Sausage-addicted kookaburra too fat to fly

Too many tasty snags have almost killed a kookaburra which was nearly mauled by dogs because it couldn’t fly away.


After weighing in at 540g, 40 per cent heavier than a typical adult bird, the kookaburra has been sent to birdie boot camp to shed weight.

When the bird was rescued and taken to Taronga a broken wing was thought to be why she couldn’t fly.

But when no fracture was found, the real reason emerged that the bird’s podgy nature was the problem.

Taronga Zoo are warning that we are killing our wildlife with kindness and that feeding birds ‘human’ food will put them in danger.

"I’ve seen many kookaburras, but never before have I seen one so fat," wildlife hospital nurse Gemma Watkinson prompting Taronga Zoo to warn we are killing our wildlife with kindness said.

"It turned out that it was simply too obese to fly."

"I’m almost certain this porky kookaburra found a resident or two who’ve been treating her with sausages.

In the wild she’d eat a whole small animal [and] get a balanced diet.

"Butchers’ sausages are just too much of a good thing."

It seems that Australian’s are feeding their domesticated pets too much as well with many dogs and cats having to go to boot camp.