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    1. John Kilford says:

      Is the UK counted as a foreign power for the purposes of the act? When my family arrived in Australia in 1956, no passport or visa was required, and we were allowed to enrol for voting without being naturalised.

    2. Sir Mick says:

      How I would love this to be true.

    3. Jinny says:

      Geez he”so ugly…he better fess up soon cos I for one will be glad to see the back of him and his cronies..

    4. Nance Schreiber says:

      It is not too much to insist that we see confirmation that dual citizenship has been renounced.

    5. david vallence says:

      if it holds to be true – then all decisions made by him are illegal also. all moneys paid to him is a product of fraud. no wonder they are refusing.

      could you imagine – the ‘boat’ saga, mining tax, carbon tax repeal..all back.

      what a gigantic stuff up this could be..god i hope it is true!!!

    6. Adeline says:

      There is a strong argument that the release of the RN certificate is in the public interest. To further obfuscate only makes Abbott look guilty of something.

    7. Beth Chesler says:

      Abbott, show us your papers renouncing your British citizenship before you were elected. Prove you haven’t lied again.

    8. Bill FJ says:

      12 months on from the election, Abbott and his government have been proven to be evasive, misleading and outright liars on so many issues. The shiftiness on the nationality issue continues in that theme. With enough pressure, he should be forced to come clean with the documentation. And then there’ll be a by-election.

    9. viola says:

      The plot thickened when the Chief of Staff Peta Credlin directly suppressed the FOI request. Geoffrey Robertson could you please knock on some doors in the UK and get to the bottom of it? Otherwise Abbott has his escape plan back to blighty when shit his the fan in 2016 and he makes off with his Murdoch/mining millions in bonuses. Let’s highlight this when he hosts the G20 summit in Australia in November.

    10. Danni says:

      You would have to smell a ‘rat’ with proof of documents taking THIS LONG? seriously, how hard is it to type a name into a computer and presto, there it is?
      Something is not right here, is there a conspiracy happening where false documents are being forged to get Abbott out of a hot spot? it makes you wonder hey? Imagine Abbott stamping his feet in a temper tantrum if this was past PM’s…fess up Abbott, just darn well fess up…

    11. Clara says:

      thanks so much for your article- and the coaching sounds a great idea. it’s a classic issue that you change in your travels, but (particularly if you leave it a few years) home has changed too and it’s difficult to fit the pieces back together. in the years since i’ve been in London i’ve mostly heard about people who really regret going home, coming back asap if they can, so it’s great to hear if you leave it a little while longer to mature it becomes more feasible.
      I think a huge issue as a long-term expat is that that you ‘hold’ your national identity, but you aren’t able to be with others sharing in the defining issues, both good and bad, which affect it (like, they Sydney Olympics, Bali bombing, 2009 fires..). It’s just not the same turning up to a service in London or watching online as being there, and for years I’ve been dreading Gough Whitlam’s death because not only will I have no-one to share it with but there’s a good chance I won’t find out until ages after (which also happened for a couple of friends), which just makes the pain worse…

    12. Gillian says:

      I married a brit moved to u.k in 2009, loved soaking up the history, but found everyone unhappier then I expected.Talked my husband into moving to Syd that took a year.Well hes been here since without missing anything.He loves that Sydney is so much bigger then London and swarming with people from everywhere, Centenial park to watch South American expats play soccer, Chinatown, little Italy, the Lebanese food quarter.People from everycorner of the world and Europe are here right now, parts of Melb and Syd are as stylish if not more then Camden or Kensington, he loves his boat he bought cheap and is mastering driving it from harbourside beach or anchoring next to beach side pub for fish and chips and that he
      can be hiking in the blue mountains in 1 hr unless its snowing!He also thinks Syd has the best art deco buildings hes seen, and the festivals in Jan, Sydney festival and Chinese NY are the best.He also like the Australian Ballet, plays at the wharf theatre run by Cate Blanchett and loved Vivid sydney in June.He ses he loves the people most hes a general manager and was in shock when the girls in his office pinched his bottom or the old lady in I T sat on his lap and no one took offence.Hes been taking holidays every 6 months, so weve snorkelled on the barrier reef, drove the Hay plain, second flattest on earth for 5 hours, went down the lava tubes, swam in waterfalls, and the Babinda boulders.My husband said nothing exciting has happened in the u.k since punk! He know thinks the probs in the u.k are the people that stayed behind, Im in shock because of being the travel guide when we came here,I see this country in a new light.Its really special.

    13. Christian Manon says:

      You propose an absurdist game that you call “drive” and pretend that you simplify something that is, you think, far too complicated for your readers. Your version is false ; it is a fake and I am not a pacifist when confronted with fakes. I don’t think you should touch and Situationist documents. Keep yourself busy with your paintings and openings and articles about snow boarding. Here is the original, your readers can sharpen their minds : http://www.bopsecrets.org/SI/2.derive.htm

    14. Louise Day says:

      Why isn’t the AEC investigating this??? Isn’t that their job?

    15. Jonathan says:

      We moved to WA three years ago, we have more disposable income here than we ever did in the UK. The lifestyle is so much better for us and our 5 year old son. Australia is not all beer and skittles and it certainly has its issues, but I wouldn’t go back to the UK.

    16. Gordon says:

      Indeed you are right I have simplified deriving for the sake of presenting an easily digestible version for our travel piece. Whether this warrants losing my job or being subject to abuse is perhaps for others to decide. But let me say this, my description of deriving is correct in principle, and appropriate for this purpose. If however you would like to educate our readers of the further intricacies of the philosophical construct and perhaps apologise for your uncalled for aggression, this is an open forum.

    17. Saff says:

      Hi Tim, it sounds like having a relationship with someone from another country and culture worked out pretty well for you. Although it seems as though you really miss Australia, Lake Geneva and your family seem like a pretty good trade off.

    18. Saff says:

      Barbie I am glad the article made you feel less alone in your experience and made you feel like it’s ok to feel the way you do.

      And Andrew, thank you so much for sharing both your own and your fathers story. That is really touching and serves to reinforce that ‘home’ does not have to relate to the place you spend most of your life. It’s beautiful that your father instilled such a pride and love for Australia in all of your family and that you feel such a close bond with Australia as he did. I also love that poem too and have done since I was a child.

    19. Martin Wilk says:

      It is strange that our Prime Minister wouldn’t want to prove that he is not the total lying fraud that he seems so hell bent on proving he is. This is the man that said before he was elected “sometimes I make shit up on the fly”. It is quite obvious that it is not only sometimes

    20. Sean Gothe says:

      Abbott, provide the proof you renounced your citizenship. It is as simple as that. Otherwise resign immediately.

    21. Saff says:

      Boris I am glad you enjoyed the article and it resonated with you. Like you say, maybe when you next go back to Melbourne things will feel different, because as life changes, feelings about home (and what or where it is) can also change.

    22. Christian says:

      Trust the English to not recognize sporting heroics. And, hey, didn’t the beachgoers notice he was swimming towards France?

    23. Portia says:

      BS Americans cant read!

    24. Jason says:

      If he has not the certification required then, “out with the clown”.
      I bet they make up a fake certificate!
      Perilous times and a deceiptful Government in all aspects of their behaviour.

    25. John Roberts says:

      A due and proper person would have no concern about proving this…Oh..that’s right, it is our Lord, Sir Pository Abbott!!

    26. Derek Winter says:

      I dont get this. The guy was swimming in the direction of France on his way to Paris. yet people thought he was an illegal immigrant entering England. Was he swimming backwards?

    27. Andrew Woodcock says:

      My father left Australia in 1931 and apart from a short visit 1938/9 did no return there. Just before died in 1962 his sister came over from Adelaide with a collection of Australia poetry including Dorothea Mackeller’s epic poem, My Country – Core of my Heart, as my father lay dying he remembered ” I love a sunburnt country….”My father instilled in us a deep love of Australia, via The Geebung Polo Club etc. Near my home there are 23 Australian Airman who died in the Great War, for many years I have attended the annual open air service along with about 1,000 others, the Royal British Legion and the RSL. When I made my first visit to Australia the passport lady said 2 Welcome to Australia ” Although born in England I felt I was home, God bless Australia I am proud of my Australian heritage.

    28. Pete says:

      Brekkie Creak still does a mean steak. The Norman hotel also. there’s an italian place called buci in the valley that did an amazing steak when we were back last easter.

    29. Barbie Bondi says:

      Thanks for verbalising exactly how I feel and also saying it’s ok to feel this way. I have been living in London for 2yrs, with the intention to stay many years. I still feel very “in-between places” and wonder if I will ever feel differently, but at least I now know I’m not alone in this feeling and that it’s ok to feel this way. Until now I was concerned that I couldn’t shift the “in-between places” feeling. Great article

    30. jo says:

      I don’t think Tony has a monopoly on “selling his soul to the miners”. I’m glad Australia has natural resources to export. Otherwise they’d be exporting arms (Britain is one of the largest arms manufacturers and dealers in the world) or sucking up to London Oligarchs and city bankers to earn a quid.

    31. Boris says:

      Great article, really hits home with me. Have been in the UK 10 yrs now, on one of the more recent visits home 5-6yrs ago, I got there a week before my then-gf and Melbourne just felt like somewhere I used to live, not home at all. Life has changed now, hoping that feeling has long gone when I next breathe the clean air (unless Tony’s gone and stuffed that up too selling his soul to the miners!)

    32. Christian Manon says:

      Gordon Glyn-Jones gives us a completely wrong and ridiculous description of “drive situationniste”. He obviously has no knowledge whatsoever of the Situationist Internationale. Gordon, you should loose your job with such a miserable piece of uninformed crap. You know, not everyone just discover Guy Debord and the International Situationist. I am familiar with their work since 1969 and have been sharing my knowledge widely in Australia since 1977. Wake up Gordon !

    33. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen says:


      My husband and I are planning to live in Australia. I wonder about suitable jobs there. My husband is a traditional medicinal doctor and I am working as an Adviser of investment in Forex market. Thanks for your help of jobs finding for us!

    34. Mick Piggott says:

      Time for Australia to become a republic and adopt a new flag.

    35. Daniel says:

      What are they basing this on because Sydney is massively crowned, expensive and traffic is a nightmare, Adelaide is just boring and Perth is hugely expensive. Of all the cities in Australia Hobart would have to be the best!!!

    36. Hugh Eveleigh says:

      No. Our flag captures an historic moment i.e. when we were settled by the British at the end of the eighteenth century. If the Scots votes ‘yes’ there will be no change in Australia’s flag as the Union Jack part is as it was at founding.

    37. Barbie Bondi says:

      I’ve come across these bratty kids in both Australia & the UK, knowing all along it’s bad parenting but in reality it’s LAZY parenting because they don’t want to deal with their bad mannered children so they allow them to go into the world and expect everyone else to deal with them instead. How many parents blame their kids’ school or teachers for not teaching them social basics, when in fact it’s a parent’s job to do that. For years now I have taken matters into my own hands and have given up on proactive parenting anymore. Now when I get on an Aussie train or London tube and school kids are taking up seats instead of letting paying adults use them, I go off at them and they give their seats up. If their parents have failed to teach them, I’m not going to put up with it and nobody else should either.

    38. Caroline Marchesi says:

      AUSTRALIA is far too lenient and too slow in administering firmness….not only must financial help be cancelled but for those who are already overseas, their visas need to be cancelled as well…asking for trouble to allow them to return only to incite hate and war in the hearts of other young men….get it together, Australia!

    39. Caroline Marchesi says:

      If the threat posed by Australians participating in foreign conflicts in Iraq and Syria is so very real and larger than Australia has face before, I ask, WHY ARE THESE TERRORISTS RETURNING TO AUSTRALIA FROM TRAINING AND FIGHTING OVERSEAS?!!! Where is the wisdom and safety for Australia citizens in this stance? DON’T ALLOW THEM BACK!!!

    40. Robert Williams says:

      Even if England disappeared our flag would endure as part of our history.

    41. Jeremy Wiles says:

      Lol, whoever wrote this has clearly never lived in these Australian cities. Overcrowded roads, overcrowded public transport, increasing pollution, extremely expensive. If these cities are the most livable in the world, then the world really is in very poor shape.

    42. Max Jones says:

      as is normal Abbott has got it all back to front let these suspects leave the country and then cancel their passport by keeping them here the tax payer has to look after them

    43. Evan says:

      This has to be the stupidest of beliefs that if the UK changes it’s flag, that somehow Australia’s flag will also change. The Union Jack on the Australian flag is a representation of what Australia was at the time of Federation and before, a snapshot of history if you will. A changing Union flag will not have impact on the Australian flag.

    44. just someone says:

      Nobody defended the poor woman. The guy that was insulted by this woman, defended himself by saying she was not his girlfriend but keep on filming the attack.It just show that we are becoming more selfish as a society. As long as it is not someone I do not care.Nobody deserve to be treated like that.

    45. Allan Pidgeon says:

      Under Australian law, our flag design cannot change without a referendum. So even if the Scots vote to secede, and it is then decided to change the flag of the UK, this would have no impact on Australia’s flag. In fact our flag celebrates its 113th ‘Birthday’ on September 3 (Australian National Flag Day – see http://www.itsanhonour.gov.au/symbols/flag.cfm#day ) Australia’s flag was the first ever chosen in an open public competition, held after federation in 1901.

    46. auds says:

      now tom remember where we all came from// .. remember ???? no didnt think so haha ;)

    47. auds says:

      hey mick thats nice of you …id love to thanks

    48. edd olley says:

      can anyone help me with the correct chef qualification that’s needed to be able to emigrate to Australia ,, im trying to find out this as im about to do a nvq level 3 but im not sure if it will get me in ,, please help as im in need of this info ,, thanks ,, edd

    49. Daniel says:

      Something very fishy has gone on here. There’s been a complete media blackout on this issue – suppression order?

      Insufficient evidence doesn’t mean he didn’t do it, just that the police don’t have the evidence to press charges.

      One thing that is curious is I haven’t found a single Australian news site except SBS that is allowing comments on the story.

      It’s also been reported that the allegations were told to the alleged victims friend several months after the alleged attack who then became estranged from the alleged victim. That friend confirmed being told and stated she hadn’t spoken to the women in years.

      It’s highly unlikely if that is true that the alleged victim anticipated the rise into federal politics of Bill Shorten and planned to sully his named for political or monetary gain 30 years later.

      Something funny going on here.

    50. malcolm kmowles says:

      Ahhh, the Rolf Harris defence from Bill. It wasn’t me. Good luck with that one.

    51. Bryce Lowry says:

      Well spotted Steve. Fixed as requested. Some readers are indeed Americans by the way.

    52. Paul says:

      So there was insufficient evidence ….. what does that mean?

    53. Stevo says:

      Please STOP using ‘z’ where it should be ‘s’, as in ‘recognised’. We’re not Americans…

    54. Graham says:

      Yes by now at least on this evilness that we are seeing that the Muslim leaders in this country should be thinking and speaking fully in the National Interest given that Australia is now their home.

    55. Ang says:

      Why aren’t isn’t the Australian government offering free one way flights for anybody who wants to leave Australia offering free flights for any individual wanting to go back to fight in jihad – subject of course to permanent cancellation of their citizenship and no return.
      That’s a deal where everybody benefits.

    56. Mike says:

      I agree but now he’s here, it is better to keep him under surveillance in Australia than have him run amok overseas.

    57. Phil says:

      The aim should not be to hold them in Australia where their anger and resentment will lead to commit terrorist acts; but to let them go and then when their involvement in terror has been established revoke their passport and citizenship. Most of these ‘jihadists’ are already carrying dual citizenship.

    58. Tony says:

      we have enough of our own

    59. DavidXevon says:

      You shouldn’t presume, mick, that he can be deported. We have plenty of psychos that are home-grown. Just as the second-biggest terror event in the USA was perpetrated by people born right there…….

    60. Peter says:

      Jail his brother for conspiracy as well! Or send them both to Egypt where they know how to treat these people correctly!

    61. George says:

      All terrorist returning to Australia should be interned in a camp in Papua New Guinea with the quran banned.

    62. mick says:

      we don’t want scum like this in Australia he should have his Australian citizenship revoked

    63. Daniel Mcintyre says:

      Hilarious. We have lots of little kids, women and babies in detention in conditions that breach our human rights obligations and we’re offering visa’s to people on the other side of the world….

    64. michelle says:

      I totally agree the recent scandal hasn’t stopped him from acting if he was that heartbroken he should of got him to cameo how can you have mad max without mel

    65. Ezzeddin Dajani says:

      I have been in Australia for 18 months, hold two masters degrees in accounting (University of Leeds and London Business School) and member of CPA australia. I have experience at multinational companies. In 18 months, I managed to secure two job interviews. I am now offering pro bono work in return for Australian experience, that is also not working. i do not have an Australian accent, Australian experience and with that will not secure an australian job. my running cost per month is $ 6,000 and to date burnt more than $ 125,000. i have many English friends who wasted they lives and careers and deeply regret coming to Australia. so please be ware, do your thorough research, and god be with you when you come in. wish you good luck

    66. Shaun Roberts says:

      Hi, my partner and I are thinking about a move to Australia. I was just wondering what retail jobs are like out there. I’m a store manager of a large retail store and would like any info you have please


    67. Marcella Lloyd says:

      I am a UK trained Diploma Nurse. I only have 2.5 years experience mainly in ICU. I agree that changes are needed from time to time.
      What is very frustrating is that AHPRA should have made clear what the changes entail. I have applied for registration in May and had no idea that my Diploma was not recognized.
      AHPRA ignores questions. My family and I already booked and paid for flights for us and quarantine for our dog. Thats money we cannot afford to loose.
      If Diplomas are not accepted by AHPRA why not make it clear, justify what is missing in our education and stop taking our money.
      This process has blemished the experience but I am not giving up yet

    68. Mike says:

      There are no such limitations by the EU! The British Gov. must be lying.

    69. jo says:

      Can’t wait to see this. An amazing artist and great Australian.

    70. fairbro says:


    71. Sam says:

      Been in the army for 12 yrs and coming close to the end of my contract, can I move to Australia since my mother is a citizen of NZ.

    72. Abel Adamski says:

      Worth remembering all the conflicts over the centuries and the young men from many countries who went to fight in them , the Aussie volunteers in the Crimean War, Boer War, Indian uprising etc etc.
      Let us also remember the British and US and Aussies who volunteered to fight in the Spanish Civil war.
      The difference is there was no internet and facebook

    73. John says:

      Hi, hope someone can help, I am moving to Oz (Melbourne) in Sept 2014. I am a fully qualified Gym instructor and personal trainer, as well as being a fully qualified Football (soccer) coach. I am wondering how easy it is to get into that type of work over there? Gym work, soccer coaching etc? thanks

    74. T. Blount says:

      Fair play,stick to your guns or you will end up like here in the UK,with them telling you what they want and what to do.
      Amazed at how many say that their lives are in danger back in their home country when they get caught.

    75. thilagavathy says:

      im looking for job at australia and planned to migrate there.currently im working as technical documentation specialist in a MNC company in malaysia. Please advise how i can go forward with this.

    76. julie howe says:

      I think you are doing a fantastic job keep up the great work. I work in aged care and I’m always interested in new developments. xx

    77. P observer says:

      Firstly Fred some would say that the countries already overrun with foreigners since your forbears nicked the country and you lot there now. But of course that’s all history right. Secondly; depends on what you choose to read as the recent economic impact assessment pertaining UK/EU shows a positive impact made by migrants so saying something very different to “devastation it is causing to the economies and politics of those countries” it actually points to a huge economic contribution made. But if ones political stance is ‘get out and go home’ the actualite becomes irrelevant.

    78. Barbie Bondi says:

      I had a chuckle about this, but I hope the Jetstar employee doesn’t lose his/her job for “words that were poorly chosen”, according to the airline. Come on, it’s Australia, we’re laid back and cool, it’s the charm of our people and country – let’s remember that.

    79. Michael M. says:

      I emigrated from the U.K. in 1966 and was fortunate to go to West Australia, and a delightful country town of Bridgetown. I have since moved to Victoria, where i once more enjoy the ambience of a country life!

    80. pam says:

      Its a shame that MJ is no longer here to defend himself. My thoughts and prayers are with his 3 children and the Jackson family having to re-live this same nonsense again.

