Bob Carr urges calm in Middle East following Israeli strike

The Australian government has urged Israel and Palestine to exercise restraint and step back from the brink of full-scale war.


Bob Carr
THE Australian government has urged Israel and Palestine to exercise restraint and step back from the brink of full-scale war.

Israel has launched a major offensive on Hamas in the Gaza Strip, assassinating military commander Ahmed Jabari and striking more than 100 militant targets.

It says it has been forced to act due to mounting rocket attacks on towns in its south.

The offensive has killed at least ten Palestinians and wounded about 100 more. Three Israelis were killed by a rocket attack on the town of Kiryat Malahi on Thursday.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr said he did not want to see the conflict escalate further.

“All we can do is urge both sides to exercise restraint,” he told Sky News.

Senator Carr called on Hamas to cease its rocket attacks on Israel’s south but also called on Israel to ensure its response was proportionate.

“But rather than attacks and responses, let’s set that aside and have mutual restraint and have both sides – Palestinians and Israelis – commit to resuming negotiations to get that two-state solution.”

Senator Carr said he hoped the United Nations Security Council could push both sides towards restraint.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott condemned the rocket attacks on Israel.

“We of course regret the escalation of conflict, but Israel has every right to defend itself against the threat while continuing to take every effort to avoid civilian casualties,” he said in a statement.

Mr Abbott’s deputy, Julie Bishop, said the extremists behind the attacks on Israel’s south were seeking to terrorise and kill Israeli civilians.

“The first step towards resolving this latest conflict is for Hamas and other armed groups to halt the attacks on Israel and to commit to peaceful negotiations,” she said.

Australia-born Israeli diplomat and spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mark Regev, said Israel’s operation was “fundamentally defensive”.

“Israel is acting to defend our people, as I believe the Australian government would if Australian citizens were being rocketed by terrorists,” he told ABC television.

“We have to deal with this threat and we have to try to neutralise this threat.”

He conceded the situation “could get worse before it gets better.” -AAP




  1. Rita says:

    PS: I forgot: Since his mincing seduction of members who would vote Australia into the UN security seat, he has turned from the opportunist who schmused Israel to a less or more out of the closet Jew hater, hence his officially putting the terrorist organisation HAMAS au par with Israel. Give him a few more months in the job, and he will come out of the closet completely.

  2. Rita says:

    I am ashamed of our Foreign Minister – he does not speak on behalf of me, nor of the Australian Prime Minister. He was a failed Premier of a state (NSW) which he nearly bankrupted, he was a richly paid “consultant” to a merchant bank who brought Sydney one of the most expensive airports (but by far not the best one) i the world, and as foreign minister he prostituted Australia to countries who have a less than acceptable human rights record and that only so that he can park his derriere on a bench on the largely discredited “UN” security council. Shame on Bob Carr.

  3. Eudoxia says:

    Keep lying Carr and as for Abbott go find a rock and crawl under it permanently. EVERYBODY KNOWS ISRAHELL is responsible for drawing first blood. Get rid of those murderous psychopaths for good! If this government continues to support Israel you will NOT see another term and nor will delusional Abbott get in either. We are witnessing your failure as a government and you are supporting genocide – this is unacceptable! God’s chosen people my ass but then again only a psychopath would chose fellow psychopaths………Those blood thirsty murderers need to be disarmed immediately! Should I draw the obviously stupid governments’ attention to the Sampson Protocol of Israel, they are a danger to the entire planet. STOP THE KILLING AND NEEDLESS DESTRUCTION OF LIVES AND HABITATS NOW!