Great white shark takes up residency in Sydney pool

Great white shark takes up residency in Sydney pool

This toothy predator has been given a home in an Aussie beachside pool.

The pool at one of Sydney’s most iconic beaches has been given over to a great white shark.

Beach-goers were (mostly) delighted to find the toothy fish cracking laps in Manly’s swimming rockpool on Monday after animal rescuers dropped it in for safe-keeping.

According to a report on the ABC, the shark is about 1.5 meters long and may be suffering from a broken jaw.

The baby great white had earlier been washed up on the famous Manly beach, apparently injured, and refused to return to the ocean. One brave bloke was filmed trying to show it the way, gamely dragging it into the surf by the tail.

Rescuers from Manly Sea Life Sanctuary were soon on the scene. They stretchered the shark to the nearby Fairy Bower pool where it took up exclusive residency (ie: the pool was of course subsequently closed) to allow it to recover.

The shark became an instant social media sensation…


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