    81. karl says:

      All seems to have gone quiet over there, not top anymore are you

    82. Michael Masiko says:

      My name is Michael Masiko currently living in south Africa working as a truck driver for the past 7yrs. How will I get a truck driving job in Australia? Do they hire foreign truck driver? the companies they do need drivers but they do not issue job offer letter. They want us to do the procedure without involving them, which is very difficult.

    83. Jay says:

      This is amazing

    84. tim sturmer says:

      I landed in London back in 2003 just for a few years but after meeting my French wife, I now live in France after 6 yrs in UK. I miss home but now with two French daughters its getting harder to shift back to Perth. I miss home but living near Lake Geneva is pretty cool too!

    85. Norm says:

      Everyone sign up to support the HEMP party (help end marijuana prohibition). It’s our only hope of legalisation! Come on show your love for bud by signing up it’s FREE.

    86. Norm says:

      But legalising the sale to Australian and foreign residents will be the best thing to happen to tourism in Australia’s history.

    87. Norm says:

      Sadly not…

    88. fairbro says:

      hi, good fun article but the point about toasters killing more than any other on the list isn’t correct, as bush fires killed 173 alone in one incident. i guess it may have been a joke. good article though!

    89. Joe Thorpe says:

      Much as I’d prefer to have commonwealth workers in the UK that can speak native English we dont make the rules about who can come & go from within the EU & we have been swamped by several million economic migrants from the EU & the only way we can bring any dampener to the numbers flooding in is to stop non EU people adding to the dire state of the figures. It would be like Australia letting all the boat refugees in regardless of their ability to integrate into the country. I hope one day we can leave the EU & regain control of our borders. I have been to Australia a dozen times or more & for our relationship to be hindered by the floods from the EU is head wrecking

    90. Bryce Lowry says:

      I dunno Barbie – I think there’s quite a few PMs and presidents that are pretty damn ticked off.

    91. JD says:

      We’re coming for you Shepherds Bush…

      PS Bruno ‘Spanish’ Rodriguez – that’s going to go down a treat!

    92. Michael M. says:

      Can we please explain to the rest of the thinking world that this kookie is NOT a true representative of the people – she mistook the politician application form for a dating site!

    93. Barbie Bondi says:

      If any other country shot down a passenger plane there would be absolute political bedlam against them, yet in this case the world’s presidents and prime ministers just issue sympathetic statements & shrug their shoulders – why?

    94. Maree says:

      I can’t believe anja Nissan one the voice she is amazing

    95. Daniel says:

      Thankyou Captain Obvious

    96. Bryce Lowry says:

      The British and Australian societies are what you would refer to as ‘normal’, I take it? Hate to break it to ya, bud but these days a majority of people in these countries see homosexuality as pretty normal … a majority even want them to be able to marry each other. Fancy that?!

    97. Bryce Lowry says:

      I’ve met tonnes of lazy people from all over the world, even from Australia.

    98. Barbie Bondi says:

      Saying that all societies need to like, accept & tolerate every single nationality in the world is ridiculous. Some cultures will clash naturally – look at the Islamic extremist culture in parts of the Middle East, where women are considered items of ownership & treated accordingly, whereas in the Western world this is not tolerated. Is it then racist in the Western World to stop rape of women by Middle Eastern men because their country find it acceptable? Of course not! (Please note I am simply using examples & by no means generalising that all Islamic Muslims are anti-women, I know this is not the case). I personally believe hurling abuse at anyone for their race or religion is wrong, but I also believe that we all have prejudices against races and saying it is illegal to feel this way is stupid. I love lots of things about Indian people & culture, they have brought much to the Western world, yet have personally found them to be too laid back in employment, a little lazy & lack ethic. In fact several Indian people accept this is typical of their culture & are not offended by my thoughts about this. Does this mean I am racist? Does it mean they are too of their own people??

    99. Anonymous says:

      My heart is set on Johnny, Lakoudis is pretty good too though…

    100. Bruce says:

      Of course you are right, because homosexuality is accepted in our society today does not infer that it is “normal” behaviour, it is not, neither is having sex with ones sister or mother “normal” they are all aborant behaviours and totally rejected in “normal” society let alone Biblical society

    101. Lorayne says:

      I don’t see the word’s “consent” or “consensual” (sex) anywhere. That’s just one point to start with!

    102. Chris Davison says:

      Whilst Matthew Flinders is said to be relatively unknown in Britain, he is much better known than Nicolas Baudin his contemporaneous French captain is in France. Baudin died before returning to France and his journals were published by the self-important Péron. Flinders was imprisonned on Mauritious be Governor DeCaen. See “The Navigators” by Klaus Toft.

    103. adora says:

      My heart goes to Sabrina. For me she is the best one to win the competition.

    104. Kell says:

      Cam, Profanity I can deal with. This is more than just a few rude words on the back of a van. This is the acceptance of a culture of the sexual use and abuse of women. Idiot.

    105. Pamela says:

      Yet these are some of your less offensive vans. It’s not the ‘profanity’ that’s offensive, it’s the racism, sexism and misogyny. If you lived in a time before feminism you would know the damage these Bogan slogans do to society. It takes us backwards, and only appeals to knuckle-draggers. Definitely NOT cool.

    106. John says:

      Grow up and stop behaving like an adolescent male circle jerk.

    107. Dean White says:

      Tourism Queensland will never let go of the gold mine that is the reef – even if it drives it into the ground. If they don’t do it already, they should rotate the zones for tourism on a 3 monthly basis in conjunction with a ticketing system. You don’t have a permit, you don’t get on a boat – simple. Sure it will decrease the tourism, but it will create higher demand, therefore increased prices which will ensure the longevity of the local tour operators, and this would also decrease the requirement for MORE boats, causing more pollution.

    108. paul says:

      Harden up stephan! Those whingers should get a sense of humour.

    109. Cam says:

      Grow up and deal with profanity

    110. Keith Pullman says:

      The key words he said were “a jury might find nothing untoward…” Notice he said JURY and MIGHT. Not, “I am now certain…”

      But more importantly, he implied that if a woman is sexually active, that somehow implies consent.

      If the sex was between consenting adults, I would WANT toe jury to find nothing wrong with it, despite some people being disgusted. If it was a matter of assault/abuse, I would want the jury finding no excuse for such behavior, regardless of the victim’s sexual history.

    111. Lizzy says:

      Thanks Claire for this article! I am not from Australia, but I have lived in London for 10+ years and I have experienced the same thing. Despite much trying (showing a friendly disposition, smiling, going towards other people gently, making small talk, asking benign questions, avoiding controversial topics, etc.) I still have no friends. Lots of acquaintances, but no friends. And yes, I have joined the Church and all its sub-committes. When I thought there was potential for a friendship, I have sometimes dared to ask for a phone number so we could meet up over coffee and my “victims” have always managed to find a way not to give me their number. People actually invite each others in front of me, but without including me! And it is also true that if you stop showing up to something, no one will enquire. This is really hard to understand, but it seems that this is the way things work. Unless you grew up here and have kept the same friends since childhood, your chances of making friends with established locals are almost nil. When I leave London, I will only have to notify utility companies! What a shame!

    112. Ayden says:

      Absolutely it should be legal. I’m glad that this is the overwealming sentiment shown in these comments. As for psychosis, I am well aware that long term, heavy use of cannabis will result in psychosis for some people. But it is the same with alcohol. As for the “gateway drug” argument, it’s not a wild stretch of the imagination but surely most people would start with alcohol or tobacco. As for tourism, I think people the world over are really starting to wake up to the fact that this plant, with thousands of known medicinal uses, should not be stigmatised in the way that it has been, I believe it will have a positive impact on our tourism industry.

    113. Joe says:

      The gay lobby demand acceptance of their relationships and them being described as “normal”. At the same time they use the word “queer” to describe themselves so we are all very confused. They shout discrimination at every opportunity so don’t see how they or anyone can oppose consentual incest without being labelled intolerant and incestophic in the exact same way the broader community is slammed for any comment short of 100% support for homosexuals.

    114. Captain Obvious says:

      Not one comment here is against legalization. That has to speak in itself.

    115. Waqas Haider says:

      This is not the only incident. I have been abused racially even worse and I tried to resolve it by myself for 5 months but the Govt’s designed process did not work. I contacted NT Discrimination, Police, Australian Human Rights and the Govt. officials and could get the outcome.

      I contacted the local media and they published my story but Govt. did not take it seriously at all. There is no statement from them, there is no action…I am absolutely confused what to do. I am not going to stop thought and will keep raising my voice untill I get them work on this on serious bases.



      Please help me raise my voice ..

    116. Vicky says:

      My grandgrand fathers family emigrated (what is Russia now).
      There were farmers.

    117. Jack Getze says:

      At various times in my life, scientists have also said half the world would die of AIDS, nuclear testing would ruin the world’s crops with radiation, and that an out of control nuclear plant would burn through the earth — China Syndrome. It’s little wonder people are skeptical of “climate change.” They had BETTER BE SKEPTICAL of anything predicting the future.

    118. Bryce Lowry says:

      Yes Fred. I’m sure that is a sentiment all our wide eyed, adventurous, travel mad, expat Aussie readers will share :-s

    119. Bryce Lowry says:

      There has certainly been some economic devastation in Europe these past few years, but I’m pretty sure the financial crisis was not the fault of poor migrants, whatever their status.

      Here’s some reading for you – about how British backpackers make up the majority of illegal workers in Oz: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/4226949.stm

      But that’s OK, coz they are probably white and speak English, right?

    120. Fred says:

      Stay home!

    121. Fred says:

      Hi Bryce. You should read up on the illegal and uncontrolled immigration into England, and the rest of Europe, and the devastation it is causing to the economies and politics of those countries.

    122. Bryce Lowry says:

      You were put in detention, in a far off place where no one could see you, while your true status was being assessed

    123. Bryce Lowry says:

      Sailing in international waters is not illegal, neither is wanting to flee your country, for whatever reason.

    124. Bryce Lowry says:

      I would like to remind you Fred, that this very publication, for the most part, represents Australians in the UK who, for the most part, are working in the UK … or as you may put it – foreigners earning an honest living in a country that is not ‘theirs’. Should they all be sent packing back to Oz?

    125. Fred says:

      How come my comment is still “awaiting moderation” after 3 hours???

    126. Fred says:

      Come on this is not Disneyland. If you give these economic immigrants a chance you will soon be overrun by foreigners. Just look what has happened in Britain and the rest of Europe. Put a stop to it from the outset! Let them earn an honest living in their own countries rather than arriving in yours and expecting to be supported for life by your welfare system.

    127. Alex says:

      Which UN countries have stepped up to take in these illegals – What NOT A SINGLE ONE??? Shocker.

    128. Jan says:

      Re Rolf Harris Verdict.
      I believe that if a man sexually assaults, rapes or interfere’s in any way with a female child or adult, then the “Judge” sentancing should be a women, as a male Judge will descriminate againest the women and support the male as it is human nature. This is outragous that Rolf Harris got less than 6 years, that poor child lost her virginity because of him and she will never be the same again, Rolf Harris is scum and should die in prison, why show him leniency because of he’s age, THE LAW SHOULD CHANGE, SO THAT HE IS SENTANCED ACCORDINGLY.

    129. ron says:

      Where does the UN get off telling Australians what to do…what is the UN doing in Egypt to protect the religious minorities there? what is it doing for Australians trapped in Egypt….what about a level playing field…stop identifying one nation>>

    130. Tony says:

      How can you compare the average salary of Australia to the UK? Most people in Aust live in or very near a capital city. When you compare a London salary to an Aussie salary you get a completely different picture! Better weather is an ambiguous term too. I found the same amount of grey skies in Sydney as there were in London, except the temperature is exhaustive in Sydney compared to London. I’d rather have an average of 15′ to an average of 26′, as the “average” means often having greater temps. No mention of culture…!?

    131. Neville says:

      He is good hope he wins for himself and aussi

    132. Sue Smoth says:

      I don’t think Rolf Harris should have the luxury of bail before sentencing. He has got away with these crimes for so long and is at an age where he will not have to suffer prison for long enough, mores the pity.

    133. Nigel says:

      Harris will prob go to Wandsworth prison first. Its hard as hell there. Will be hated there and cons will want to hurt him due to what he’s done and who he is! He will then go on to an open prison. At least he will die a ruined man in prison. Brilliant!

    134. Nigel says:

      DWell there you go fans.your ol chump harris is guilty as charged. A paeophile!

    135. Andrew Saddler says:

      Rolf harris the dirty paedophile, upset me because I use to enjoy his works, now I detest him along with gary glitter

    136. GLYN JONES says:


    137. Nick says:

      I wish cigarettes were banned altogether!

    138. kamalpreet oberoi says:

      I would like to immigrate to Australia, i am b tech civil
      kindly assist me how i get a job related to my field and i move Australia

    139. The Sherlock Holmes Museum says:

      The Sherlock Holmes Museum in London is currently developing a London of Sherlock Holmes version of Monopoly.

      We are looking for ideas so please send your ideas as to the board squares and chance and community chest cards via our website at http://www.Sherlock-Holmes.co.uk

    140. Nigel says:

      Maybe not but he (rather foolishly) admitted in court to finding the body of his daughter Bindi’s 13 y/o friend’s body sexually attractive-as I have openly said already that make him a paedophile in my eyes. The fact that he went on to have a sexual relationship with her (albeit according to him when she was over 18) augments my dim view of him still further. I hope the pervert gets banged up and never sees the light of day again! Adult men have no business getting turned on by children! Yuck!

    141. Nigel says:

      Incidently, I do wonder why the charges against Harris for having inappropriate images of children on his computer have been dropped by police! If he had those he should stand trial for that as well! Never did like the man. Always struck me as a manipulator and slimy! Many of his (basically for kids) songs(even)seemed inappropriate with sexual undertones-a guy with an “extra leg” etc. Hardly appropriate children’s entertainment really! Still find it rediculous that his wife turns up at court smiling-what on earth has she got to smile about? At worst she has got a husband who has been unfaithful by his own admission at least twice! As for his poker faced daughter-i think she is motivated by Harris’dosh! One good thing. Win or lose he is finshed! Horrid man!

    142. Graham Storrs says:

      The Australian’s reputation is not at risk. It is a conservative rag owned by a company dominated by a right wing ideologue. No-one who pays close attention to what is happening in Australia takes the Murdoch press seriously any more. This kind of partisan propaganda in favour of big business – even one that has killed millions of people – is par for the course for this “newspaper”. All it does is reinforce the Australian’s already-awful reputation.

    143. Nigel says:

      In court and under oath Harris admitted to a sexual attraction to his daughter’s 13 y/o friend. That is not normal for an adult male-such comments mean he is a paediphile in my eyes! If I said such a thing my mates would disown me and with good reason (it was also very stupid for him to admit it-but he aint that sharp these days)! As for his family. He wife just walks along to court with him smiling-why the hell is she smiling? Hi daughter walks in with him with a face of stone-wonder why (she seems to be void of any personality). By te way its a good time to buy Rolf Harris prints. They are cheap at the moment. If he gets off they will be worth loads (flog em as he aint that good at painting)!

    144. pauline says:

      If he is guilty he’s age should have nohing to do with his sentence, everyone should be treated equally, and give his victims justice.

    145. CDXbow says:

      The Australian never lets facts get in the way of a good story, especially if it suits its mates in industry.

    146. Nigel says:

      AsNo idea why Rolf Harris’ wife stands by him. He has in my view confessed to being sexually attracted to a 13 year old girl in a bikini. He admitted (in court) finding the body of the friend of his daughter sexually attractive. That alone is totally inaappropriate and paedophillia!

    147. Emma Broe says:

      If guilty, he should be held responsible for his actions. Would you say he’s too old if he was being charged with war crimes? If he’s destroyed lives, why should he not be accountable?

    148. Tony says:

      The simple truth is, THE MAN ISN”T GUILTY.

    149. Ian Stone says:

      If you want the Facts see article below – Australia’s smoking rate has fallen from 22 per cent in 1998 to just 17 per cent today. It is the lowest on record and it is one of the lowest in the world.

      From Another more informed Murdoch on line publication

      Why libertarians can’t agree on plain-pack ciggies

      by • ROB BURGESS 
      Pasted from

    150. It's a Farce says:

      Is it just me, seeing the massive holes in the stories of these witnesses? I have no interest in this aside from seeing justice done – and all things considered, if there’s one guilty verdict in this farce, I will not consider it done. Too many lies, changing stories, the event that never happened (despite cops looking fervently for weeks), the event that happened THREE years after the claimant said it did (making her of legal age, and a liar besides — who can really mistake themselves at 16 for a 13 yr old? memory has context!) a woman scorned, replaced by another affair and refused a wad of money to boot.. And that nutter Tonya Lee, whose story visibly changed on the stand. The bad character witness who said she and her daughter were molested and outraged, and then stood in line to get their piccies with Eolf, hung one on the daughter’s bedroom door. I cannot believe they put these people on the stand. I believe Yewtree is cherry picking its ‘victims’ for stories which are passingly similar, even if they are utter BS and obviously so. Because “ooh they all sound the same, he musta dunnit”. Pft.

    151. andrew says:

      Population growth was not considered in The Australian‘s report

      Yes what about population growth ? since smoking is the giant killer the packets suggests in Australia … what about population death shouldnt that be a considered point as well ? hmmm ? after all people don’t die unless they smoke according to the packaging, the rest of the non smoking people live forever , just like magic.

    152. Glen Peters says:

      The position of the person in society means nothing as does his age. If he has committed these crimes he should be punished if that means he will die in jail then so be it, his victims have suffered for many years while he (allegedly) has continued offending against more young women. If it was YOUR wife, mother, sister, girlfriend or friend would you also say “ok some old man felt you up or worse when you were young and innocent” forget all about it
      If he is guilty he should be punished. This is one of the foulest crimes in our society and it’s perpetrators need to be caught and punished

    153. Rachel B says:

      Rolf Harris is innocent. He is the true victim here and has been subjected to horrendous humiliation by greedy, money grabbing gold diggers!

    154. Annelie says:

      If found guilty let’s take away the fame and age that he is hiding behind and let justice run it’s course. However you can be sure that a few years behind bars will never compare to the life sentence he has presented to his victims. As his age he has lived a full life and the fact that he may become accountable now is justice, too little too late but justice all the same.
      @ As I See It – at what age are people held unaccountable for their actions?

    155. Leigh Steiner says:

      If found guilty, he should do the same time as anyone else regardless of age. Being a star makes it even a worse offence in that he may have used his status to his advantage. It sickens me that people like him and Robert Hughes drag their wives through the courts, and their kids have to listen to this. Poor poor Alwen.

    156. David W says:

      Childhood sexual abuse stays with the survivor for life.
      I used the term ‘survivor’ because although they are the victim, they have survived. I talk from being a survivor myself.
      If guilty, life. If inocent, the should have a public apology from all the people who tried to bring him down.

    157. John says:

      This seems to be all word of mouth without any physical or material proof whatsoever.that being said he must be found not guilty and innocent of all charges. Therefore denying what the plaintiff really wants.which is a huge compensation pay out

    158. Aaron says:

      The evidence as far as I am concerned shows him to be innocent. If you were being abused why return to your abuser at your own free will and even go on holiday with him. If you had been abused at 13 years old, wouldn’t you get the year right. Then the back up evidence from others say the accuser told me this has happened. Sorry but thats not evidence. If Steven Hawking said the world was about to end because God told him, we would ask can he show proof of this. And if such things were done in public view, don’t tell me no one else noticed! Its physically impossible. For a start he is famous and all eyes woulds have been on him!

    159. Gillian says:

      Given the dates of the Savile Exposure programme broadcasts in the UK and Australia, the Tweeting of RH’s name alongside Savile’s by the programme presenter shortly after the broadcasts and months before his arrest, then the dates of his arrest and subsequent charging months later, it’s hard not to wonder what has been going on here.

    160. tracey marsden says:

      too old?? cant believe you typed that!!!!

    161. Sally Gordon says:

      If he is an abuser of children, then he must be found guilty. I don’t care whether he paints, sings, or grows pumpkins for a living, indecently assaulting minors is a damaging thing to do and the courts must treat it as such.

    162. As I See It says:

      I belive that this trial should never have been given the go ahead in the first place. He is to old to tried for alleged crimes he commited so many years ago. If he is found not guilty he will have suffered to much and the complainant must be held to account. If guilty then how can justice be brought when he is old and may not last the term of the sentence. For me I hope he is found not guilty, he has brought so much joy to me and my family.

