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New Judeo-Christian party to mount challenge in Australian election

Rise up Australia, a new national party led by former Family First candidate Danny Nalliah and backed by English peer Lord Christopher Monckton, is running on the back of a anti-multiculturalism platform in September’s Federal election.


Daniel Nalliah
FAR-RIGHT political party Rise Up Australia held its launch at the National Press Club in Canberra today, with party leaders setting out a radical agenda to curb Australia’s policy of multiculturalism and combat the “threat” posed by Muslim immigration.

Party leader Danny Nalliah said that Rise Up Australia intend to field 64 candidates in the 2013 Federal election in an attempt to hold the balance of power in government and force whichever major party is elected to implement aspects of its political agenda. Nalliah, a prominent evangelical preacher, founded Rise Up Australia in 2011 with the aim of preserving Judeo-Christian values and defending against multicultural influences.

In his address to the National Press Club, Nalliah said: “Watch out Australia, watch out the federal Parliament; we are coming! “We are determined to be politically incorrect. If an Aussie loves his country, and can’t say anything … then I think ‘tolerance’ has gone too far.”

Nalliah used his speech to outline Rise Up Australia’s political philosophy, claiming that his party supported a “multiethnic” Australia rather than a “multicultural” nation. He claimed that the failure of many immigrants to assimilate to Australian culture contributed to a fundamental breakdown in the country’s collective value system.

Nalliah said: “I think God created Chinese fried rice, and I love pizza … but please do not come and tell me that sharia law should be introduced in Australia. You go back to where you came from.”

Nalliah, born in Sri Lanka, is the founder of Catch the Fire Ministries and has previously run for public office as a member of the conservative Family First Party. He was asked to leave the party after the 2004 Federal election after publishing a brochure asking Christians to pray that God would destroy “Satan’s strongholds” including brothels, casinos and mosques. He later claimed that the discovery of a Satanic altar near Canberra suggested that the Federal government was “under attack” by the forces of witchcraft.

The Rise Up Australia leader gained prominence in Australia after making statements speculating that Victoria’s Black Saturday bushfires in 2008 were God’s response to the state’s decriminalisation of abortion. Nalliah later claimed that the 2011 Queensland floods were the result of Brisbane MP Kevin Rudd making negative comments about Israel a month earlier.

In a media release announcing yesterday’s speech Nalliah said: “We must now take a stand for our nation or our children and grandchildren will pay a heavy price to re-take what we have lost. We cannot and must not miss this opportunity. The 2013 federal election is an opportunity we cannot miss as the people have lost hope in our politicians in Canberra. We can bring back hope, get rid of dishonest politicians and be the voice of the people in parliament.”

Nalliah was joined at the National Press Club by British peer Lord Christopher Monckton, a former political candidate with the UK Independence Party renowned for his controversial views on subjects ranging from climate change to immigration. Monckton shares Nalliah’s views on multiculturalism and once sued former British Prime Minister John Major for committing the United Kingdom to social policy provisions of European Union membership.

Monckton said: This is a beautiful land, with a people diverse in their origins. They are people from all over the world, but when they come here, they come here to a culture that is distinctive – come one, come all. Australia is inclusive, multi-ethnic, multi-point-of-view country. If you come here, follow Pastor Danny’s example, and enjoy and celebrate it, and do not seek to destroy it.”




  1. Mike Bloomfield says:

    Well, in fact I have known this pastor since he escaped death from persecution at the hands of Saudi Arabia for speaking about loving each other and he simply had a Prophetic dream 4 months before the fires occurred and shared it privately with some friends. The Kevin Rudd comment actually came from a US citizen through an email and not Daniel, so don’t believe everything you read!

  2. James says:

    One dead fish…. Coming from a country full of different type of culture. You need to understand that you’ll never be Australian you always going to be call the sirlankan born. So right now it’s look like they put you in the mine lane.

  3. ROSS MARTIN says:

    Just what racists in Australia deserve.A nutcase you blames weather and disasters on Kevin Rudd LOL