Kylie “so lucky” to have a mango named in her honour

Kylie “so lucky” to have a mango named in her honour

Australian ‘pop monarch’ Kylie Minogue could be “so lucky” to have a new breed of mangoes named in her honour if a Northern Territory government minister gets his way.

Sugary pop star Kylie Minogue could become a little sweeter and be the taste of summer in Australia if a Northern Territory minister has his way.

The Kylie – or Koi-lee depending on regional accent – is one of three new mango varieties being trialed by the Northern Territory’s Primary Industry Department. 

Primary Industry Minister Kon Vatskalis wants one of them named after our own very sweet and often fleshy singer. 

"I think Kylie should be so lucky to have this mango variety named after her," Mr Vatskalis said in a statement on Wednesday.

"She is the princess of pop and just like royalty it would be fitting to have a Territory icon named after her.

"I am even going to send Ms Minogue a batch of these mangoes to get her to be one of the first in Australia to try this new variety."

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The mangoes have been developed over 16 years under the National Mango Breeding Program; a joint venture between the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Queensland and the CSIRO.

"These three varieties of mango will hopefully give producers a new product for the domestic and export markets, while consumers will benefit from an improvement in the quality of fruit", Mr Vatskalis said.

The mangoes under trial retain the sweet rich Kensington Pride taste, but are highly coloured with greater external blush – read sex appeal – making them more appealing to consumers.

Vatskalis said he would lobby the breeding programme to name the mango after Minogue before of its expected release for sale in late 2012.

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