    163. Lynn broadbent says:

      In all honesty I believe Rolph Harris should be found guilty, being an entertainer/artist should not hinder a jury’s decision, yes it is a hard decision to have to make and not one to be taken lightly but you have to ask yourself are you going to judge Rolph Harris the entertainer or Rolph Harris an alleged sex pest

    164. Robert Fulwood says:

      I owe my interest in music and painting to watching the Rolf Harris shows. I know the words to all his hits, and I always sat mesmerised at how he could turn a few spots on a wall into a dazzling piece of art. If he is found to be guilty it will be a sad moment for me.

    165. Peter says:

      Hello Jancy,

      Hopefully you will be able to obtain a working visa as nurses are often on the Skills Occupation List.
      Also I know you can apply for a visa from overseas even if you’re not in your home country.

    166. robert says:

      He was my childhood hero. Who didn’t love his singing, painting and ability to be in the room with you even tho he was on TV. I don’t want him to get a not guilty verdict, I want him to be innocent. If he is guilty then I feel sorry for his victims, friends and family.

    167. Jakkaviez says:

      From what I’ve seen from the current PM he’s most likely not to listen, and if there is any Aussie funding going towards the World Heritage Committee you can kiss that goodbye. This is the way he plays.

      What are his real interests in forest obliteration?

    168. Bryce Lowry says:

      Well spotted, dude. Fixed :-)

    169. Noma says:


      i’m a single of a 1 year old child, i would love to immigrate to Australia. i have NQF Level 6 financail planning and study Bcom Enomics through UNISA. i’m from South Africa.

      kind regards

    170. Christian says:

      Dude, get some proofreading going! … “Apparently if you refer to your barbecue as a barbie and you have sunnies perched on your nose *your are* about as unfashionable as mum jeans and big perms.”

    171. Dee Dee says:

      Really shows the Aussie mentality with so many entertainment personalities in the list. Don’t people realise that they are paid to ACT a certain way.

    172. dulmini says:

      hi i am dulmini. i am working as an astrologer in a newspaper. i followed a journalism course in university of Jayawardanapura Sri Lanka. i would like go to Australia as a astrologer.
      how i do it?

    173. Bryce Lowry says:

      Thanks for the correction Jess

    174. Jess says:

      She performs in Melbourne on October 10th, not Brisbane :)

    175. Peter says:

      Yeah young Aussies are what I call the 51st staters, there are 50 states in the US and our young ones are trying to be just like the Yanks

    176. Barb from Oz says:

      Rack off – haven’t heard that in decades!! I love it, I miss it (yes, I am a child of that era & proud).

    177. Jacqui Sweeney says:

      The judges seem to be passing up the obvious talent for the struggling talent – why?

    178. M dilligaf rabbott says:

      What an absolute tosser not worth two knobs of goats s#!t.
      does this idiot and his band of merry tossers think the great Australian people are going to sit back and take his crap.
      1st! to say shit happens after one of our soldiers dies in the line of duty is inexcusable maybe they should have taken him on a sortie let him get shot at n tell him shit happens.
      2.if he thinks women stay at home ironing all day and are not equal standing best ask his wife and if his not getting any lately well shit happens.
      also I,d like to mention the jester joe hockey to make a comment that aussies can afford to pay the extra $7 fee for a visit to the doctors comparing this to only a couple of beers assuming all Australians drink is an outrage for those families who are on below the poverty line incomes struggling to survive not all Australians are wealthy fat cats.
      this government are a disgrace to Australia and the Australian people lets not wait for a double dissolution we need to push now to remove this government before they do any more irreparable damage.
      Since this Abbott circus took control forget the BS Stats businesses are closing, manufactures are going, More Australians are out of work and figure is rising, This government are a bunch of egotistical maniacs and Abbotts seeing the world on taxpayers money lets stop the bleeding now

    179. Alexander Biggs says:

      From 1910 to 1940 a temperature rise of nearly 0.5C was real. But the oceans remained cold until 1997 when they finally warmed up. But there is no reason to suppose that the planet will get any warmrer

    180. Michael says:

      I agree with the post on the award show version of “Better Be Home Soon”. It is available on the dvd of The Best Of Crowded House, the 2 cd/dvd combo. It is emotional, powerful and amazing.

    181. cbbott is an aunt says:

      I agree Charles,this idiot is a complete embarrassment to all Australians. He conned Australian voters to vote out the previous government with a pack of lies. He relied on the help of that American creature Murdoch and his pack of lying incompetent so called journalists. He stole his way into government with an agenda that he kept secret until he was in power. We have to get rid of this dangerous clown!
      bring on the double dissolution!

    182. A Source says:

      We were warned by some overseas media. Washington Post, Carol Morello, June , 2013.. God help Australia if these people ever win office. Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard fried chicken. Small breasts, large thighs and big red box/Vagina on an opposing political party’s fund raising dinner menu… Telegraph co UK. June 12, 2013. Kathy Brand. The Ugly Australians. A snapshot of the sort of people these Liberals are. > Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard’s vagina on the menu. >http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-politics/10115391/Julia-Gillard-sexist-menu-Did-the-women-present-all-laugh-along-before-tucking-into-the-Aussie-PM.html .PS; Thanks for nothing Murdoch and Co

    183. Mick Piggott says:

      Is ‘total and utter twat’ acceptable?

    184. Christina Macphseron says:

      Not very smart to transport plutonium 1000s of miles across land and sea – dangers of terrorism, accident. Huge security needed. Best to 1. Stop making the stuff 2. store it as near as possible to where it was made.

    185. Charles says:

      Tony Abbott is an emabarrassment to Aussies. Hope he goes away soon.

    186. rana ameer hamza says:

      my favrouite batsman is glenn maxwell

    187. Weazel says:

      Abbott will not lead the Liberals to the next election.
      The knives are out already!!

      Ha Ha Ha

    188. James Adelaide says:

      I am embarrassed by this man.

      Sorry world, but I did not vote for him.

    189. James Adelaide says:

      Preface: Australia’s media labours under Murdoch, who has greater influence than his 30-70% stake suggests. I say 30-70% because there is a dispute about what he owns, or how much marketshare he has. However, any journalist who wants a career in Australia must not have offended Rupert, as that is where most of the employment is. Consequently, the Australian Press does not report Australian affairs accurately.

      If this had been Labor, the press would have already asked for the PM to resign. I feared that Tony Abbott was an idiot. Him being in power has confirmed it. He is uninterested in governing, the agenda appears to have been written by the extreme right wing (Institute of Public Affairs, US Tea Party). Certainly, the Treasurer, Education Minister and the PM have all given interviews giving the wrong information about their budget, as if they had not even read it, let alone wrote it. I note that the ‘Commission of Audit’ was chaired by someone from the ‘Business Council of Australia’, with 3 senior public servants and a government ex-politician.

      The budget extracts permanently from all, except the rich, who only get a three year tax/levy, and the companies, who receive a tax cut. The budget is presented as if it was to cut the government debt, but actually predicts a return to surplus a year later than Labor did.

      Add to this that Abbott promised the exact opposite. ‘No cuts to education, no cuts to health, no cuts to universities, no cuts to the ABC, no cuts to the SBS’.

      As an Australian voter, I ask for a new election, because last election we did not know what the Liberal (conservative) party was proposing to do, they lied to us.

    190. grep says:

      He would say that, wouldn’t he.

    191. Bryce Lowry says:

      We LIKE this one a lot. Oh yes, the ‘pants’ trap

    192. Jules says:

      Boonie drinking 52 cans of beer in about 1989 on the flight from Sydney to London. If I remember rightly Rod Marsh was not handing over the title – In the 1970s when the flight from UK to Oz was 30 hours+ Rod Marsh drank 35 cans – nothing: a can an hour he would have drunk much more if there was any left on the plane so switched to spirits.

      I am just retelling this story from memory – so look up wisden :) or something for the facts. But whether it is 30 to 58 cans it was a good effort

    193. Jules says:

      In my first two months in London way back in 1996 I walk into the office:
      1. I am not in a cheerful mood one day at the work. Are you OK? Yeah I just have the shits – ooh should you go home until you feel better?
      2. You look nice today. Oh thanks its the first time I have ever worn pants to the office. Hours later that someone comes up to me and says you are wearing a trouser suit before I realised what I had said about pants – the English were too polite or confused at the time ‘but it became a joke for many years – are you wearing any pants today: no mate thongs!

      3. And this was not me but my sister who was in London in 1995 at the pub ordering Sunday lunch – do you want yorkshire pudding with it. No, I will order my deserts later, she says.

    194. A Source says:

      Hitler was evil, we oughta know , we created him. . Germany by the end of 1923, a life savings of a hundred thousand Marks would not buy a loaf of bread. > http://www.authentichistory.com/1930-1939/4-roadtowar/1-germany/

    195. Don Johnson says:

      You’ve gotta laugh at the “gateway drug” claim. By that logic, ALCOHOL is the gateway drug!!! Man gets drunk on alcohol (a legal substance), then, he gets brave enough to smoke a cone with his mates. So don’t gimmie this gateway drug bullshit. If you’re gonna keep using that excuse, then you might as well outlaw alcohol since it’s the REAL wolf in sheeps clothing.
      LEGALIZE MARIJUANA. It’s a fuckin plant for fuck sake, not some dangerous chemical concoction whipped up on the streets by junkies.

    196. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

      Bob Hawke ought to first disclose his interests in such a proposition whether they be of a commercial nature or simply as one of that of a lobbyist for the Nuclear industry.

      A second and more important aspect of Bob Hawke’s highly controversial suggestion is the question of the moral authority the man is able to cite for his proposition.

      During his tenure as prime minister of Australia Bob Hawke authorized the use of an RAAF fighter jet to fly over the proposed Franklin Dam area in Tasmania to gather intelligence in support of the “No Dam” lobby.

      Is this man senile or are his comments one of alcohol damage induced confusion.

    197. Jurgen Beschorner says:

      There is no such thing as “safe” nuclear waste storage … it would only take one severe earthquake – or one terrorist bomb attack to blow half of this big brown island sky high after having collected most of the world’s nuclear waste …

    198. Willy Wanksta says:

      Our Government should be responsible for saving more of our countries revenue and not looking to make money from accepting the nuclear waste of other countries.
      Shame on you! you old fool Hawke!

    199. Greenleaf says:

      Crazy stuff from ol Bob, he should just shut the hell up and retire. Steal native land, then trash it! Typical politician (ex) couldn’t care less about the real people of this world. Tis all about MONEY!

    200. VivKay says:

      What a disgrace Bob Hawke is! We thought he was patriotic to Australia, but now he wants to trash it by dumping the world’s nuclear waste! Perhaps he’s going senile and should fade away in his twilight years, silently!

    201. ron petzke says:

      strange , back in late 70,s labour gov banned export of uranium, had protestors blocking roads and shut down mary Kathleen township.has bob hawke had a memory lapse of his party stance and now thinks its ok to dump the waste now. he should stay in retirement not comment on todays politics and his labour partys over last 40 years have screwed Australia to where we are today!!

    202. Mick Arnold says:

      Of course we should have a nuclear waste facility. There has to be some part of the country that is isolated, geologically stable, far from underground water, etc. It would cost a lot to establish, I expect, but I’m sure countries with a waste problem would happily prepay for it to be built.
      Think of the income we could make.
      Hawke once again shows why even hardened Liberal voters can admire him. Smarts and commonsense ignore party lines.

    203. Corunetes says:

      Back in your kennel Bob. Australia does not need to import the poisons from the rest of the world so that the politicians have a few dollars to play with. This poison will persist for thousands of years while the money gained for storing it will last until the next election. Not one bit of the responsibility for this poisonous waste can or should be attributed to Australia.

    204. John says:

      Nuclear waste containment is the responsibility of those countries that create the fuel. It is a very short sighted technology as proven by Fukushima, which has irrevocably poisoned the earth and is being totally covered up. Time society gets off its drugs of choice (petrol and nuclear) and pays for the future of the planet with sources that don’t cause the harm nuclear creates. If a country wants nuclear power, let them die in their nuclear waste product. If Aussies allow themselves to be the dumping ground, it just shows how much they truly are cannon fodder. Nuclear waste is never safe, and these aboriginal lands are a further taking from others. Stop the ignorance people.

    205. Peter Kojak says:

      I never thought much of Mr Hawke and certainly not as Australia Prime Minister, but this is the most sensible thing he has proposed.
      Ayers Rock is one area that has been looked at. It is possibly the best and safest! “Go For It”.

    206. Mick says:

      Bob Hawke, you’re a clown.
      Here’s hoping no one takes you seriously.

    207. Fast Eddie says:

      Put it in Hawke’s backyard and see if he changes his tune. It does have to go somewhere.

    208. Peter Harley says:

      If Hawke wishes Australia to become a nuclear dumping ground, then perhaps that dump should be in Canberra.

    209. Phil of Brisbane says:

      If ever there was an issue about which one needed to see the exact detail, then this is it. No excuses, no expert panel making decisions on my behalf, just full disclosure thanks Bob. Down to the last gram.

    210. stuart wickens says:

      screw you Hawke.
      Australia deserves the right to decide via a referendum, not some silly old senile has been.
      nuclear waste will be active for 50000 years at least, leeching into our artesian basin, no thanks.
      Hawke you had your day, you have no right to assume the public would want a nuclear dump on our soil.

    211. clark says:

      Most Americans wouldn’t be able pin point Australia on the world map they are so dumb dumb

    212. Mel says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience and concerns (I wait patiently for each new update)… I’m going through the same stuff, and have felt that nobody understands.

    213. cbbott is an aunt says:

      I think this clown is the love child of George Dubbya and Sarah Palin only dumber. This clown stole the control of the Australian gummint in the same way as George dubbya did in the US, with a disproportionate amount of help from the low-life American Billionaire Murdoch.
      Double dissolution Now!

    214. adem says:

      actually the minimum win for our national lotto always starts at over a million, usually 2-3 without a rollover. you also get a free raffle entry with every line which can win you £20,000. 50 guaranted raffle prizes per draw and 50 more added for each rollover. thanks for yhe visa eligibility info, my new boss can join our syndicate now.

    215. Bryce Lowry says:

      We all pilloried the US about George W Bush for 8 years. I guess they are giving some back now

    216. JohnB says:

      It’s Dreyfus who is out of touch with reality. Many of those multicultural migrants who came to this country came here because of the freedoms and opportunity denied in the republics back home but provided here. Others came because it offered a better lifestyle but with the familiar constitutional and political stability of our Westminster Parliamentary system with an apolitical symbolic Crown denying ultimate power over the people to be misused by politicians. The UN Human Development Index ranks Constitutional Monarchies better than republics, on average. Migrants coming here have voted with their feet, not to change our system but they wanted a share in it. What sort of perverse cultural cringe by Republicans would seek to destroy our system to suit the PERCEIVED biases of newcomers to this country.

    217. bridget Kik says:

      I find it ironic that there is an advertisement at the bottom of this webpage on how to claim British Citizenship by Ancestry. If it is so…then just wait until Oz is a republic…let us know how that goes OK>

    218. Ads says:

      Giants looking strong in the Social, we have them coming back to Reading in a few weeks – look forward to the showdown!

    219. Jayneen Sanders says:

      Fantastic work! Ms Stott Despoja— Please don’t forget sexual abuse against children and the crucial need for sexual abuse prevention education in homes and schools world wide. The sexual abuse of children is irreversible but it is preventable.

    220. Tony Strachan says:

      Sounds bloody awesome!! Wish we were going to London a month earlier to join in the fun. Go Hawkers and paint the nest PINK !!!

    221. jay rao says:

      We better wake up now and do something so we can all wake up in a better condition tomorrow

    222. Dean says:

      Its a surprise Australia is not ranked higher. Healthier foods are more expensive than available rubbish foods, parents are not accountable for what they feed their kids, people over indulge themselves in fast foods and then seek answers in “magic” dieting tablets and laxatives. OMG, imagine the national health services cost in future times. Nothing will change until real benefits are promoted through taxing higher fast and pre-cooked foods and removing taxes for raw foods, vegetables and fruits. The government should go a step further and penalise parents who neglect their children’s health, after all kids have no choice but to eat what a lazy parent puts in front of them. Hey what about conducting an advert campaign on the same line as cigarettes?

    223. Dreamer3240 says:

      I am always against invasion of privacy photos. This, however was not a “private” moment. The couple was on an official engaement in a public area. The Duchess needs to learn how to dress to avoid these situations. I can understand if this happened once or twice. However, it is an on-going problem so one must assume she doesn’t really care.

    224. Jacqui (Honeymooning Nomad) says:

      On the corner of Burnley Road and Hamilton Road, opposite Dollis Hill tube station. ;)

    225. Jim Bob says:

      Nice article. Good to see London AFL getting coverage.
      I believe Wandsworth only went down by 1 point to West in Round 1 so throw that stat into the mix and it really does seem like an exciting Premiership grade this year.

    226. Ads says:

      Good round up of the season so far! Great to see the Giants making great strides as well and hope to see them stepping up a level and pushing themselves if this season goes well.

      Reading are in a unique position, being outside London means that the numbers of Aussies available is really limited, and makes it extremely difficult if not impossible to compete with the Premier and Conference clubs.

      Reading played 3 seasons of Premier and Conference footy and were regularly thumped, winning about 2 games a year, so 3rds footy seems the right level to compete at.

    227. matt says:

      My 2yo will be spewing. If peppa George and co were sent to the slaughterhouse wouldn’t this lead to fewer people little or otherwise, not tuning in anymore? I would have thought the least popular shows would be scrapped.

    228. teja says:

      Hi there,
      I am teja. I did my pharmacy in India and my husband is a physio and he did his Psw course in Australia and we moved now to Canada. But now we are thinking to immigrate to Australia…can we have any chance to come over there

    229. colin says:

      What a load of rubbish this article is. It’s either referring to about 0.1% of the population or you woke up in the 1930’s

    230. […] would have forgiven his English audience for yawning, or cringing (as the Australian Times suggested) at the colonial latecomer, for it is almost exactly the same rhetoric employed by the UK […]

    231. David Lewis says:

      I want to consume raw thc which even though smoking can sometimes well all the time be making balance and cognitive exercises a bit of a mission I believe raw cannabis is going to aid in waking my brain up and help my health in general

    232. gurvinder singh says:

      Hello sir, I am residing in italy. I have Italian C licence with (driver qualifycation card) can I migrat to Australia.

    233. michael says:

      Really disappointed to here Once again Adelaide had been treated like a back water state and Queen is by passing us, like most artists do. You have many Fans all over the world Adelaide included. So Disappointed

    234. daniel says:

      It’s true that currency companies are now a strong force in the market, and provide better rates than high street or major banks. Check which ones are regulated by the UK and Australian authorities. They don’t charge high fees and are usually easy to deal with. This article highlights how planning in advance is important. Trying to work it out and get the best deal a week before you move or return home, is not going to help.

    235. Buff says:

      I’m sure Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber appreciates the attributing of his song “All I Ask of You” to Il Divo! They are singers, not composers. Also, if you did some basic research, you’ll see that Matthew Garwood was lead singer at Draculas in Melbourne for over a year – he can sing other genres!

    236. Maggie Magoo says:

      Excellent article! Very pleased to see Mr. Lambert get the recognition for his extraordinary talent.

    237. Leigh says:

      Appreciate your interesting, informed article. Agree that Adam Lambert is a worthy candidate to perform Queen’s classic (and difficult) songs. Am looking forward to attending a number of concerts here in the States. Hope you’re able to attend one of the four in OZ. Thanks again.

    238. David says:

      AU may be a fair way down the list but punches way beyond its weight (pun intended) in terms of alcohol-related violence.

    239. Johnny Titmarsh says:

      Oh yes Rod, because we know a hollow government that serves nothing but funneling business interests is the best for the greater community. Who is a $1.3bn billion renewable energy cut helping? Mining companies, that’s who.

    240. Paul Roger says:

      Two of the most evil politicians this country has ever been cursed with.

    241. Susan says:

      The Government is trying to sell its budget as the right thing to do, but then I ask why did Mr Joe Hockey Host a $50,000 Dinner paid for by the tax payer. Shouldn’t he be the first to tighten his belt and do the heavy lifting? Should he lead by example… as a leader should? His comment about the ‘age of entitlement is over’ but have you forgotten people have paid tax all their lives. However it should be over for the politicians as they are the one who spend from tax payer’s money and unwisely I might add.
      Mr Hockey, show us what you’re made of and take a pay cut. It is only then you will begin to understand how others are trying to survive on a mere pittance.
      I say give Mr Palmer a go as Liberal and Labor has no policies to expand the economy.
      By taking more of the disposable income away from the people through tax or levies, this will stifle the economy. People won’t be able to afford some good and services and hence there will be more job losses. Liberal is totally out of touch with reality.

