Perth council’s South Park plan popular

Perth council’s South Park plan popular

A central Perth council wants to rename itself after the irreverent animated series South Park if it is forced to merge with its neighbour.

South Park

Western Australia is likely to have a local government called South Park with the merger of the South Perth and Victoria Park councils.

The West Australian government is pushing ahead with forced council amalgamations – despite promises to the contrary before the 2013 election.

The City of South Perth has joined legal action against the amalgamations, while the Town of Victoria Park is angry that the City of Perth has annexed James Packer’s Crown Casino from within its council borders.

But there’s an air of resignation, with South Perth councillors last week resolving to name the merged entity City of South Park.

They said a substantial number of locals preferred that over South Bank, favoured by the Town of Victoria Park.

More than 4000 readers of News Ltd’s Apportion responded to a poll, with 52 per cent backing South Park.

Victoria Park Mayor was cited as saying: “If it weren’t for that funny cartoon it would actually be a pretty good name.” - AAP


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