London’s grand New Year’s fireworks sees in 2018 with a bang [FULL VIDEO]

WATCH: The River Thames and London Eye explode in light and colour for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

London welcomed in 2018 with a spectacular fireworks display over the River Thames.

Big Ben was even woken from its renovation slumber to bong into midnight and herald in an extraordinary show of sound and colour (and a tonne of smoke), centred around the London Eye, that some argue rivals Sydney’s famous New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

Check out the official BBC full production coverage of the show, above. However, we think the amature video below, shot by an onlooker standing right across the water from the London Eye, actually gives you a better sense of being there and just how ridiculously huge and raucous the show got. Especially check out the grand finale build from about 11:30 to the final kaboom at 13.00.