    242. ZimbaZumba says:

      So female teachers are safe with children. Hmm, not sure about that:-

    243. Adam says:

      Hi me and my family are planing to move to Melbourne I’m a carpenter bye trade do you have advice on me getting work before we arrive there thanks adam

    244. Chris says:

      Great read. A little surprised you left out the Roskilde tragedy as that left a huge mark on the band.

    245. withsauce says:

      The cuts to animal abuse prgram expected since conservatives are well known for eating puppies.

    246. Lisa says:

      I think you mean to save 2 billion not million.

    247. mijami says:

      I neither drink beer nor smoke cigarettes Mr Hockey let alone smoke cigars. The Ultra generous PPL scheme proposed has to go!! I’m not against the doctor co-payment. I’m for an increase in the GST or a broadening if its base. I’m against funding cuts for universities and the CSIRO. Aren’t we supposed to be The Clever Country, not a basket of buffoons.

    248. Brian Dunn says:

      Shorten and Labor have made no
      effort to help Abbott fix their mess which just verifies their total lack of responsibility.
      Maybe a trip back to the polls is on the cards and people can then reelect Labor and smile all the way to a banana republic.

    249. Rod Stuart says:

      It is bloody well about time that a government starts to get out of the way of the individual. The biggest issue is that it doesn’t cut enough.

    250. Dindos Breakfast says:

      So the faceless bloke who deposed two of his leaders and help spiral the country into debt is opposing the majority of voters who want a change from his ideas.

    251. Janvier says:

      These days, most western women can consider themselves to be liberated and are able to enjoy equality. It is other regions in the world where change needs to take place. Just look at what has happened in Nigeria with 300 girls kidnapped. It is issues like these that are important and where activism might be useful.

    252. k---- says:

      Schmeh… Not using words just for that reason is indirectly giving “the patriarchy” a degree power. She is clearly comfortable using any words she pleases. I don’t believe it’s use undermines the essence of the article’s argument which is that gender should almost be irrelevant when it comes to someone’s achievements.

    253. Geoff Henderson says:

      I don’t really buy it that being “unworldly” qualifies for an excuse in this instance. Ms Bingle, who I am sure is a very nice person, has certainly had some “worldly” and public experiences.
      I am insufficiently worldly myself to understand how Magistrate Farnan reasoned her judgement.

    254. Johnny Titmarsh says:

      How can we sleep while our batts are burning?

    255. Australian says:


    256. Greg says:

      Tonight’s budget summary was fair in my opinion. This is the first time ever that the negatives have been broadly shared. I am not a Lib supporter as a rule. Great to see middle class welfare reined in. My income has fluctuated wildly and our family would fit into the category of low socioeconomic status. We never qualified for family tax part B yet other families on higher incomes were raking it in. I never understood how that could work.

    257. Andrew Woodcock says:

      As a British person born and bred with Australian ancestry going back to Glelee in NSW if you think your Australian diplomats etc. are living off the fat of the land have a look at the members of the Euro Parliament with their snouts in the trough guzzling up my money. Sack the lot of them, they are just a load useless bastards who could not arrange the consumption of alcohol in a brewery.

    258. Daanda says:

      My personal Favourite is the Augustiner-Festhalle. A little overview: http://www.oktoberfest-faq.com/best-oktoberfest-tent/

      By the way, Hippodrom doesn’t exist anymore in 2014.

    259. SomeBloke says:

      Okay. Let’s compare tobacco with cannabis.
      Tobacco = Everyone smokes it because it is pretty much the only decent and legal substance to smoke. Tobacco will give you many health issues, not minor either. Cancer, loss of minor limbs, holes in throats, death is all caused by tobacco.

      Cannabis (Weed) = This stuff isn’t legal (obviously) but everyone is still going to smoke it because it’s good shit! The positives are people won’t go run a muck in streets (as they will probably be stoned) and they won’t be causing violence. Weed is not going to cause cancer, because as you may already know, THC kills cancer cells, as cancer patients are able to legally smoke / possess cannabis.

      Now talking laws here, if you’re scared of people and what they’re gonna do when they’re trippin’, just let the same rules as alcohol apply to Cannabis! Such as, no driving when high (can be drug tested), if you’re smoking too much in public, you can get escorted out of wherever you are, and take a taxi home, and must be 18 to buy and grow!

      People aren’t dumb enough to get stoned and go to work, it’s common sense.

      Let’s talk psychotic effects. Now trying weed just a few times in small amounts won’t give you any psychotic effects, though you can possibly get some after a fairly large amount. Overtime you can develop depression and/or anxiety, but just think, if you’re smoking a shit load of whatever you got, then don’t expect any good (same goes for alcohol and tobacco!).

      Just to state some stuff, not the most important, if you have seen what is in a cigarette, then you should’ve stopped by now. As weed is also a natural plant with no added chemicals (but will depend on method of growth).

      Now really, simple rules, if you’re so concerned about it, set a limit too. If someone is found with an ounce? let them go. But maybe if they own a few more ounces than limited, just fine them (I mean shit man I don’t know).

      Effects are consisted of general alteration of consciousness perception, increased feeling in sensors, you are less aware of minor things, increased sensuality, joviality, appreciation of music and humour, introspection, enhanced recollection, increased creativity. Abstract and Philosophical thinking are very common (pretty much trippin balls).

      I mean Cannabis is listed as a medical ingredient, but I’m not going into that detail (just read the main blog).

      But aye, I’m just a regular bloke who supports legalisation of cannabis, recreational and medical use.

    260. Mark says:

      With the new budget you may not have a job to go to or be able to purchase petrol to drive to the doctor, let alone pay for a consultation.


      Of course he can look people in the eye, he is immoral.

    262. Suq Madiq says:

      I find your use of sheila offensive because it is often used as a possessive term for women by the patriarchy.

    263. Abel Adamski says:

      The majority of economists do net believe we have a debt or defecit disaster.
      Even T.A does not believe it
      $4Bill tax cut for Business
      Dumping Carbon Tax along with it’s Billions in income yet not removing the Billions in the compensation package to the taxpayer.
      Dumping the MRRT which in fact has a marginal impact on the miners, needs to be improved and beefed up.
      Most of the problems are the structural defecit that that economically irresponsible profligate Howard left us with all his unsustainable tax cuts and vote buying eternal benefits for those who do not need that help.
      If he is serious those are the issues to be adressed

    264. Paul Roger says:

      Practised liars can look people in the eye while lying through their teeth

    265. Peter ...Corryong...."Collingwood" says:

      …and a winner was….


    266. Scott says:

      I have been researching this topic extremely thoroughly for a school assignment, and personal curiosity. All prohibition does is give money to criminals and criminal organizations, with un-regulated and un-standardized drugs, while also giving the burden of enforcing this “dangerous” drug on the taxpayers who express their open desire for prohibition to end.

      More importantly, i think it amazing how they can simply deny everyone the use of something if “some people with mental illness history MAY have psychosis”. Huh! There are people in society today that will die if given Penicillin, but no doubt is extremely helpful to those who are not. Just because some people may have an adverse effect, just with prescriptions drugs, they should be given warnings and told to stay away. For those who are sure that it is safe for them to use the drug for medicinal and recreational purposes… why not?

    267. Tolga says:

      Too many alcohol fuel violence on the streets. The ppl need to chill.

    268. Damian says:

      Can we please stop being so racist and vilifying “white” Australians for STEALING our country from Aboriginals? You’re just being racist against your own race. It’s still racism. I’m Australian, born and raised, and I NEVER stole anything from an Aboriginal. One day I’ll buy my own block of land and how dare you call me a thief for doing so.

      It’s akin to saying I’m a child killer because I bought a nice shirt I saw in a shop, not realizing that it was made in some sweat shop in China by a young child who later died on the job.

      Would you let your child frequently live in a house full of disease and asbestos?
      Would you be okay with your children sleeping in a bed with several other children, of different ages and sex, unsupervised?
      If you could barely support yourself, how many children would you have? Does 12 sound like a responsible number?
      Would you insist on living in the middle of nowhere with no health services, education, or job opportunities, knowing it denies your children any hope of a future?
      If you were given free housing, would you trash it and then turn around and blame the government for not fixing it?

      I don’t think any of you would find the above points acceptable. If it was you, would you blame your government? If it was your neighbor, would you vilify the government if the children were put into foster care, or the parents put in prison?

      When it happens to a minority group, they cry foul and call it racism. It is not racism at all, we would do the same to our own race, or any race.

      There is nothing genetically inferior or different with Aborigines. We’re all the same. It’s their culture that is holding them back from integrating with society. If they don’t want to integrate with society, that’s fine. In many ways I envy them of that. However if they choose to live off the land, or live in the desert to be close with their ancestors, they need to be smart about it and take some responsibility for their own survival and success.

      Large amounts of land have been returned to Aboriginal communities.
      They’re given huge incentives to integrate with society.
      They get free education opportunities well beyond what any other Australian gets.
      They get the best free health care in the country (if they take it, and it’s available).
      They get free housing and relocation services throughout the country.
      They get 2% interest loans for housing, so they can accrue capital.

      If the Aborigines worked together like Jewish society, they could be the wealthiest group of citizens in our country. Australia has racist people, just like every other country, but if anyone is treating Aborigines “inhumanely” it is themselves. If you watched Utopia, you need to watch it again and pay better attention to what’s not being said.

      Do you not also find it ironic that if it were not for Western colonization they would not have access to the things they are demanding? Advanced education, jobs, housing, health care, abundant food, etc. Meanwhile they consider Australia as “their” country, excluding white Australians as having any claim to the land. On the flip-side when an Aussie says this is ‘our’ country, the vast majority mean this to includes Aborigines. So really, who’s the racist?

      In some ways I think you can compare our situation to modern day Germany. Germans today acknowledge they come from a shameful past, but the people of that country today are nothing like the Nazi’s of WWII. Should we continue to punish and vilify Germans for what their ancestors did in the past? Is it not racist if we think of all Germans today as Nazi’s? How is it different that people can go around today saying white Australians are “invaders”?

    269. Bryce Lowry says:

      Yes we know – so sorry, glitch in the photo albums presently.

    270. ramiro tinajero says:

      what channels would these be in the USA…

    271. Pinky says:

      The album isn’t working.

    272. Wally says:

      The public don’t want this sort of rubbish Palmer. Get on with you bloody job or if it’s too hot in the kitchen, get out. You are just a s*it stirrer and that’s not what Australia needs right now, pal!

    273. shell says:

      I felt that the infograph was missing a couple of HUGE areas; history and culture. I’m bored out of my mind. No offence to any people who love it here, but some days I simply do not think that months on end of sunshine and extreme heat (we live in Perth) can compensate for the mystery of castle ruins and deep interest and concern that many Brits feel about the world’s affairs past and present. On another topic completely, in Oz, I’ve felt like other women don’t want to talk to me, like I’m a danger to them somehow. In the UK I used to work with an Aussie expat (if I may use that term) and I always wondered why she left… now I know.

    274. Peter says:

      My bet is that Kate totally captures the hearts of the nation.

    275. Jo says:

      What about When You Come??!

    276. Jim Gracie says:

      He’s done so many great songs. My list would have to include “She Goes On”, Wherever You Are” and “Lullaby Requiem”. Saw the last show of the tour at the Lincoln Theatre in DC and love it.

    277. CB says:

      I would take out “Into Temptation” (a good song) and replace with “Turn and Run” from One Nil; otherwise, the list is spot on…

    278. Lance Schrader says:

      Don’t Dream It’s Over not on the list? Are you insane? Lose Something so Strong and Into Temptation. Although it’s not a romantic love (it’s written about bandmate Paul Hester) English Trees is beautiful and heartbreaking.

    279. R.Crow says:

      I love Fall at Your Feet, yes. But Distant Sun knocks me flat out.

    280. joe grant says:

      Better be home soon…have actually you guys listened to the words? it is about infidelity.

    281. Gavin says:

      Excellent top 5. Neil played ‘message to my girl’ on piano in Melbourne on March 13th without the band and showed just how great a tune it really is. I would give my right arm to be able to sing and play it….

    282. Destonia says:

      I agree but 5 is just not enough. If you Google Better Be Home Soon from the Aussie music awards the year Paul died, his performance is the most touching I have ever seen.

    283. justin cain says:

      hi guys I am looking at a house around the $400,000 mark. I am a first home buyer and I only have about $5000 saved atm. how much more would I need to save and would I need less deposit if i build or buy established?
      Thankyou; Justin Cain

    284. SonicSC says:

      Only one substitution for me – “Something So Strong” out, “Distant Sun” in. Otherwise perfect.

    285. Bryce Lowry says:

      Couldn’t agree more. If they were numbered, it should be #1 in my opinion; followed by Fall At Your Feet at #2

    286. Margaret Brown says:

      My top five too! They are all perfect.

    287. Ben Dawson says:

      Please also remember there’s an Anzac Day memorial service in Harefield where around 120 Australian soldiers are buried and also a nurse. They died whilst being treated for injuries received in battle. Lest we forget.

    288. fairbro says:

      ‘Message to my girl’ is one of the greatest songs ever written – I thought that in 1985/6 when it came out and still do…a great list and spot on.

    289. Bryce Lowry says:

      Hi Jancy. A good first step would be to visit the website of the Australian consulate in Italy or the main Department of Immigration website http://www.immi.gov.au/

    290. jancy says:

      Hello,i am a graduated nurse from india,i have one and half year experience from india.Since last 2 and half years i am living in italy.I wish to go australia.Can i go from here.Can u pls tell me what is the procedure to go australia?

    291. Saoi Media says:

      Thanks for the mention. An Dubh ina Gheal (Assimilation) made by filmmaker Paula Kehoe, presented and co-written by the poet Louis de Paor. It explores the complex relationship between indigenous Australians and the Irish in Australia and can be viewed for the next few weeks at this link:

    292. Julie says:

      Wombat poop is shaped like a cube

    293. furgutt says:

      Hope this one is clean, makes you wonder how much more they are all covering up. As if they didn’t get a good salary anyway and a retirement far in excess of the average worker. Of course anyone else must certainly buy their own cheaper wines, if they can, with a reduced pension and pressure from Centrelink ’til they reach 70. Seems the average person is earning too much anyway according to these guys, but they still want more and will always rort the system to get it!

    294. frank says:

      funny, we use the word expat when we are actually immigrants.
      others are laughing at our futile
      attempt to hide our ugly history of crime against other races.
      the british who live in spain still call themselves expats while
      calling the seasonl workers from moroco immigrants.

    295. Gaz says:

      Okay chicken parma is one thing, – has anyone got any suggestions of where to get a laksa in London?

    296. Tim says:

      That was the one thing I didn’t like about London after 6yrs was the constant friends passing through on a regular basis. But now after 5yrs in France…guess I could say i’m settled with even a few aussie mates over here!!

    297. Antionette says:

      Thanks for your nice blog.I see this site of the information is very better.Plan your move to Australia with this checklist is nice.

    298. Tim says:

      I’ve been away from Oz for over 11yrs now but always miss home PERTH when I see a doco or ad on French TV. Or you see some kangaroo on an advertisement sign over here…quite bizarre

    299. timmy otool says:

      how can you deny those suffering Today relief, quality of life & possible cure ..based on the fear something bad might happen tomorrow? its kind of evil.. especially nowadays when there is multiple independent clinical proof that Marijuana/Cannabis has positive effects on the human body.. kinda pisses me off being lied too thinking off all the people loved ones lost due to a lie to boost pharmacutical sales..

    300. Brett Lewis says:

      We all need to sign the hemparty end marijuana prohibition,for the future health benefits of our children,this is one of the biggest crimes against humanity, that this wonderful natural plant is illegal,may commonsense prevail and may big pharma and the medical industry realize that you cannot eat money

    301. paul malkinson says:

      in all my years, living in the top end between NT & QLD, I have never seen “rip off roof tops, destroy homes and level forests”, James Cook University Geoscience Professor Jonathan Nott
      We don’t have rooftops, we simply have roofs: as for leveling forests, well, in the past 40 years I’ve never seen that happen … yep, I’ve lived through many, many blows, and what the good ‘professor’ is claiming is sheer hyperbole. Sure, we lose a few older wooden houses here and there, but we’re talking about an annual cyclone season, is all.
      Paul from Cairns Qld

    302. Pamela says:

      How sad that kangaroos are going the way of the dinosaur due to shooters, dogs, drought, floods and speeding vehicles. Tourists already complain that they have to pay to see them in zoos because they don’t see any while traveling around the country anymore. Only dead ones along the side of the road :(

    303. Dean says:

      Amazing how the memory of something like this song can make you instantaneously homesick!

    304. karna_katz says:

      Hypocritical? Nope! The taxes help pay for the medical expenses of smokers. Oh….been of them for three weeks.

    305. SliceOpie says:

      Why would you be so afraid? He only ever hurt bad people, sex offenders and drug dealers or people who had attacked him or hurt innocent people. He was a good man who gave up most of his life to dispose of people who had no regard for human life. I honestly can’t see what would be so scary about that. I get that you’re anti violence but I don’t see how that ties in with being frightened of him or uncomfortable. The only innocent person he ever did the wrong thing by was Judge Martin and that was because of a promise he had made to a friend. The Judge later wrote to him and forgave him and he has said many times he felt really bad about having done that. I’m glad he at least met people who understood and appreciated what he did for us, instead of just being in the company of someone who thought he was a crazy sicko, judging him and clearly making HIM feel uncomfortable. How would you feel if you’d been invited to dinner with a friend of a friend and they reacted like you say you did? I’d feel so worthless and frustrated.
      I wish you could see that he wasn’t a cold-blooded killer. He had the guts to do what no one else will – take out the REAL criminals. Unfortunately people like you are so conceited that you seem to think he would have been a danger to you. I wish I had the courage and selflessness to do what he did. But I’m not that brave and I value my life more than the lives of all the people his victims hurt. I mean, if I could, and not be messed up by or imprisoned for it, I would wipe out pedophiles and drug lords too. And yes, I would laugh about it. They kill thousands of innocent children and adults every day. Pity you, who is all about love and peace, didn’t write an article condemning the real monsters out there and instead you wrote an article about how terrible it was to be around Mark. I just can’t express how much your view of him saddens me. I don’t mean to be rude or write in poor taste but…Can you really not see the good in what Mark did? Or do you only see the laws he broke? I wish you were more open minded. He had terrific morals and was so misunderstood. I’ll go to my grave believing this and if it gives you any indication of what sort of person could think of him so highly, I’ll tell you that I’m a person who is all about peace and love too. I despise violence. I am very loving and caring towards people from all walks of life. I’m not a criminal, I’m not a derelict who thinks crime is cool. I’m just a normal person, who can see the bigger picture. Maybe one day you’ll open your eyes to the idea that a good person can do bad things for a good reason and it doesn’t change the fact that they are still a good person. If you walked into your child’s room and a stranger was sexually interfering with them and in the heat of the moment you killed them, would you think you were a bad person? Would you believe people should be afraid of you? Would you feel that you should be locked away from the world and tormented for it?
      If the impression you had of him was based purely on what the media says or shows, then I suppose it is understandable. The media love to cut and chop things up for effect and what sort of society would allow its media to openly connect with and embrace the good side of a criminal?
      I don’t idolise Mark because I think he was cool, I admire him for what he showed me, and for his strong moral values, and for giving up so much of his life and the quality of it to eradicate these terrible creatures.
      I get funny looks when I voice my opinion of Mark, but if Mark Brandon Chopper Read wore a “Bat-suit” and fought these real life villains in disguise, you’d have applauded him. Mark was just brave enough to tear that mask from his face and show everyone the real Bruce Wayne, and society is too tight bottomed to be swayed from the opinion that a criminal is always to be thought of disapprovingly.
      It might sound stupid but that is literally what I think of him. He was my Batman, and I’ll always be grateful for what he did, clearing the scum from the earth, no matter how many papers and people belittle his efforts and reduce them to plain black and white murders. There’s just no grey areas in this modern world.
      I’m sincerely disappointed.
      Again I’m sorry if this comment seemed rude, I didn’t intend for it to be and given how frustrated I am I’ve tried very hard to be as ‘un-rude’ as I can be.
      Thank you for reading this. I’d really appreciate a reply.

