Fancy a pint where Bob Hawke set his ‘yard of ale’ record in Oxford?

Fancy a pint where Bob Hawke set his ‘yard of ale’ record in Oxford?

ALP Abroad are planning a day long pilgrimage to Oxford to visit the birth place of the ‘yard of ale’ legend that surrounds the former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke.

Bob Hawke
THE legend of Bob Hawke’s world record downing of a yard of ale (2 1/2 pints) whilst studying at Oxford is one that lives large in the psyche of the Australian people. Irrespective of one’s political allegiance, any Australian can acknowledge the impressive feat of sculling 1.4 litres of beer in just 11 seconds.

It is a record which has been recognised and celebrated in the birthplace of the legend – Oxford. Turf Tavern currently lays claim to being the historical location where the legend was born in 1953, with a memorial to Hawke’s speed record prominently advertised on their walls.

However, Paul Smith, President of ALP Abroad, says it is not as clear cut as this and there are questions about the true location of Hawke’s famous scull.”Interestingly, there is evidence from various sources which suggests the competition actually took place on the grounds of the university, at a college,” he said.

To honour the 30th anniversary of the election of the Hawke Labor government ALP Abroad will be conducting a pilgrimage to Oxford to find the true place Bob Hawke set the world record.

“It is a quest to find the location of the holy grail,” said Paul.

The trip will visit a number of locations that lay claim to a connection with the setting of the record, and at the end pronounce a verdict on the historical evidence presented during the day.

The pilgrimage is open to all, and the cost is £15 which includes a roast and a pint of beer at the Turf tavern.

For more information and to join the pilgrimage see ALP Abroad.

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