Join the Mile High Club with Pam Ann

Join the Mile High Club with Pam Ann

Pam Ann is the undisputed queen of the skies. She’s everything you hope flight attendants aren’t.

THIS acid tongued Aussie comedian has toured with Cher, dished out stiff drinks and attitude on Elton John’s star studded private jet and has even been described by Madonna as being “cruelly funny”. Not bad for a Melbourne girl who started out sharing pub spotlights with drag queens.

This month, Pam Ann is set to land at London’s Vaudeville Theatre with her new show ‘Flying High’ and nobody is safe.

“Yes, it’s all new material,” says Caroline Reid, Pam’s alter ego.

“It has to be new, or else all those queens in the audience are going to have a real go at me! The show’s going to be very topical.”

One story she plans to lampoon is the resignation of Jet Blue cabin crew member Steven Slater, who used the escape slide to make his final exit.

“It’s great for me when something like that happens! It’s such good material. It was a little gift from God!”

It’s been over a decade since Caroline left Australian soil in search of fame and fortune. She moved to London in 2000 and last September moved across to New York City. She confirms that New York really is the city that never sleeps.

“I’m exhausted from the fucking parties here! It’s such an adult playground, I should never have moved here!

“It’s just like paradise for someone like me who’s hedonistic, loves the nightlife, wants to boogie… It’s crazy. I think it’s more crazy than London.”

Caroline has literally just finished a tour of Australia, where she sold out 8 dates across the country. When asked if she still calls Australia home, she hesitates.

“Well, I loved being back there, and I’ll probably get killed for this, but I don’t think I could live out there anymore!”

I tell her that as expats, this is something many of our readers can relate to.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s so nice to go home and spend time there, but after living in London and New York, I think my attention span has been shortened – I need more.”

Caroline said that the tour took her to Perth for the very first time.

“I fucking loved it!” she gasps.

“People will probably think I’m a cunt for saying this, but it felt like a time warp, like I’d gone back to the 70s. It was so Australiana!”

For those unfamiliar with the Pam Ann experience, her shows essentially combine stand-up comedy, audience participation, airline industry observational humour and enough dirty words to make your hair curl.

“In Perth, the entire front row was full of heterosexual couples in their 60s!” shrieks Caroline.

“They obviously had no idea of what they were about to see. They thought they’d come to see some ‘golden age of flying’ demonstration. Eventually they warmed up to it, but it took about ten minutes for them to get a grasp on what I did.”

Caroline says she’s considering putting a warning on her posters in future.

“Sometimes I want to warn them, ‘Look, I know the posters are lovely, but this is about to get really filthy!’”

When asked about audience participation, Caroline said this time around she’ll be singling out minorities.

“I’ll be picking on anyone that looks Arabic or ethnic,” she laughs.

“I’ve just got a new personal assistant from Italy and he’s still learning English.

“I’ll be forcing him to wear a burqa and join me onstage. He says he doesn’t want to, but I’m not giving him a choice.”

Pam Ann: Flying High plays at VAUDEVILLE THEATRE, The Strand, London WC2 from September 29th — October 10th, 2010. Phone: 0844 5791975 or book online at


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