    306. Jim says:

      Typical nonsense from another anti tobacco zealot. They never mind however the fact that the Aussie government makes over 7 times the profit than do the tobacco companies from the sale of each pack of cigarettes.
      Hypocritical, don’t ya’ think!

    307. Eric says:

      The vibe on the streets now is very different with unionists sleepwalking into an independent Scotland.And most English folks I know living in Scotland most are voting yes.With the constant hilarious claims from Westminster,Scots cant share pound.Now they are looking for the head of the one who says they can share it!Also the lies from unionists that if they vote no we will give you more devolved powers.It took 30yrs to devolve 15% of power!!!! The scots have now.The tide is turning fast.watch this space

    308. Bryce Lowry says:

      Noted and amended, Christian. Thanks. Promise not to do it next election

    309. sticpewich says:

      i object the man has had his day and it is mean spirited on abbott side but that is who he is

    310. Christian B says:

      Jobs for da boys or what! So much for Aussie egalitarianism.

    311. Christian B says:

      “Despite *their* being no official election date…” … Sorry, just can’t help but point out the typo!

    312. Steve_B says:

      You elected a Conservative Govt, this is what you get. If you allow fascist to run your country, this is what you get.

      Stop doing that.

    313. Con Vermaak says:

      Some times sad to know of South Africans leaving the African Continent to escape the basics and move to intelligent shores …….Sad!

    314. Brett Wilkins says:

      After watching dateline, it seems that Amanda’s mother raised the money and planned the release.

    315. Brett Wilkins says:

      Yes, what about the canada fund raisers? Why are Amanda and Nigel not speaking? Is it over money? After an ordeal like that, that would be a shame!

    316. Matt Gibb says:

      The haters keep bringing up the same silly reasons as to why cannabis should be illegal, such as – it leads to harder drugs. Personally I think cannabis deters people from taking up harder drugs because they arent trying to substitute a void that cannabis fills. Lets face it, people who are going to use harder drugs are going to use them one way or another no matter where they start….its just the person they are.

    317. Gary Asher says:

      Save money and time – Instead of overcrowded Gallipoli why not attend the the largest Anzac Day ceremony in Europe at Villers-Bretonneux in France, at the WW1 Australian War Memorial. It is deeply moving and beautifully done. Last year over 5000 people were in attendance.

    318. slarteyb says:

      can you really see Abbott legalising this ?

    319. Mark says:

      Yes legalise, and as for the tourism, just take the lead from Uruguay. Only residents of Australia can purchase it, problem solved.

    320. Dean says:

      Thanks Jacqui I think I might now. I’d personally made an effort not to resort to the ‘what’s comfortable’ which would be other Aussies – no offence to our our kind haha, but I was hoping to make some local mates first! Certainly will give those groups a shot :)

    321. Samantha says:

      Gosh, where did you live? Not like my Australian experience at all! I thought the uk was backwards and can’t wait to go back to oz after 8yrs in London and 5 in Glasgow. Sydney is more expensive than most, if not all places in oz and yes, European cars cost a lot more to buy. Going from Melbourne to London I was stunned at the huge percentage of my pay that went to rent. Don’t write off a whole country on one experience. 40yrs means little as some people barely move out of their suburb so wouldn’t know anything else! Melbourne does not have a beach culture, but a trip to the beach in a hot country is bliss! Can’t wait!

    322. wilmot Mather says:

      Anything to steal more and more from the Taxpayers. What a disgrace.

    323. Jacqui (Honeymooning Nomad) says:

      Sorry to hear that London wasn’t what you expected! Life is certainty different here and sometimes not very friendly. Try the Aussies in London or Kiwis in London FB pages. They have monthly drinks. Also, Try meetup.com/friends-in-london/, spicelondon.co.uk and citysocializer.com/london/meet-friends/ might help :)

    324. Dean says:


      How is recognising proficient persons with an honour a back step? Without a system like this, the ‘people’ fail at and with each other. This system is in place to ensure peace amongst the people and demonstrate what is possible to the younger generation. Without recognition of achievement, we are nothing and without this definition, there is no aspiration. We have no hope, no want and no persons to cherish. What would we fight under or represent Australia with, without a Union Jack, no pomp, no ceremony? A ‘Gold beer bottle’ for the riot leader of the year and a beach chair on a blue and yellow background?

      I do agree the monarchy may not represent the current way of life in Australia, however it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be celebrated, or in assistance of celebrating and recognising the achievements of significant individuals.Australia is 24 hours away from London in this day. Even when Sydney was founded all those years ago it was only 2 years on a boat. Australia like so many other topical points quickly forgets that we were slumming in the gin lanes of London and other fair cities just over 200 years ago. Are we ashamed of this history or is the such a strong, forward thinking nation that we can survive on our own in the BIG bad world? Identifying yourself as a country, and as a group of nations is important – how else can we train Olympians every two years? No more Commonwealth Games aye?

      Back to my initial thought, I served in the Army whilst General Cosgrove was leading and he is one who should definitely be honoured. A true modern role model for the pixel-generation.

      I should lay off the coffee.

    325. Dean White says:

      Agreed Barb, same time frame also! I have just crossed the two year barrier, now making moves on my ILR and have a mortgage in SW London. Very painful to get to work even though I have a London postcode. More importantly making friends is now beyond reach for this reason. London is huge, an if it isn’t a big trip on the tube, its the crush that wears you out and the 7am starts, the 8pm line-up in Sainbury’s – not painting a pretty picture. But it is about having your diary loaded form the previous Christmas break.

      For the past two years my wife and I book all our holidays. Two reasons, the worst first. 1. You will forget by about September that you have annual leave, then you have so much you can’t take it at once. 2. You have something to look forward to when you have all these long weekends, trips locally in the UK and abroad, to unwind with.

      Yes, Gatwick, Heathrow etc. are a mission to get to, but seriously how good is that first sip of champagne at the airport?

      City breaks, beach, islands, clubs. Done it all, and I don’t think I could ever give it up. There is just too much to see in a life time. (Any tips on how to prioritise here would be great)

      I too have had my passport nicked in Paris. Right when I was about to propose to my wife and low and behold the USA wouldn’t let me in on an emergency passport issued by France (take note of that!). So there went the paid in full plane tickets back to OZ from JFK, the Waldorf Astoria in NYC – a pretty penny and to shove all that in my face, my bag went to the States without me (thanks Heathrow) and took three months to get back to me!

      …but, this story is amazing. It is a debacle none the less, but this is the story of how I ended up proposing to my wife.

      This among other stupid things I’ve done throughout my travels makes me a wiser, worldlier person than joe bloggs on Contiki.

      Hard work, tubes & Sainbury’s cash register battles = Holiday!

      So go jump on a plane!!!!

    326. Graham says:

      yes Ashley, i agree

    327. furgutt says:

      This will set a precedent and leave it open for Tony to introduce into his court bishops, abbots, jesters, knaves, fools, dwarfs and freaks.

    328. Dan says:

      So true, same for me.

    329. Happy says:

      I’ve been smoking daily for years, I still go to uni, still show up for work and out perform my colleges, drive several km/h under the speed limit and always show consideration toward my fellow citizens. I’ve had plenty of chances to take heavier “drugs” and never have. Weed does nothing but good from what I can tell, get off your ass and make our country some tax revenue politicians.

    330. Kati says:

      It does not say that the UK are the most travelled people to Australia. It says its the most popular choice Brittish people go. Read it properly!

    331. Rob says:

      It’s not a loophole, it’s how politicians have traditionally kept themselves in the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to

    332. Barb from Oz says:

      It’s my love of travel that brought me to London almost 2 years ago, I intended to stay for good, immigrating for permanency. I thought about flying to all the European destinations, living a huge life, as I had been travelling often from Australia for 15 years, but have found none of that. England has crushed me, removed my passion to travel, everything here is so hard – opening bank accounts, getting work, making friends, getting a simple smile from an English stranger on the street! I regret coming to the UK, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I can’t wait to get back to Oz and I may continue my travel relationship there, but I’ll never return here.

    333. Quentin Muir says:

      So nice to hear you all enjoyed the outing, for more goto http//www.stluciasouthafrica.com kind regards The Heritage Tours & Safaris Team

    334. Kc says:

      I think it’s funny that the main factor responsible for getting me through depression is prohibited by a government that is supposed to LOOK AFTER its citizens.

      However, I understand that most people don’t make up their own minds, and their opinions are downloaded from the media… so if you’re opposed to legalization, I invite you to try this exercise:

      Look through any of the hundreds (thousands?) of scientific articles on cannabis and I challenge you to find a peer-reviewed study stressing, objectively, the dangers of cannabis. Maybe try a pros/cons exercise after you’ve informed yourself.

      I would have probably commit suicide as a result of my depression if it wasn’t for this natural, tranquility-inducing gift. It didn’t alter my personality, just my perspective, in a purely positive way.

      My issue with life was the ultimate meaninglessness of our lives and how there’s no point in going on. With help from marijuana and some soul-searching, I began to see myself as a manifestation of the universe, and the grandness of that notion made me realize that seeing my life as meaningless would be the biggest tragedy of all. That perspective-shift was all the reason I needed to go on living…

      Sorry for the wall/life story.. lol.

    335. Ashley Pang says:

      Great article! Hope your feeling better and don’t give up!!!

    336. mitch says:

      well look at the things that are legal. chemical filled food products made by money hungry companies, tabacco products that are stuffed with all kinds of chemicals hundreds that we know cause cancer, liqour which is proven to actually disintigrate parts of the brain, and a plant that is known to have healing properties is illegal. doesnt make sense to me. marijuana doesnt not cause psycosis lmfao, that is a joke if a person is prone to being pscetzafrenia or whatever smoking marijuana can possibly trigger it at a younger age, but the person would end up developing symptoms no matter what if anything have an age limit like what you have on your poisonous products which is what they are…potatoes filled with fckin pesticides giving millions of people breast cancer and theyre totally fucking oblivous which is what the companies seem to want.

    337. Michael says:

      Yes cannabis should be a legal plant for people to grow and consume. It should be available for recreational and medicinal users. It never should have been prohibited in the first place. I resent that cannabis is a prohibited commodity and decriminalized is no better. Re-Legalize now….

    338. jack says:

      Julie Bishop celebrating achievements of Australian women? What irony! She is the only one to make it in abbots all male misogynistic front bench. That’s an achievement. This is, if she is not just a token or a bloke in a dress.

    339. David W says:

      Excellent documentary, ‘An Dubh ina Gheal’, screened on Irish channel TG4 recently about Irish and Aboriginal Australians. Made by Louis de Paor, an Irishman who spent many years living in Australia. Available on TG4 Player.

    340. Nik Q says:

      Marijuana is safer than alcohol and cigarettes why is it illegal in the first place? people only see it as a bad thing because thats the way the media makes it look. if they just tried it they would understand that there is nothing wrong with it, Obamaa is right and Australia should follow in his footsteps.

    341. greg mcgauran says:

      Of cause the law is ridiculous make’s good people into criminals it’s a joke what’s wrong with our leaders. It a crime not to legalize it . We have got to do something about it!

    342. Rex says:

      Christine Milne of the Greens, what a joke she is. Not only did the Greens, along with their mates, the Australian Labor Party leave Tasmania with the highest unemployment rate in Australia, they also left the state in an economic mess. That the Greens have registered swings against them in all previous (and now this one) state elections shows just how deluded Christine Milne and her party is. Fear mongering is all they can do yet the Liberals have risen in polls in all states showing people are not being fooled by these nut bags. As usual, the Libs will address the economic malaise and return the state to a healthy prospect, something the ALP and the Greens have no clue about. All the Greens and the ALP are good at is spending taxpayers money like there is no tomorrow whilst indulging themselves in schemes that don’t work and/or benefit their mates. Congratulations Mr Hodgman, a well deserved win.

    343. Stephen Morgan says:

      Whilst I agree that Australia’s indigenous population has long been underrepresented (and often misrepresented) on Australian screens, this piece is at best wildly selective, and at worst, completely ignorant of more recent developments in Australian screen media.

      As someone who follows Australian cinema very closely, and recently returned to the country for the first time in five or six years, I can tell you that the introduction (and subsequent popularity) of the SBS-backed NITV network, as well as television shows such as Redfern Now, seem to have made significant inroads in recuperating indigenous representation. NITV might only have a minute viewing share, but Redfern Now – although its figures dropped for the second season last year – debuted on the ABC in 2012 with over a million viewers [Source: OZtam].

      In terms of cinema, one need only look at the wealth of indigenous films produced and released in recent years. More importantly, perhaps, is their relative success at the box office: The Sapphires was the highest grossing Australian film in 2012 (and the third highest for the entire five-year period of 2008-12), making almost $15m. Similarly, Bran Nue Dae was the second-highest grossing film of 2010, and Samson and Delilah accrued the fifth highest gross for an Australian film in 2009 [Source: Screen Australia]. These sorts of figures may not necessarily bare comparison to big-budget, saturation-marketed Hollywood fare, but they do show that indigenous stories brought to the screen by indigenous filmmakers are an increasingly important part of Australia’s share of its own box office revenue. It’s also worth noting that these films also draw relatively large figures on television. Ivan Sen’s Mystery Road, for example, was watched by almost a million people when it screened on the ABC on Australia Day this year – the highest viewing figures (apart from news bulletins and sport) of any programme screened on Australian television that day [Source: OZtam].

      Make no mistake, there is still a long way to go before we get adequate levels of (positive) representation on Australian screens for the indigenous population (not to mention many other minority groups), but the situation is far more advanced than this oddly selective article might suggest.

    344. Hoa Minh Truong says:

      Greens has been declining by its harm policies into the national interest and people. The natural disasters have happened since million years, not only today. Greens uses the climate change to intimidate people, so the carbon tax costs the economy decreases.

    345. Tenez LeDroit says:

      Gillard’s ‘economic simpletons’ get their butts kicked. Australians don’t like political watermelons.

    346. Philski says:

      I put it to Christine Milne that the State of Tasmania now has worse air pollution, worse water pollution and more rampant feral weeds than when they came to power share in this State. And after the time and effort. The greens have done diddly squat and deserve to be Lumbered up with the other minority agenda groups. Had a chance and blew it. Have a nice day

    347. rajib kharel says:

      hello sir,
      I am Rajib Kharel(28 male) from Nepal. i am working driving field since 5 years as a heavy driver in Nepal.

      can i be truck driver in Australia?
      please, suggest me.

      sincerely yours
      Rajib Kharel

    348. polly tishin says:

      Vote accordingly

    349. Celeste.L says:

      I don’t drink, i Don’t smoke cigarettes ,weed is my only vice i love it i have it everyday in my tea and it helps with my depression and anxiety and to relax in general, it’s such a great plant so PlEASE Make it legal! :3

    350. Marijuana says:

      All I want is for the world to be living in peace and love… humanity united :)

    351. Ravichandran says:

      Dear sir,

      see the poorest people also ().

    352. Ravichandran says:

      Dear Richest people
      pl.see the poorest people ()also in the world.

    353. MrsS says:

      Yep! As an Aussie primary school teacher I still find it weird that half a banana and some jelly is ‘pudding’

    354. jo says:

      The Liberal Party of South Australia is run by Steven Marshall not Tony Abbott as implied in this article. Mr Abbott is the Prime Minister of Australia.

    355. Pamela says:

      I thought pudding was more like some stodgy, spongy thing. Do they actually call a fresh fruit salad ‘pudding’?

    356. Barb from Oz says:

      Wonder if it’s filled with red or white wine???!

    357. Barb from Oz says:

      How about we open up one of those flood causing sink holes and chuck all the British Toffs in?

    358. wade sorell says:

      Pilger’s progress

      By Ian Syson
      June 10 2002

      THE NEW RULERS OF THE WORLD, By John Pilger, Verso

      John Pilger is a liar. He invents facts, he exaggerates, he twists arguments and quotes out of context. He gets things wrong, whether through his own foolishness, intention or malice.

      So the right would have it.

      And indeed he does get things wrong. Even through my cafe-latte-coloured glasses, I could see that The New Rulers of the World, an expanded follow-up to his eponymous television film, contains a few errors of fact and some cases of exaggeration and questionable analysis. None of the four lengthy essays on the ways in which capital has plundered Indonesia, Iran, Afghanistan and Australia respectively is, I suspect, free of “misjudgment”.

      He suggests, for example, that “few in my sports-obsessed country know that the first Australian cricket team to tour England was entirely black”. This is probably not the case; more than a few of us know this history. In the hunt for racism, Pilger has found it where none might be. But what is the point of this error-spotting? Australia is a deeply racist society whether or not Pilger’s specific assertion is correct. For every possible error in this book, there are scores of facts backed up with substantial evidence. And let’s face it: whether 500,000 or one million suspected Indonesian communists were murdered when Suharto seized power, the enormity of the atrocity remains

    359. wade sorell says:

      john pilger should be ashamed of himself. its this sort of left wing garbage that has been going on for decades at the exspence of aboriginal people.its these left wing manipulaters that brought in policies in the early 70’s that removed children from the education system and encouraged them to move back to the lands and leed a more traditional lifestyle. this policy has failed in a drastic way, it has created ghettos of violence, substance abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse and even rape of infants.this is all fact google it.if you herd people into communities force them on welfare do not educate the children what do you think will happen.money has been thrown at this problem for decades with no positive result.aboriginal people are lost due to welfare and bordom.we se the same in non aboriginal communities with high welfare and substance abuse. so Carole don’t be ashamed to be british they have laid the guilt on us for years the problem is there is no accountability by indigenous Australians thanks to people like john pilger who use the aboriginals plite to further their socialist agenda. the health of indigenous Australians is appauling but it is of their own doing petrol sniffing alcohol and drug abuse all their medical is paid for by the government aswell as housing and many other things.untill we get a real and honest discussion about this problem the aboriginals of Australia are doomed to decades more of this distructive way of life thanks to self indulgent selfinterested wankers like john pilger.hear are a couple of links about two well known aboriginal elders who saying the same as I am, a lot of them are fedup with current left wing policies http://www.smh.com.au/national/how-greenie-leftwingers-conspired-to-wreck-aboriginal-prosperity-20121123-29zec.html


    360. Soha says:

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    361. Michelle Dillon says:

      Thank you for this. I have always admired Steve Irwin for the work he done to protect and educate people about animals. My daughter grew up watching his show and has a great love of animals too. Thank you for this article. Thank you to Mr. Lyons for telling his story. I was in total shock and devastated when Steve died. I never really felt like I could let go of the tragedy because I could never find the truth. No one was talking and media reports were sketchy. Today, Steve’s memory finally rests and I can let go a little more of the what ifs. Thank you.

    362. Niamh says:

      Look, first thing I’ll say is each to their own. Second; you are homophobic. Don’t even deny it. The second you say ‘forget the face that he’s homosexual’, but then go on to call him creepy and weird, you are being homophobic. For all you know, he could be an incredibly nice person who everyone does trust and want to ‘snuggle up’ to. Or he could be the complete opposite… but in this case we’re assuming not. You can choose not to shop at Target, fine, but if you think that the fact that he is in an ad for Target will deter other, more open-minded people, I’d think again. Also, by using a representative from an ‘activist minority group’, Target is showing that they are on the more liberal left-wing side of this century, the right side, and they will be on the winning side of this world-wide equality war.

    363. jacob says:

      Yes it should be and it will also slow down hard drug use and those who do them will go to using marijuana

    364. kick this mob out says:

      This can’t be because of climate change! Tony Abbott has stopped all that climate change nonsense. And because he and his party have been so clever in stopping all that stuff we now don’t need those greedy, self-indulgent scientists taking measurements and telling us stuff just to frighten us. Long live the LNP!

    365. Danny Waldren says:

      Legalise it!!!

    366. Danny Waldren says:

      Legalize this amazing plant!

    367. Isla Baring says:

      Incredible pictures of this extraordinary photos of snake devouring crocodile
      Well done housewife catching this moment if nature

    368. TEBBLE says:


    369. james says:

      please if anyone is interested or has the time check out this website. i think it makes a lot of sense and the law isn’t going to change unless the people make that change

    370. Elias says:

      Yes Australia needs to legalize it, alcohol and tobacco have done so much damage to public. I think Australia will just sit back and watch what will happen to Colorado

    371. Chris says:

      Wow, INXS albums in the Aus charts (6 albums), are number 1,3,17,34,37,46 (Mar 2014)

      This TV show has done something to Australian’s !!!

