us to contact your family doctor and invite you in for a screening visit before taking part. 
During this visit our friendly staff will take your medical history, measure your heart activity (ECG) and blood pressure, and take a small sample of blood and urine to make sure your liver and kidneys are working properly. Just think of it as visiting your GP for a full medical examination. If you pass the medical check, you may be invited to return for the clinical trial usually three days to one week later. Each trial is different; therefore the individual requirements for you will be different. What we can guarantee is that you will be supervised by the most experienced staff who are dedicated to maintaining your well-being here.
For more information on Genetic Research please see the following downloads.
    Introduction to trials (video)
have a complete medical check up 
have the opportunity to meet other like minded volunteers 
have the chance to relax in our entertaining facilities 
get paid up to £120 per day for participation 
If you would like to take part in a clinical trial at Richmond Pharmacology you can register online.
To register select the link below. Please fill in your contact details and other information about you which will help us determine which trials you are suitable for.
Register online today!
By registering you are not making a commitment, but simply expressing an interest to find out more. We will then contact you to find out a few more details about you and your health, and invite you in to see us. 
There are two different ways to register online: 
The quick one: we take only a few details. (less than two minutes to register your interest) Register now!
The detailed one: we take more comprehensive details. However, taking this extra time automatically enters you in a prize draw to win an 8GB iPod Nano.* Register now!
Registration process 
1. You register your interest via phone or email 
2. The registration team will call you to find out more about your health 
3. You decide if you are interested 
4. We invite you in for a full medical check and confirm if you are eligible to take part 
5. The trial commences
6. Get paid up to £120 per day for participation! 
We do not accept registrations from third parties. 

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