Munich – more than beer

Munich – more than beer

Planning a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest? There’s more to it than the beer. Familiarise yourself with the intoxicating Bavarian capital before you go.

Home to about 1.35 million people Munich is Germany’s third largest city, after Berlin and Hamburg. The city lies on the plains of upper side of Bavaria straddling two famous rivers; the Isar and the Würm.

Many of Munich’s most prestigious places are architectural masterpieces. The twin town halls at Marienplatz in particular are fine examples.

The gothic Old Town Hall boasts a fascinating history, having undergone several complete redesigns since the first foundations were laid in the 14th Century. In more recent times it is also noteworthy for being the place from which Joseph Goebbels gave his infamous anti-Semitic speech on November 9th, 1938 which precluded Kristallnacht and the subsequent Jewish Holocaust.

Finished in 1908, The New Town Hall houses the city’s government offices and is adorned with a façade of neo-gothic splendour to match the Parliament House’s of London and Budapest.

Munich also prides itself as a city of parks, the largest being Englischer Garten. Covering an area of about 3.7 square kilometres, it bigger than the Central Park in New York City. Amongst its eye popping natural scenery there’s even a nudist area.

As you would expect, Munich houses many fine museums. The Deutsches Museum of science is one of the oldest and largest museums of the world.

And for sports fans; Munich is the dominant force in German football, it’s premier Bundesliga team Bayern Munich being one of the most successful teams in Europe and breeding stable for the national team’s finest players.

Home games take place at the central Allianz Arena which they share with the city’s less illustrious minor league club, 1860 Munich. It’s easy to tell which team is playing. When Bayern are in house, the stadium is lit red. If the 1860 are on the pitch, the arena becomes blue. If the Germany national squad happens to be in residence, it becomes totally white.

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