    372. Red says:

      Yup…the Bokke are doing soooo so badly as well.

    373. Red says:

      Oh sure Darryl…like Shane Warne exposed your mental fragility an poor technique…

      And Duncan…so very perceptive…Steyn is definitely not in Johnson’s class. Yup..

      And Norman…what can I say except “excuse me but your prejudices are showing.” You’re an idiot…plain and simple.

    374. Renier Potgieter says:

      It should be a great decider, lets just hope it’s not too one-sided. Unless it’s one-sided in favour of South Africa, then it’s okay.

    375. Annie says:

      Yes, they were introduced by the arabs when building the Ghan. (hence the name)

    376. Paul Smith says:

      Interested in meeting up before the game and discount tickets Go to http://www.alpabroad.org/news/2783.html

    377. anthony says:

      they are making a mockery of the very people which you suggest are belittled b their antics. In Roy and HG vernacular, ‘straight over the wicketkeeper’. Stick to ‘Home and away’ mate.

    378. philip says:

      These two old and tired presenters, Roy & HG undermine Australian sense of humour and Australia in the world place. What a waste of time! What a low-quality TV show! Please don’t ignore public as we make your audience, and you should have some responsibilities.

    379. cin says:

      pros of legalisation:
      less suicides
      medicine for the ill
      hemp products
      no anxiety caused from prohibition and need to hide.

    380. Carol Webster says:

      Love Roy and HG. Always find myself smiling and the world really needs more of that. Political correctness can go too far and we need to learn to laugh again and realize how clever these blokes are with their sense of the ridiculous.

    381. Bryce says:

      USA sucks Canada is better

    382. Bryce says:

      Snow bourding is the best

    383. J says:

      These two are a waste to the world. Making fun of others mistakes and success. Australia should be ashamed over these two idiots representing their country. They dont belong on the tv screen, low IQ entertainment-simple things please simple minds.

    384. tokeman87 says:

      Yes of course marijuana should be legalized, so many people in this day and age smoke or at least know people who do. It seems foolish for the government to not at least consider the idea and give the people our deserved right to vote. The benefits are too great to ignore.

    385. johnny john says:

      It’s one thing to have the opposition wanting you to lose, but you have to wonder why no one likes to see australia win.

    386. duncan says:

      it’s just awesome watching mitchell johnson bowl these days – pure fast bowling – it’s very rare and once in a generation so enjoy it while it lasts! shoaib aktar, malcolm marshall and jeff thomson were the last guys who bowled like this – not 140 kph or so but hitting 150 kph or more….massive difference at that speed….shame tait is not up for it – can you imagine tait and johnson opening the bowling?????

    387. duncan says:

      I’ve just watched it – I was an INXS fan from the early 80’s until the early 90’s where I feel they lost it a bit. It took me back to a great era in Australian music and I really enjoyed watching it, though it also made me quite melancholy for times gone by. There were some great Oz/NZ bands in the 80’s – icehouse, the models, dragon, split enz, the oils and of course, inxs. I think their best album was shabooh shabahh – takes me down memory lane listening to it. So yes, if you get a chance to watch this 2 part series – do so, you will enjoy it. Unsure if anyone out of oz will get some of the issues, words and people though of the time e.g molly meldrum, but hey – can’t please all.

    388. RealWorker says:

      lol at the losers – geta real job

    389. norman russell says:

      R I P South African Cricket . The quota system has ” caught up “, and destroyed S A Cricket and S A sport in General. One has to just view the success of S A Golfers. Individual Sport will thrive in S A , but the Blacks drunken feeling on Quotas has damaged S A sport. S A Sport is in decline and it is cancerous. Look around the world to view the demise of S A sport. WELL DONE ANC and all Black organisations.

    390. Empirical Evidence says:

      Let’s be sane and have this substance controlled taxed and regulated, rather than continue the insanity of prohibiting it.

    391. Mick says:

      Shut up Tom. “Your kind” give the rest of us a bad name you tosser. I am surprised you got passsed with captcha question.

      Get over here poms, we’ll show you how to have a good time.

    392. Evan Gall says:

      Yes, bloody oath it should. Its not for everyone but neither is alcohol or tobacco. I think that if Abbott has any sorta decency he’ll legalis.

    393. makegrogillegal says:

      I was made a State Ward in Western Australia, Because of Alcohol. My father (now deceased) was an alcoholic, and a wife basher. I lost my childhood, and in turn my ability to be a part of the general Australian population.
      I found pot at the age of 15, and to this day can not understand the mentality of those among us that think pot is worse than grog, really need their heads read. To inflict so much Abuse, Neglect, and deprivation onto the children of alcoholics, while profiting from the production, distribution and consumption, is not only wrong it makes them total hypocrites, it also links them to the ongoing child abuse that takes place, right under their noses. I notice also that alcohol is still legal, and is destroying our lives far beyond what could be achieved without it. The consecutive governments have maintained the stance over many decades, and even to this very day. Theft, Murder, Violence,and many other ailments of this country are a direct result of ALCOHOL consumption. Alcohol creates criminals that lack conscience, and a government that does not care for it’s people. Legalize for peace.

    394. Brett says:

      Of course marijuana use should be legalised, or at the very least, decriminalized.I am a 51 year old law abiding citizen, except for being a pot smoker for 36 years, makes me a criminal in the do gooders books. A lot of people are like sheep today, they just go with the collective flow. Lets stop this hipocrasy its time to stand up and be counted.

    395. Dillon420 says:

      As previously mentioned Governments probably don’t read these discussion boards and even if they do they can easily be ignored.

      We need to be screaming the message at out local MP’s every chance we get. The madness has to end.

    396. Gilberta says:

      Yes, Australia should legalise weed. I don’t understand why it is a crime to sit back with friends, enjoy and relax with a joint. At least it does not make people violent, for me it is also the perfect sea sick medicine. And also, it would be great to stop dodgy and unscrupulous pot sellers get rich at our expenses…what is our country doing looking after these dealers rather than their citizens! Legalise it!

    397. Barb from Oz says:

      What a crock! Torah Bright is a huge disappointment for Australia – she lives in Utah and spends 9 months of every year snowboarding on some of the best mountains in the world, yet couldn’t pull off a decent run at the Olympics. Boo!

    398. Andrew says:

      I used to live in London for 6 years, and headed back to OZ at the end of 2011. Even now, 3 years later, I still miss London a lot, which has led me to Return at the end of this year. Even though the economy isn’t the greatest, I’m still happier there, than in OZ.

    399. Barb from Oz says:

      I didn’t realise how bright the sunlight is in Australia until I moved to London! I miss it. Sunlight in London rarely requires sunglasses, but in Oz, even in the winter, sunnies are a staple.

    400. Mattyrolledafatty says:

      I’ve spent 2 hours googling “why is weed illegal in aus” NOT ONE FUCKING ANSWER GIVEN there is not justification as why it’s illegal yet we can justify its legalisation, pull your head in Australian government. We will smoke it regardless.

    401. Boris says:

      comedy and satire is lost on most people these days… stick to believing that tripe Abbott is serving up as election lies, sorry government policy instead…

    402. duncan says:

      This is going to be a terrific series. I think Kallis retiring will have a huge impact on the proteas and i say Oz will win. Just. Unless Mitch starts spraying them all over the place again…or Harris gets injured…Can’t wait, juicy cricket.

    403. Pschokanga says:

      We love Roy and HG so much. Sport is so much more entertaining with their commentary. What a shame we can’t view this from the UK. If anyone works out how to do that without a Slingbox, please let us all know.

    404. Jess says:

      These two are shit, ruins the whole point of the Olympics, have to change the channel until they are gone good one channel ten, not.

    405. your mama says:


    406. Shane says:

      I agree with Kelvin, these two are just not funny whatsoever. Get rid of them from TV for ever. Just makes me switch channels – which is a shame as I enjoy the winter olympics way better than the summer games.

    407. Andrew says:

      How can I watch Roy and H.G’s Russian Revolution from the UK?
      I tried downloading the Samsung app but I can’t download it onto my UK phone.

    408. Michael says:

      Hi Shanaka, Australia in general has a very active music festival scene! (And the Perth region is no exception)

      Over 200 music festivals are listed across Australia (and still counting)

      Of those, 19 music festivals are in the State of Western Australia with 5 being in Perth or the nearby Fremantle.

      Something for everyone’s music taste when they visit :)

    409. jessica says:

      snow boarding is like i want it yes
      !!!! :D

    410. jessica says:

      lol i love snow boartding

    411. Bryce Lowry says:

      They aren’t real commentators Kelvin, they are a spoof. Surely you know that after living in Oz all these years? They are looking a bit old though, hey. And from what I saw tonight, also seemed a bit ‘going through the motions but the cash is great’. Granted that poll’s a bit harsh on Kiwis but Roy always has been… They don’t call him ‘Rampaging’ Roy Slaven for nothing. He’s also wary of Norway. Incidentally, John Doyle (aka Roy) wrote the 2003 ABC mini-series ‘Marking Time, about racial and cultural tensions in Australia.

    412. Kelvin says:

      I am disappointed these old guys are the best AUSTRALIA can come up with as commentators. Really sad that it’s old racit jokes that come up and their poll on sending New Zealanders home?? What’s that got to do with Sochi. I am a kiwi and have worked hard since living in Australia for more than 10 years paid taxes never accepted any welfare and I have prided myself on being involved in the community. I don’t understand why these old out of touch semi retired no talents still get these prime gigs. All the Australian’s I know are way better than that. I’ll expect a bit of flack for this comment but c’mon Ozzie get some people with some intelligence on your network. There’s plenty of talented people out there.

    413. Bryce Lowry says:

      That’s Sydney and Melbourne time (AEDT) btw. For Brizzy take off an hour, Perth minus 3hrs and for Adelaide … whatever crazy time you guys run on down there.

    414. Bryce Lowry says:

      Good question. Apparently it will vary according to events taking place. Ten have said between 9:30 and 10:30pm each night of the games but then tonight it’s on at 9pm. So we’ll just have to keep an eye out I guess.

    415. Snowflake says:

      Does anybody know what time Roy & HG’s show airs?

    416. sue cornrad says:

      Skiing is the best!!
      Snowboarding sucks!!!
      GO USA!!!!!!:}:}

    417. Claire Adams says:

      Pam, granted, I could be utterly poisonous. I was looking at circumstances which are beyond the control of the individual. If you can shed some light to overcome these, please let everyone know.

    418. John says:

      Just read another opening statement from the ABC in relation to asylum seekers.
      “The ABC has obtained exclusive footage of an orange lifeboat after it landed on Java’s south coast last night.”
      Why can’t they just say “The ABC has acquired footage of an orange lifeboat, after it was repoted to have landed on Java’s south coast last night.” What’s with the tabloidocity?

    419. Jester says:

      What a cute baby. I thought the ad was great.

    420. Jenny Kenrick says:

      What do you mean by the term “your kind”? Let’s all know which area you live in and we’ll all avoid it. You sound like a complete pain in the *@*

    421. Óscar says:

      I have been in Australia just 7 months and I still cannot understand how can Marijuana be illegal here or, at the very least, how can the authorities still persecute people for this! I thought authorities here were more modern and more intelligent. The move is painfully obvious. Peanuts are more dangerous than weed!!

    422. Bill E says:

      Cannabis is a very cheap -if not free- renewable source of food, entertainment, medicine and textile & industrial related products. To deny or limit a country, or its people, access to such an invaluable resource is a CRIME, period. ‘When law becomes oppression, rebellion becomes duty.’ Prohibiting such an obviously important and desirable resource will never be successful, and to do so will only serve to waste time and money, create demand for criminal black markets, victimise innocent citizens by turning them into criminals, and ultimately spread dissidence and rebellion against Government.

      It should be noted here that industries such as the mining, textile, food, entertainment and pharmaceutical industries are among the largest in terms of profitability, funding and infrastructure, and as such many of these industries have representatives within the political power structure that are dedicated to pushing policies towards protecting and enforcing the private interests that they hold…

      These business interests are directly threatened by the notion of a seed that can continuously provide resources, food, clothing and medicine to the entire population virtually free of cost and destruction to the environment, thereby possibly eliminating the need for dependance on resources that are controlled privately.

      There are forces devoted to the oppression of Cannabis for private interests, and they are VERY ACTIVE. The only way to see that the needs of the people are served is to become active yourself- I realise this is hardly an effective place to leave such a comment, but i urge anyone who reads this to please, do EVERYTHING in your power to apply pressure wherever you can in order to legalise the worlds most useful plant, so that our country can heal and our children can be rich.

      “The greatest service which can be rendered to any country is to add a useful plant to its culture.” -Thomas Jefferson.

      “Make the most of the hempseed, sow it everywhere.” -George Washington.

    423. duncan says:

      What a load of rubbish. Australia accepts people from all over the world who emmigrate there – the difference is these people are illegal boat people and cannot be encouraged. Read the comments in UK and USA newspapers – the Oz stance is fully respected and indeed, these nations are envious they don’t have the steel to implement it themselves. I shudder to think how things would be if people like this fellow ran the world.

    424. Tony says:

      Thank goodness for that

    425. FMGB says:

      Avoid Shot Espresso by all means!!! As a local, this used to be my favourite café until arrogance kicked in! A staff refused to give me a double espresso to go one morning. He simply said: ‘It’s not worth-it for me to do it if you drink it away. Honestly, this is not a joke! As a loyal customer, I was too shocked to even react. But worse, he did confirm that he wasn’t joking and again he repeated it: ‘It’s not worth-it’ For no apparent reason whatsoever. Try asking for an espresso to take away yourself without telling him this story, i’ll be curious if he’ll say something else. His face happened to be featured on their official website. But whether they realised their odd shit service, especially to a loyal customer, sadly they have lost not just one as I have asked all of my local friends to avoid this place. Perhaps these people at Shot Espresso became too deluded from the praises they get for their coffee that they think they are invincible hence they can afford to be arrogant. Sadly it’s not the smartest thing to do!

    426. Lucy says:

      Thanks so much, Ashley – it’s good to know I’m not the only one!

    427. Lucy says:

      I know exactly how you feel, Sinead… Good luck back in Oz!

    428. Lucy says:

      Thanks Sarah, it’s good to know someone else feels the same – it’s exactly like a break-up! Good luck to you too :)

    429. Lucy says:

      London in summer is amazing! Family is my main reason for moving back. Oh, and Tim Tams.

    430. Lucy says:

      Gerard, I completely agree with you! I should have mentioned other parts of the UK, not just London… I have been lucky enough to see most of it in my time here.

    431. Nikola Georgiev says:

      Australian people are fucking animals. I see them every day here. I just hate them in the guts. There’s no others like them. Absolutely rude fucking junkies. I don’t know how Thai people allow them to enter this beautiful country. They drink and take drugs all night on Full Moon parties, steal money for more parties. Tourists here are the disease of this country.

    432. Max says:

      Dropbears are a joke.. until you’re attacked by one.

    433. James Bong says:

      Please don’t legalize it then I’ll have to pay more for my bud and I won’t have the option of dealing to friends when I’m a little skimp on cash also it would be less fun to do… joking I don’t give a fuck either way I’ll smoke bud till the day I die or get bored with it and fuck our shitty government run by ignorant fuck wits I would very much like to move to Colorado or Washington sometime in the future.

    434. Cam says:

      Been there, done that. Love me a Giddy Up! Thanks Lee

    435. Maripil Mahinay says:

      I need a job

    436. John says:

      Bananas in Pyjamas?

      Now that makes me laugh. Let’s get real for a moment.
      We the tax payers fund both surely we can ask the Government to check what they are doing with our dollars.

    437. Chloe says:

      Come to the North next time Barb. We will make you feel at home! :) there is life outside of London. It’s such a shame that many foreigners head for the South and think that constitutes the whole of the UK. Trust me it doesn’t.

    438. Esther Apoussidis says:

      When are you returning to the Welsh capital of Cardiff. We’d love you to visit us (Coffee Continental) in Castle Arcade (opposite Castle entrance). You will be our honoured guest. We opened last autumn, but have been gaining a steady following with our excellent Davidoff coffee, extensive coffee and hot choc menu, as well as delicious continental cakes (which we make ourselves). Check us out on the web (http://coffeecontinental.com or Facebook http://www.fb.com/continentalcardiff

    439. Gerard Hearne says:

      London does not equal the English does not equal the British. There is (different) life north of Watford Gap.

    440. Lewis Blayse says:

      This is all the tip of the ice-berg. Hundreds of boys passed through these Salvation Army Homes, including U.K. child migrants.

    441. Luke says:

      If you love it so much, dare I ask, why are you leaving? Seems all the Aussies are leaving London these days for warmer (and richer) shores. After spending three amazing weeks back home in Oz over Christmas I can’t blame them! Winter in London is tough, but once the sun shines it’ll all be worth it….right? :)

    442. Pamela says:

      Loved this article (even tho I’m of an older gen). Makes me want to leave this yobbo country for more intelligent shores.

    443. Barb from Oz says:

      Don’t walk to the airport – run, you couldn’t escape this crappy place fast enough! I’ve travelled the world for 15 years before I moved to London & being here for 1.5 years is the worst experience I’ve had – the English are rude, selfish, ignorant, uneducated, self revolving & small minded. The handful that aren’t like this are few & far between. The best thing about London is the city’s locality to the rest of Europe, so you can escape the crappy people often.

    444. Sarah Blinco says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Lucy. Leaving London was the saddest thing for me – like breaking up with a loved one. Don’t think I’ll get over it, but who knows, maybe we’ll both end up back there one day :-) Good luck on your 2014 adventures.

    445. Mick Piggott says:

      It’s not out of place to sympathise with the sentiments expressed. Bloody untidy writing though; it looks a bloody mess.

    446. Sinead says:

      This has made me abit teary at my desk!
      I fly out in 2 weeks after 4 years in London, and the sleepless nights stress and tears i think have finally arrived, much to my horror!!

    447. Mario says:

      Strewth!!!!! you’re kidding! Fancy making that faggot an honorary Australian. I’m thinking of ripping up my passport

    448. Ashley says:

      Love it. So true. I left London last year and felt the same.

    449. John says:

      The UK is not the largest source of visitors to Australia. New Zealander’s visits to Australia are over 1million annually and they have been #1 for a long time.

    450. roxy says:

      Legalise it!!

    451. Claire Adams says:

      Kathryn, the fact you could identify your friends after 10 years in Sydney is still a stark difference to London. After nearly the same amount of time over here, I have only gone so far as a coffee or lunch and then people just fall away. It is so difficult to get past the polite superficiality of the initial meeting. And so I have just gone out, met strangers and had the same conversation over and over again.

    452. Claire Adams says:

      Paul, congratulations on your return to Australia. Hope you are enjoying the heat and the sun!!!

    453. Claire Adams says:

      Sandy, really great to hear of a success story! Well done you for finding your niche.

    454. Claire Adams says:

      Sandra, I have joined a sports club and they are the same as any other. People only associate with you in the confines of the club. No one will make the effort for you outside of it. You need to keep turning up regularly and for a very long period of time before anyone identifies you as a friend, beyond the first superficial association.

    455. Claire Adams says:

      Joan, I am a longstanding member of Meetup, which is only meeting people. It does what it says on the tin. You will meet more strangers, but there is no guarantee any will become friends outside of the group.

    456. Claire Adams says:

      Luke, Aussies behave exactly the same because they are subject to the same conditions.

    457. Claire Adams says:

      Gerard, church groups are the same as any other. You have to keep turning up relentlessly and over an extensive period of time in order for people to become familiar with you. If you don’t show, no one will chase you. Working visas offer are a very different experience than permanent residencies. Short term stays essentially last the honeymoon period. It is after that, when you are needing solid friendships and social networks that you begin to realise what is sadly lacking in this society.

    458. Claire Adams says:

      Jo, the word ‘slog’ is an apt one. I appreciate, initally, there is a need to put yourself out there when you first settle into a new city. Eventually, you become more familiar with people and some end up gelling into a loose social network. Unfortunately, over here, you have to keep getting amongst it which means having the same coversation over and over again with different strangers. And you never seem to get past that first conversation because everybody falls away. Well done you for cutting your losses and deciding to head home. Good luck!

