Online gaming staying ahead of the curve

Online gaming staying ahead of the curve

To gauge the impact of online gambling on the Australian economy has become somewhat of a guessing game.

Since the Australian Productivity Commission Report on Gambling in 2010 estimated that the online gambling market in Australia reached $800 million by 2009, one extremely important development has rendered this statistic obsolete: Millennials have taken to online gambling like a storm and they are using their smartphones to access gambling sites – at any time and anywhere.

Lately Millennials have led the way in using new technologies. And online casinos are right up there with the likes of popular fitness apps, ordering food online, booking a holiday experience or hailing an Uber.

In fact, LinkedIn Pulse says in its ‘Top Trends for Online Gaming in 2016′ that casino gaming software had put in major efforts to keep up with this growing trend.

This is being echoed by Gambling Gazette Magazine who reports that the amount of bets placed via mobile devices is expected to reach $135billion worldwide by 2018, with 164 million people using mobile devices to place bets.

With online casino operators long having woken up to these trends, this Australian gaming page is offering games designed specifically for the younger demographic online user and smartphone market.

An important element of modern online game design comes from research that proves that Millennials prefer games which require high elements of skill, such as blackjack and poker.

A knowledge that skill could influence the outcome of a game leads to a larger focus on skill-based games. This is a trend that experts say will continue in the future.

But what is the next big thing? Given the recent success of games like Pokemon Go, it will not be surprising of the gambling industry invest big in virtual reality (VR) apps for smartphones.

Having said this, it was in fact the online gaming industry who originally invested in VR initiatives even before Pokemon Go made its debut.

While online gaming companies have always been ahead of the curve, it is not surprising that they help shape the future of digital experiences.

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