Five things you can’t be without for a UK holiday

Five things you can’t be without for a UK holiday

There are few things more exciting for some of us than knowing that you are going on holiday.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a brand new stamp in their passport after all! Exploring new destinations is always intriguing and new experiences can really help to improve your knowledge and understanding of life through new perspectives. If you are looking for a new part of the world to explore then the UK is sure to impress.

Something that stumps many people when they are faced with the arduous task of packing for a break in this part of the world is what they should pack. Some of the most common mistakes involve packing too much and packing inappropriately by misjudging the weather. In order to prevent you from suffering like so many others, we have compiled a list of some of the most essential things that you should most certainly not be seen without when visiting Great Britain.


The wonderful thing about the UK is the fact that it offers a wealth of exciting and intriguing locations to explore, making it the ideal destination for a photo op or two. From the stunning countryside filled with quaint houses and meandering pathways, to its bustling cities filled with incredible architecture, there is so much to see here. Take your camera and some spare memory cards to really make your memories last a lifetime.


While this may seem funny or overly stereotypical, it has to be said that no suitcase would be complete without there being some form of waterproof solution to protect your hair, clothes and shoes. From wellington boots to a rain mac and a sturdy umbrella, you should seek to include at least one of these, regardless of what the weather report says the day before you go! You can also not go wrong with clothing than can be layered and a scarf or hat just in case.


While EU citizens have to apply for their EHIC renewal prior to travelling throughout Europe, thankfully this is not the case for Australians. Most of Europe is in fact part of the Schengen Area which allows Australians the opportunity to travel throughout this area without the need for a passport of visa for up to 90 days. Regardless of this, it is recommended that you opt for substantial travel insurance cover.

Plug Adaptor

While you can always purchase a plug adapter at the airport or upon your arrival, you could end up paying more than you should. While in Australia your appliances have slated flat Australian plugs, the UK has a UK square pin version.

Toiletries/ Medicines

While the pharmacies in the UK will more than likely stock the things that you need in terms of medicines and toiletries, it will be worthwhile taking things with you that you absolutely need and would find it difficult or dangerous to be without. From an inhaler to your daily meds (etc.), be sure to pack them and also bring some spares in the event of your plane being delayed for any reason on the way back for example.

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