    459. Sam says:

      The ban is a ridiculous waste of money for police government and our taxes. Another point I would like to make about legalizing is Australia was built quite heavily on farming. Farmers in the last 20 years are doing it so tough it is unbelievable, all governments have basically shat on them from a very great height and then done nothing at all to help them. This crop takes no time to grow can be sold for thousands of dollars a ton and could save farming communities which have been dying off slowly for years. We have enough space in this country to just about supply the whole world. This could easily save this country for generations to come. With the tax, income from growing and we have the facilities in this country to perform the much needed research into medical cannabis uses beyond what has already been found out this money to return from this could easily be in the Billions. This just makes me sad.

    460. Claire Adams says:

      Barb, you are not alone. What works socially in Australia doesn’t necessarily wash in London. Finding friends is very difficult and largely due to the different social attitudes in this city.

    461. wilfred says:

      Frankly it is maddness not to legalize. Its just a weed! Instead of wasting money enforcing a crazy war on drugs, which all know, it doesn’t work and is open to corruption on a huge scale. State and federal govt. should tax it like anyother product ( as alcohol and tobacco). What a windfall! Take criminals and the pharmaceutical companies out of the equation (who pay minimal taxes or none at all). The sooner we legalize the better for all

    462. Jamie says:

      It really needs to be done I had a bad motorcycle acedent just over 3 years a go & I was on OxyContin strong dose & much other pills I broke my back T10 T11 had a hip replacement tore the nerves from my spine that move my left arm & head injereys & the onlything that helps is pot, oxy was terrible if I didn’t have any I could bearlley move got sick its was hell, & my doctor asked me if I had tryid pot & that’s when I tried finding some I live in tasmania australia & it makes it so hard been illegal you have to go throgh scum drug dealers. when we have some of the best farming contrary & farmares that are battling I would rather be giving my money to the hard working farmers & the govement put there tax on than give it to a dirty drug dealer, coz lets face it where not going to put an end to pepole smoking & growing in australia so why not help the farmers the countrey & the the popole that it helps

    463. Tom says:

      Too many poms already in Australia. Queensland and Australia don’t want anymore of your kind here.

    464. David says:

      Get the fuck over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 225 years ago…………. Stop being such a pussy

    465. chopper weed says:

      70s child HYDRO or HYDROPONICS is a method of creating an artifical growing enviroment. Its people using chemical nutrients and PGR’S that are causing a problem. And people who get psychosis from weed will have it if it is grown indoors or outdoors. Many people grow organic weed inside. Iv’e been smoking weed grown indoors HYDROPONICALY for more than 15years now and if what you say is correct i would have been in a loonie bin a long time ago. PLEASE get your facts right before dribbling garbage. It’s statment’s like your’s that harm our fight not help it

    466. alex says:

      theres nothing wrong with being patriot actually. every country has wronged. This is still not a reason to celebrate.

    467. Jamie says:

      A tankard doesn’t have the ball at the bottom and therefore you don”t need to use any particular technique to drink from it. When you get to the bottom of a yard glass, it is a skill to get the liquid out of the bottom quickly without it gushing out and covering your face. With a tankard you can just drink away.

    468. Glenn says:

      Where exactly is this off licence, I neeeed some shapes :)

    469. RL says:

      One thing that its hard for new arrivals to London to get their heads around, is that often there are no locals. Some people eventually come to terms with this, but as they do, so do they come to terms with the horrific nature of London life, that it is forever unsettled, people moving and out, that bonds, intimacy, familiarity, commitment and love are so hard to find.

    470. Una says:

      Do they use American spellings in Australia? Eewww.

    471. Michael Jones says:

      It is one thing to be a keyboard warrior and demand legalization on all message boards and stories linked to Cannabis.

      But we all need to get out there and act, protest, write to our local members and make the REAL facts known.

      Without action nothing changes.

    472. Dada says:

      As you are so young cannabis is likely to affect your development and make you more likely to become dependent on it.

    473. Dada says:

      “If marijuana was legal then people who smoke it wouldn’t have psychotic problems”
      You are an idiot.

    474. A 70s child And A member of normal says:

      We have been waiting for this for years. Bob Carr told us back in the 70s if you vote for me i will legalise dope. Yeah right. Any way home grown is what we want not hydro. Hydro is what gives you psychosis. I want to be able too grow my own pot at home now.

    475. John Dee says:

      I think its really the time right now, as the Govt talks of trying to reduce the problems caused by alcohol violence – an issue I have no sympathy for, because it is centred around the use of a war drug (the Celts used alcohol to go berserker in war) and the apparent surprise that such a thing causes violence. We are a people who have for almost 100 years been pushed into an addiction to only alcohol. The only way to curb alcohol violence is to stop our addiction to it and the only way to do that is to cause our addictions and demand to branch out. Another thing is that we simply must stop talking of ‘psychotic problems’ in relation to cannabis when the health profile of alcohol is glaringly terrible. Lets stop pretending that we all want to live perfectly healthy and forever because our consumption of alcohol clearly proves that wrong. So, lets open Cannabis bars in Kings Cross and close alcohol bars. Let people see the alternatives for once and understand finally that there are simply better drugs out there for your mind and spirit. Meanwhile alcohol is legal and people seem to think that its problems will go away with the most minute kind of changes (I mean seriously a lock out – where is the clear connection this has to stopping violence at all when the so called ‘coward punches’ occurred well within 10-11pm meaning that with a lockout enforced a year ago, the deaths would have still occurred). WE MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HOW THINGS ARE, FOR THEY ARE EXACTLY AND ONLY THE WAY WE HAVE MADE IT, IT IS NOT AS THE ILLUSION GOES THAT BAD THINGS HAPPEN IN SPITE OF WHAT WE DO.

    476. Pamela says:

      Not to mention the way we treat our Indigenous people.

    477. rebecca smith says:

      As an Australian I can testify that the above story is all shamefully true.

    478. Pamela says:

      Well some call it Australia Day, some call it Yobbo Day, Invasion Day or the rednecked ‘Straya’ Day. We’re not all flag-waving patriots and jingoists, when you dig beneath the surface and see what this country really is. Currently run by bible-thumping baboons. Then there’s the cruel trade in live animals, the nightly mass slaughter of our gentle kanga families. Drunken idiots bashing each other in the streets. There are many things to be ashamed of here.

    479. DavidP says:

      Advance Australia where?
      Australia we have lost our way
      Our laws are for the few
      Where being wealth connected
      Will save you from the screw
      Where justice for embezzlement
      Is governed by the creed
      ”As long as you are one of us
      For greed for greed for greed

    480. Mark says:

      After weeks of searching? It’s the second page when you type in Advance Australia Fair in google…

    481. Johnny Titmarsh says:

      Calm down you lot, it wasn’t banned. But it is in very poor taste. Australiana and our achievements are worth celebrating, but the British invasion isn’t something I’d wear on a shirt personally. It sort of says you don’t give a damn about the plight of the native people.

    482. duncan says:

      Globalisation, putting all cultures together under one collective roof, has caused the more sensitive and intolerant cultures to affect the mainstream.

    483. Craig says:


      In the deep north of Edinburgh, The Espy in Portobello is having an Aus day party on Saturday 25 Jan

    484. Sue Bigg says:

      “For those who’ve come across the seas
      We’ve boundless plains to share;”?
      Australia doesn’t appear to be too keen on sharing those boundless plains. No wonder this was hidden under the couch cushions!

    485. Kimmy says:

      If marijuana was legal then people who smoke it wouldn’t have psychotic problems. When people smoke it and know it is illegal, of course they get paranoid and especially if a mental illness is easily triggered in their family bloodline. Imagine if it was legal – everybody would be proper happy because there is no reason to fret about getting into trouble with anyone else or the law! Everything on the planet is good and evil but it depends on the perception! Come on federal government! Do you want to waste more $$$ on people who just want to relax?! How about chasing the people that actually run from the law?!

    486. john mutungu muugi says:

      games bring countries together (the whole world)

    487. Ashe Corven says:

      Although this has a very casual and light-hearted feel to it this has to be up there as one of the most misinforming articles I have come across.

      As Jason West touched on, England (and Wales) has officially had a Union flag since 1606 (101 years before the union of parliaments) as it represents the union of the crowns. The union of the crowns will still stand regardless of the September referendum. Going further seafaring Scots used the Union flag from 1606 onwards as well.
      So Scottish independence has no effect on the Australian, New Zealand or (the rest of) the UK’s flags, etc.
      I feel it is important to have the the Union flag in ours as it was the flag that was placed on January 1788 in Botany Bay.

      Australia has been fully independent since 1986.

      The 1999 referendum was concerning the replacement of the Queen as head of state with a President appointed by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Commonwealth Parliament.

      Referring to T. van’t Foort’s comment, by adhering to your logic regarding replacing the Union Jack in the Australian flag with the aboriginal one, the Scottish flag should have the Irish flag in it. Is it Irish land?

    488. Henry says:

      Unfortunately politicians don’t read articles like this or the comments discusssions that follow. They go where the money is, and that is the very powerful alcohol lobby. The booze barons will take a bath if cannabis is legalised so they mobilise the blue rinse brigade and bend Abbott’s ear in the wrong direction.

    489. Don Montey says:

      The lies about cannabis harmful effects have been around for far to long. It is only a very small percentage of the Aussie population who are still so blind to see the hypocrisy and will tell you a natural plant is a bad “Drug” while they drink their beer/wine. Legalize it now.

    490. Phillip K says:

      can i take my family to Christmas island and go on the dole / fake pension and get more than an Australian would in benefits? ? I have a boat. how would they react to me illegally entering there country and being a burden on there economy and their children’s prospects go to an Australian embassy and apply. or expect to be sunk in open water.

    491. victoria says:

      The Indonesian government has invited Australia into its waters to rescue people on boats on many occasions. Now they are furious because we return Indo. boats, crew and those leaving from their ports.

    492. kane says:

      please excuse my spelling spell chick can course more mistakes then it is worth medians is meant to be medicines sorry .

    493. Chris says:

      As a lawyer I love the Denny Denuto bits most; he’s what I aspire to in the law. Especially finishing his dictation before typing it up himself. Brilliant

    494. Chris says:

      I also love the wedding cake ornament with the groom round-house kicking the bride in the head

    495. woody says:

      If Shorten is so bloody clever then tell us all how to deal with the problem…

    496. kick this mob out says:

      At first I wasn’t surprised when the cretin Abbott “declared war” on asylum seekers. I thought that’s just typical behavior of an arrogant cowardly bully like him to pick on the weak and defenseless to puff himself up. After all he already has form. But now I am starting to wonder if the Murdoch/Abbott government has another agenda. Maybe they want to start a real war with Indonesia. A bit like when Rupert installed Bush in the USA and they went to war with Iraq. Surely refugees cant be the biggest problem Australia faces can it? Why so much intent on “stopping the boats” and stirring up the Indos? Makes you wonder!

    497. Alex says:

      Yes Legalization CAN and WILL occur, it is only a matter of time, the lies and smokescreens that have made this miracle plant illegal have unraveled.
      This plant may be the most important in human history and is thought to be one of the first crops of early humans, with some research indicating that it may decrease your chance of getting cancer by 30% and the fact that it has an ability to cure illnesses that were deemed incurable. This is our most precious plant, for all human kind and the CRIMINALIZATION of this plant was the true crime, and a sorrowful crime against humanity.

    498. David says:

      So they send an Indonesian boat with a crew from Indonesia will their full knowledge and support. They enter Australian waters without visa to enter Australian Waters. We tow them back or block their path and they return back to Indonesian waters and somehow we are commiting a crime.
      I would suggest we require the Indonesian Minister responsible with aiding and abetting people smuggling and request his extradition to Australia to face charges.
      That is a perfectly legitimate course of action.

    499. Hoa Minh Truong says:

      In reality, the Indonesian government must to apology Australia about the Indonesian boats with crew, Its flag and carried the asylum seeker ( most the people smuggling links to Indonesian officials). The Indonesian boats have intruded the Australia’s water that has became the burden for the Australia tax payer, its cost multiple billion dollars. Likely a next door’s dog coming to your house, you have to expel, let the owner taken back or report to ranger.
      The international laws and each nation have to have the border protection policy, it is defense country against the strangers invade for security reason. Indonesia has breached the law by the their boats, so the Australia has to have the righteous reaction to prevent the invasion. If Indonesia has not allow the asylum seeker using the land as the base to invade Australia, so Australia has not spent money for border protection. On the other hand, Indonesia has raised the problem for the neighbor country.
      Indonesia behavior is like the Roman Empire in the old day, the government rejects the Indonesian turn back to where they came from, it is the bush law and unacceptable.
      The immigration minister Scott Morrison, Prime Minister Tony Abbott should require Indonesia government apology the invasion by Indonesian boats and ask them have to reimburse the cost of the Indonesian people smuggle.
      Hoa Minh Truong.
      ( author of 3 books: the dark journey, good evening Vietnam & from laborer to author).

    500. Ken says:

      All this manufactured outrage from Indonesia is really becoming rather tiresome. It’s time we stopped listening to them, withheld the half a billion dollars we gift them each year, and started to insist they do something about the boatloads of illegal immigrants that depart from their shores.

    501. Oksanna Zoschenko says:

      For students of foreign affairs, this is Australian diplomacy at its most sharply honed best. The Australian Govt manufactures regret over its incursions which actually the Indonesian Government deep down does not mind and to be honest, at times, genuinely requires. The Indon. Govt is then forced, through pressure of popular anti-Western sentiment (which includes anti-Australian sentiment) to adopt an indignant stance protective of its border sovereignty. The entire process firstly, serves to innoculate Australia from the moral responsibility of any future boat sinkings and/or drownings in Indonesian territorial waters, and secondly, heaps that moral pressure back onto Jakarta. Ingenious, and I can’t say the Indonesian policy response so far to the refugee question doesn’t deserve it in spades.

    502. Harry says:

      1 Aust Navy ship accidentally enters Indo waters & we say sorry, yet Indo illegal immigrant & fishing boats enter our waters all the time

    503. kane says:

      The Australian Drug Foundation warns there is no safe level of drug use this seems vary misleading we all know that many different drugs help people to have quality of life in many different ways i understand they have an obligation to health and safety but we should all know a bottle of sprites is much more harmful in the wrong hands than pot even deadly i be-leave anxiety, depression and psychotic symptoms are more present after use because the drug suppresses them during use the same way epileptics have to wean of medians slowly because there is more chance of seizing after using the preventive medians i can not be shore but ADF seems like old scare tactics with no real substance yes mom drugs are baaaaad whoooo they treat us like kids that don’t deserve to make our own informed discussions while keeping our country in the stone age and always behind the rest of the world. it makes me wonder if they make money out of the e legal drug trad it seams the majority of people don’t want to put there money in to e legal drug trad but the government forces it even for medical use people need to turn to e legal drug trad if it helps medically what gives them the wright to not give suffering people access to the drug when alternative drugs have more harmful effects. but if we persist i be leave the stub-en government we have will change eventually hopefully its in my lifetime support hemp party piece out .

    504. Rob says:

      Its Indonsian nationals that breach Australias borders with their cargo’s of illegals. We’re just getting some of our own back.

    505. Lily says:

      Hang on, what about Australia’s soveign right to protect our borders regarding the innumerous fishing boats and people smuggling boats departing from Indonesian waters and unlawfully entering Australian waters? Australian politicians, PLEASE do not back down and do NOT apologise. Stop fawning, and stand firm for our sovereign and territorial rights.

    506. Resin Dogg says:

      I don’t see the need for it to be taxed. People should be allowed to
      have a plant or two out the back of their house, just like having a few tomato plants , fruit trees etc

    507. Petros says:

      I personally don’t like pot, however I would rather hang out with people that smoke pot as opposed to those that drink. The benefit of hemp in medicine, textiles and paper is huge, I can’t believe that it is still demonized.
      However let’s not stop at pot let’s legalise all plants…they are on this earth for us top use after all

    508. ruby says:

      I was looking for a job I was working in Singapore for 8 yrs in 1 employer.

    509. ruby says:

      Are they willing to employ coming from Philippines?

    510. wills says:

      legalizing this soft drug would open up more employment for australia even if the gov were to issue a small application fee to allow people to grow say 4 plants at any time for recreational or medical use instead of trying to embarrass people in the courts

    511. Sania Williams says:

      At least Australians can come to the UK and work for 2 years. British can go and work in Australia for one year only if they are between 18-30 and that’s it. Or you have to apply for a skilled visa and pay around £6,000, provided you have everything Australia requires and the right occupation. It is tough either way and some free movement should be allowed regardless of age.

    512. sophie conell says:

      People all over Australia already do it anyway…. it would just smarter to legalize it so that shops are making more money rather than people smoking it and Australia not benefitting from it. WAKE UP AUSTRALIA!

    513. Alix says:

      Yes! Shouldn’t be up for debate. Leagalise and tax, and let’s all carry on smoking!

    514. Zion Train says:

      It’s about time it was legalized in Aussie. For a country that prides itself on giving it’s people the best, and taking into consideration the amount of recent Alcohol related Violence, it’s a no brainer really.

      Think about it, ever heard of a bunch of pot heads going around beating people up? Never gonna happen. Time to Wake Up OZ!

    515. brad says:

      as a person who has bipolar myself I absolutely agree with you I have been smoking cannabis for 10 years and its helped way more than anti psych meds ever had half the time they don’t even work but weed does so it definitely needs to be legalised to help people like us and people with other illnesses

    516. Dan says:

      Any Logical person would see the benefits of legalising cannabis. People need to look into it themselves and then make a decision, Dont just blindly follow what we have been told for the last 70 odd years. If you really want to protect your children from the current criminals that manufacture/ grow cannabis, then we need to take it from there hands and put it into governed hands and taxed. Legalising it will be the ultimate harm reduction our society needs.

    517. Cody says:

      Just hurry up and legalize the shit already, fuck, it helps cure cancer for fuck sake

    518. Pamela says:

      My parents couldn’t see the funny side of this or Kath n Kim because it was them exactly. They thought it was all ‘normal’. My mother even ran a hairdressing salon!

    519. Pamela says:

      ‘Suffer in yer jocks’ is one of my favourites. Then there’s ‘It’s what you do with it love’ re the boring meals so well remembered from my own childhood.

    520. DavidP says:

      Why don’t you present your home page when a person opens your emails, instead of the boring mono color mishmash that people quickly delete?

    521. Barb from Oz says:

      This article should be given to Visit Britain to utilise for how to deal with Aussies, instead of the useless guide Visit Britain actually put out!

    522. Ray says:

      anything happening North of London anywhere??

    523. Winston George says:

      Another good quote from it “it’s not a house it’s a home & suffer in your jocks

    524. Chris says:

      My favourite is Denny Denuto with the photocopier. “What the f**k is F3? I cleared that tray 3 F**KING TIMES.”

    525. Jessica says:

      I love this, completely and utterly.

    526. Matt says:

      Legalize it already, it’s 2014 and STILL this amazing Herb remains illegal! It’s WAY beyond a joke. LEGALIZE IT ALREADY (or at least DE-criminalize). More then half the people smoking regularly are self medicating (my self included) because they literally have no other choice, there’s no medical program, there’s nothing, Work that one out.

    527. Matt says:

      I would imagine the psychology alone would be almost enough to persuade a vote over here.

    528. high time for high times!! says:

      I think its laughable that the aussie government keeps adding excises and taxes and all that other bullshit to alcohol and tobacco. They allow people to continue drinking and smokong cigarettes, using the excuse that raising the cost will force people to quit. Bullshit. It will create a tobacco black market. And/or an alcohol black market. The government needs to stop being the b*tch of big business and actually stand up and look after the interests of the people. And in this case the interest of the people is the multitude of benefits to be gained from legalizing weed. Like legally being allowed to propogate and reseach all the medicinal properties of weed, being able to earn good money for the country through taxation of the product, a means to monitor and restrict who is able to purchase the product, putting an end to the black market provision and growth of weed by unscrupulous criminals who dont care about the product, the people, or the law. The fact that it has been shown by numerous studies that use of marijuana causes far less health problems, and has been strongly linked with great medicinal benefits than alcohol and tobacco combined should be more than enough to substantiate our demands to have this legalized in australia. To continue to refuse to do so, to continually ignore the people, just proves that our government actually does NOT concern themselves with our wants or needs, but only with their own positions of power and wealth. This is NOT bout the ‘evils of weed’ but about the evils of corruption and greed. They are happy to let the nation drink itself into dui’s and liver failure and mental health problems by the 100’s, rather than allow us the freedom to toke up instead. Which is hypocrisy cos I bet PLENTY of polis smoke the shit!!

