How LGBTI friendly are Australian universities?

How LGBTI friendly are Australian universities?

A new online guide has judged universities across Australian for their efforts and measures taken to include LGBTI students.

The Australian LGBTI University Guide measures how well Australian universities cater to the needs of LGBTI students. The online guide, launched this week, judges universities on their inclusive policies, staff training, availability of information, resources and support for LGBTI students.

Each university is judged using information made publically available by the universities, and a set of 15 criteria is used. Criteria include weather the university has anti-discrimination policies, societies and events specifically for LGBTI students and welfare and health support. Prospective student can look up any Australian university on the website to see how safe and supportive the learning environment is.

The platform uses a checklist to determine the measures and efforts each university is taking to include LGBTI students. The entire online publication was produced by the Star Observer and the NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby, with support from advocacy bodies Out For Australia, Transgender Victoria and Organisation Intersex International Australia.

Best universities for LGBTI inclusion

Curtin, La Trobe, Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Sunshine Coast, Swinbourne, Sydney, UNSW, Western Australia and Wollongong.

NSW Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby Convenor Justin Koonin noted however, that the inclusion of transgender, gender diverse and intersex students trails behind that of lesbian, gay and bisexual students. Not all universities allow students to officially state their gender as non-binary or change their gender on forms.

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