    529. Barb from Oz says:

      Thank you everyone for your comments – here I was thinking I am alone in experiencing this & all of your comments make me feel much better.

    530. David V says:

      My parents came here to live in a free country, having fled Communist tyranny, but now we find PC tyranny threatening freedom of speech and national pride. It makes the “old countries” seem freer by comparison.

    531. Peter Gelme says:

      Crazy times when facts and history are considered racism! Is terrible what happened to aboriginals centuries ago, but I had nothing to do with it so how about we stop loving in the past and just get on with our ‘modern’ history, Australia is a great and ‘multicultural’ nation let’s celebrate that!

    532. Clive Robertson says:

      What the hells going on with this country??/Who else feels discriminated against because we can no longer buy these garments to wear with PRIDE for our BELOVED AUSTRALIA. It is OUR country….if they are so racially discriminated against, then maybe they should find another country to live in..

    533. Yep Want One says:

      I want one. Only the most over sensitive “Looking for a cause” type of a person could be offended by this T-Shirt. If I cannot buy one I will make one for “AUSTRALIA DAY”.

    534. Stevo says:

      Get over you moaning bunch of spoilt brats. It was called New Holland and then as rightly pointed out by Aldi t shirt, established as Australia in 1788.
      This proud ex Kiwi now Aussie is gonna track himself down one of those Aldi t shirts.

    535. gladstone says:

      What a stupid society we live in- some brands have porn on their printed Tshirts and no one mentions that but dare to put 1788 on a shirt and there is an outcry

      we really do have our moral compass pointing in a very sad direction

    536. jo says:

      Been here 8 years in rural location and this resonates for me. Even English husband has to agree about the blanking after quite lengthy conversations with people. Always struck how much nicer/kinder/friendlier average Aussie is – even in Sydney compared to here. Aussies are much more outward looking and positive. They aren’t looking to dislike you. The English don’t want new friends – most live and die with a mile radius. Done all the clubs/classes/community stuff. Heading back to Oz this year and leaving them to it.

    537. jo says:

      We came here so full of hope and positivity but this has been my experience and worse. We did all the clubs/sports/classes/community stuff etc. Most English don’t want new friends and those who do, do so for a reason. They live and die within a mile radius. Aussies are much more outward looking. Should have known really. It’s not just a London thing as I live in a rural area. Even my defensive English husband has had to agree. He admits he has noticed the blanking thing after having quite lengthy conversations with people (we are not the Adams Family btw). It’s always a contrast how much nicer/friendlier people are on our visits to Oz – even in Sydney though Brisbane and Melb are better. Leaving them to it after 8 years slog and can’t wait.

    538. Gerard Chan says:

      Could always checkout a local church group and see what they do for the local community. It really helped me settle in while I was on a working holiday visa over there. Though 10 years is quite a committment- I didn’t see myself over there that long, then again I went with no ties and I left with no ties but quite a few solid friendships formed from the shared experiences over there with both fleeting expats and a few Londoners from work and church. I do agree about being pro-active though which most Aussies tend to do well initially.

    539. Pamela says:

      I’d be interested in how the author speaks and interacts with others.

    540. Pamela says:

      This tells me more about the author than all those awful Londoners (Aussie sarcasm intended) :p

    541. trish says:

      Hi Paul, I’m sorry to hear about your experience but I’m sorry to say I echo the same feeling. This is my 14th year in London. There are a lot of things I enjoy about living in London but Ive given up trying to connect with locals and most of the Australians I knew have returned to Australia so thank goodness for the American’s and Europeans. I’m still trying to disconnect my husband – (English) from London, we live in South West London, we are planning to move to Sydney at some point in the future but I’m slightly worried about returning to Australia I hope it is still the same as my memories of living there. My parents retired to Sunshine coast Hinterland so I’m sure you’ll have an enjoyable life in Queensland. Good luck!!! Let me know how you get on settling into Queensland. Trish

    542. Luke says:

      Solution: Hang out with other Aussies in London and stuff the poms! :)

    543. Joan says:

      Hi Clare, Join http://www.meetup.com and you will make lots of friends.

    544. Wendy says:

      He must’ve fancied going for a spin!

    545. Sandra says:

      My advice is to join a sports club. Work colleagues are harder to make friends with but the social aspect of sport lends itself to making friends. I joined a hockey club (East London HC) and there are quite a few antipodean types as well as Brits and others. But there is also a get back into netball campaign that has clubs and leagues springing up. You don’t have to be good to join.

    546. Jean-Pierre says:

      I live in the UK and I’ve been buying my Lucas’ Papaw Ointment from this website for the past year. http://www.buylucaspapaw.com
      It comes from Australia and you get free shipping which is really good. I haven’t had any issues with them so far so it might be worth to give them a go. Best of luck!

    547. T.Abbott says:

      Time to do the right thing i think. This illusion that negatively effects our everyday lives in so many other ways than what is just on the surface, has run its course.

    548. Jess says:


    549. leo says:

      Look at the video what people think about fireworks in Sydney!

    550. MARTHA says:

      Thanks for the above as I did wonder what he would say. When I heard his voice I turned off the tv and now have decided to give cricket a miss may be for good.

    551. Sandy says:

      I felt this way after 18 months! Now I’m in one of the Home Counties, in a reasonably sized town within commuting distance to London. Have now got a great circle of local friends in the short space of 6 months and I can still get into London quickly and easily for work/play :)

    552. Donna Hooper says:

      Absolutely we should legalize pot in Oz .

    553. Fabio says:

      Lugano is Switzerland’s Italian capital – Not true: The capital is Bellinzona

    554. josh says:

      we should legalize it i am a person that deals with bipolar i smoked cannabis for around 7 years daily to help with my mental problems and it helped a great deal people say it causes phychosis i disagree the only reason i have stoped smoking it was due to doing the daily chase to find it and the hassles that come with doing that if it was legal it can make jobs people can grow there own stuff and sell it to despencerys like they do in the usa and can give people like me to be able to use for medical reasons i say legalize tax it and give the people the freedom to use it

    555. Leo says:

      I myself am 14, I’ve been smoking for around 1 1/2 years. Weed Is so much less harmful then alcohol and tobacco, tobbaco causes cancer, wrinkles and so much more while alcohol isn’t that much better. People don’t get aggressive when they use it, unlike some people do under the influence on alcohol. Not saying if you drink your going to get all rowdy, but it’s sometimes the case. My grades are all good in school. It hasn’t lead me onto more hardcore drugs likes acid or E. I’m all healthy and fit, cannabis is barely harmful, I don’t think it should be illegal because it’s honestly not that bad.

    556. David Nord says:

      Great stories, but still a bloody hopeless reason to vote for someone. Since when is it easier to drink from a large tankard then a yard glass?

    557. karen says:

      ATTENTION , WAKE UP Australia ! We need to follow suite with Colorado . If the people against it would just research it more they would have a better understanding of how it works and would be able to make an informed decision . Not hear one bad thing and run with it !!I don’t even smoke it or ingest it in anyway but I think I’m smart enough to know we are being screwed by our government. A lot of people don’t even understand the medicinal values of it ! The irony is there are now 10 pharmaceutical on the market that are based on cannabis . Why I wonder ? There has to be some truth in the benefits of cannabis if they are trying to make synthetic forms of it . Marinol and sativex to name just two .The problem is some people die from taking these forms but no one has ever died from smoking or ingesting the real stuff. Its not in the pharmaceutical best interested to prove to mainstream society that the benefits are huge . Sadly Money is what makes this world go round and if we could grow our own medicine in the backyards the pharmaceutical companies would be screwed ! But the time has come for the Government and Pharmaceutical companies to jump on board ! They could be making hemp oil to cure people of all types of cancers and Im not talking about hemp oil from the health food shop . They could be making Tinctures that are full of CBD’S that are helping 100’s of children with epilepsy . The list goes on with the benefit of having cannabis available in mainstream society .Educate yourself people and spread the word !!

    558. Paul says:

      Know exactly what you mean. My wife is a Londoner and I have reached my limit after 12 years – we are leaving London on Monday to live in Queensland!!

    559. Kathryn says:

      An interesting article. (Sadly), the same is true for Brits living in Australia (OK, Sydney) for any length of time, as I did (10 years). I only made a few ‘local’ friends during my time there (and even one of those was a Kiwi!; the rest were made of up Pommie ex-pats like me.

    560. Jesse says:

      I smoke cannabis daily, out of choice that I dont have to take packets of painkillers and numb my entire nervous system while also putting deadly chemicals into my body with things like tobacco and alcohol, I dont often drink but when I do I usually become angry or sad, and wake up feeling disgusting the next day, but when I smoke cannabis, I wake feeling fresh, I dont ever get angry or want to start fights, all I want to do is my job and to play xbox or watch t.v. I honestly dont see how people see it as a bad thing, I can sleep without nightmares and most of all I know for a fact that it has helped with my temper and aiding in stress relief. The biggest crime a stoner would ever commit is eating too much food in one hit. But America already does that so lets legalise it!!

    561. Jway says:

      Keeping cannabis illegal makes it *easier* for kids to access and is therefore a complete waste of our taxes! Cannabis is only about as addictive as coffee and *doesn’t* cause cancer, heart disease, brain damage, violent rages or death. Cannabis is a significantly less-harmful alternative to alcohol and we could prevent a lot of the harm that alcohol causes by giving people the right to choose cannabis instead of alcohol. We need to demand that cannabis be legalize just like beer and wine!

    562. Joel says:

      Herb brings peace to one with an unstable mind and opens them up to be more creative. The majority of people who smoke cannabis in Australia keep it to themselves and many dabble in other drugs as to their equal availability. Alcohol and tobacco have been proven to be more harmful to the body and alcohol is considered more dangerous to one’s thinking. To believe that people have used herb for many years as a cure to various sicknesses and pains should be enough to say that it has much more of a legitimate reason to be allowed in society than Alcohol. Herb opens the mind and should be regulated and tested for as alcohol currently is. Education about cannabis is necessary as it can be abused and dependency is possible. Rehabilitation should be highly available along with alcoholic rehabilitation. Herb can be a good thing to society and even non-smokers can see the benefits of legalisation.

    563. Cheryl Davies says:

      I have just watched this programme and I am appalled by how people treat each other – still in this Century. The crime began with the British stealing land, children etc and it has continued unabated since then. How are we as a world community in this century allowing one of the richest countries in the world to continue and make no redress. One idea is to ban Australia from all International sporting events, Olympics, Rugby, Cricket – just like we did to South Africa over apartheid? Hit white Australia where it hurts and get some justice for rightful owners and custodians of Australia. As for reducing the taxes that the mining companies pay, yet again typical government action – when will someone in power finally grow a pair and stand up to big business and make them pay for housing, welfare, education and compensation out of the billions they make every week? Why has the International Community not voiced real anger and demanded that this shameful treatment is finally addressed and stopped. Shame on all concerned. What can we do?

    564. Sally says:

      There are too many regular citizens smoking to consider it a criminal act. However, as it is currently illegal the types you are required to associate with are often involved in “other things”.
      If one of the arguments is that it leads to use of other things, then remove the need to deal with less savoury contacts.
      It is an unfortunate situation that we tend to see the “bogon or dole-bludger” types associated with pot, however it hard for responsible people to speak out due the its illegality. However, I have smoked for 34 years, during which I have worked consistently, manage staff and earn a 6 figure salary. All this possible as a smoker. I am also respected within my industry.
      It is true over the years I have seen a few affected by psychosis,but also know every one of them had occasionally also dabbled in either speed or ecxtasy. However it is generally not admitted to family or medical the use of other things and usually pot is blamed.

    565. Darrenb says:

      Absolutely we should legalize. The war on drugs is a war on people the casualties if this war are in the millions. But the wowzers and the cops will keep telling us we need to crack down on cannabis. Legalize, educate and reduce the harm. Let the police solve real crime instead of wasting my tax dollars on weed smokers.

    566. Andrew L says:

      When did this guy live in Australia? I am pretty sure he asked me to buy him $40K of weed one night up Kings Cross. So wondering which years he lived here to determine if it was Terry Clark I met?

    567. steve bannister says:

      I saw kim in Moruya NSW in october this year and was instantly amazed by his talent. Just busking at the markets, i had to buy a cd off of him and haven’t stopped playing it since. I wish him every success, good on ya kim

    568. Susan Hyland says:

      This is truly shocking. I watched Utopia on catch up TV. I can’t believe the Queen being head of state has swept this under the carpet like it doesn’t exist. She had and still has the power and influence to pursuade the government to act and yet atrocities are still going on to this day. Shocking.

    569. BaRbArA says:

      In Manchester most of 1st year students use private sector halls and houses. Many of the privately owned halls offer inclusive bills but if they don’t you may have to pay for heating, lighting and hot water separately from the rent. So you are absolutely right that they are not that cheap…

    570. sam says:

      took 2 yrs to put together that crap wake up and get into the real world

    571. david mullen says:

      I have been twice to Australia and have some goos friends there…I hope Australia can put right the wrongs committed against the aboriginal community…I trust this will happen..I am hopefull.

    572. Carole says:

      I agree Toni and Foppo. I have just watched John Pilger’s documentary, aired in the UK this month about the plight of the original Australian people. ‘Dirty big secret’. I feel angry and outraged at what I have learnt, ashamed to be British. I cannot believe that those who have the power to help those dear people appear to have done nothing except carry on with their comfortable lives and avoid giving direct substantial answers when required to explain what measures they are taking to improve the lives, welfare and health of the Aboriginal people. What a disgrace. What can we do to help?

    573. jerey7 says:

      It’s an amazing show. MG is very talented and hilarious. Extremely addictive and enjoyable!

    574. ann says:

      I prefer flat share…You just pay less and have the opportunity to do what you want, almost everything))) I mean cooking, having parties and so on. Don’t like campus life, but some of my friends enjoy it.

    575. Niks says:

      So all the other accounts from government officials were also cow chips??? Anthony, you are obviously a white Australian feeling rightfully GUILTY!

    576. Foppo Leeuwerke. says:

      Treating aborigines less than human is a disgrace.Australian governments are guilty of Apartheid,truly a sad nation.

    577. Charles says:

      New Zealand currency now virtually equal with Australian dollar and rising New zealand economy improving while Australia declines. Australia will suffer now thru Labor Party’s mistakes.

    578. Sivabalan s says:

      Australia worker visa

    579. Sivabalan s says:

      Worker visa

    580. John L says:

      No one should listen to anything this man say’s, he lies thru his teeth and has left one disaster after another in the wake of this over inflated ego. Aussies Know he can talk the talk but we know even more he cannot walk the walk. Don’t even think of a UN position for him for he will surely let you down.

    581. Sandee Burgess says:

      Brilliant interview, we had the pleasure of first seeing Kim in Merimbula as a support for Jimmy Barnes a few years back. We were all spellbound. His voice and harmonica echoed throughout. Pure talent- a true one man band- I remember Jimmy walking out in stage- also in complete awe-“wow! That boy has got some skill!” Indeed he has, as well as what to appears to be an exceptionally down to earth character. Glad you have had the opportunity to travel through your skill and allowing many others to be woven into a complete web of awe Kim. Keep up the great work!

    582. duncan says:

      Full credit to Australia for winning back the urn but I venture to look at something no media have picked up on. The psychological effect of having just won the ashes and then 2 months later having to do it all over again? One team need to come down from the celebration and one team is hungry for revenge. How many times do you see the team that wins the test matches lose the subsequent one day series? This is the same thing.

    583. Fred says:

      Nice mo you Aussie Bogan!

    584. allan says:

      I can drive trucks wath can i do to have a sponsor o work in australia i wanna work…..

    585. Carly says:

      I love this guy!!! Saw him do a few Madonna songs at the Powerhouse in Brisbane last year…so great he’s here in London! He’s brilliant!

    586. Philip Howell says:

      It is not enough merely to have an Australian head of state. We need to work out what to do with Crown powers. Transferring them to a president actually perpetuates monarchy. The real solution is the Advancing Democracy model.

    587. Jan says:

      Mr Oldfield demonstrates a particular ignorance in his actions and words.

    588. Dave says:

      Dean, I’m pretty sure your wife already knows (about both).

    589. Dean says:

      And these people get funded by government and private contribution to solve the worlds problems. Clearly the world has gone mad if we are worried about a fart or which way a dogs tail wags Source: Dog owner and farter (Don’t tell my wife).

    590. Adam Peters says:

      They are already killing people with this state sponsored manslaughter in the UK. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwg0up_atos-secret-filming_news

    591. Chrissy says:

      You are sooo right. Mixing the population is a problem, so…. EVERYONE WHITE go back home. Australia was never your land, it belonged to the ORGINAL people, who you killed, stole their children and raped in an attempt to breed them out. The people from Europe were a freaking plagued to MANY other countries and now are pissed that your white privliage is being threaten. At least in the USA the natives were given some if the land to keep and we’re allowed to keep their culture. So go back to Germany or Britian, and leave the Koori people the hell alone.

    592. Chrissy says:

      You are sooo right. Mixing the police is a problem, so…. EVERYONE WHITE go back home. Australia was never your land, it belonged to the ORGINAL people, who you killed, stole their children and raped in an attempt to breed them out. The people from Europe were a freaking plagued to MANY other countries and now are pissed that your white privliage is being threaten. At least in the USA the natives were given some if the land to keep and we’re allowed to keep their culture. So go back to Germany or Britian, and leave the Koori people the hell alone.

    593. Barb from Oz says:

      I am sick to death of how the UK seek to control any Australian situation involving them. Prank calls have been an Aussie thing forever. A nurse – who had a history of mental illness, mind you – took her own life. If she was prepared to do this over the prank incident, she certainly would have done it over another incident not involving a prank call. The fact the UK made such a big deal about it is the only reason it was an issue in Australia. Famous radio DJs have been making prank calls constantly since before the 1960s and it has never been a problem. It should not be one now either. The situation is sad, but hardly the fault of a prank call. Someone this fragile would have taken their life for another reason down the track.

    594. wullie says:

      Independence its coming and the colonial masters in London know it. They resent it, as they do Australian independence, but Australia is now a wealthier and more prosperous country, than her old colonial master

    595. Brigitte says:

      I have a ‘Donation Box’ now for this holiday

    596. Rosy says:

      As an Australian who has spent most of her adult life in the UK and moved back to Oz a year ago I have to agree. Since coming back I’ve experienced more opportunities, a higher wage and a much more relaxed lifestyle. I won’t say that moving back to the UK is not a possibility but right now Australia is definitely the place to be.

    597. astrid hofmann says:

      Um..to be expected-ignorant backlash

    598. astrid hofmann says:

      I absolutely agree

    599. Justin Grossbard says:

      Hi Lena,

      You do need health insurance if your coming on a working visa such as a 457 visa. The IMAN (austhealth) website does provide cover for working visas. There is also a chart with a list of the policies side by side that I have made – http://www.457visacompared.com.au/457-visa-health-insurance/

    600. Sarah says:

      Great feature, totally know the feeling, but my question is, why stop travelling? If you feel the need to be different from all your settled friends then do it! :-)

    601. Suz says:

      I thought you would like this article Suz x
      Hope all is going well or you in Oz, we miss you so! Love Turtle

    602. Daily Betting Offers says:

      What a great way to show support for Movember and have a good laugh playing bingo at the same time.

    603. [email protected] says:

      Any truth in the rumour that the Australian team’s adoption of the philosophy of #russellcrane played a part in their victory?

    604. Andrew Woodcock says:

      Although born in England I am proud to say that my late father was born in Adelaide and my family goes back to 1816. A few miles from where I live there is a cemetery where 25 young Australian Airman killed in action in England are buried. Do those bastards in the UK government want to dig up their bodies and send them home out of wretched English soil? or the only Australians with permanent right of abode are the dead ones.

    605. Laura says:

      I agree. An important complicated story that began in England and unfortunately hasn’t been told well yet. Pilgers latest version was a predictable, sensationalist, nasty piece of ‘shite’. He found the Australians that supported the views he wanted to air and the ones that didn’t he manipulated like all experienced journos can. I hope to see him at a Q&A session in Alice Springs.

    606. Thierry Bayle says:

      My comments are based on 20 years on the business side of fashion – Not “Industrie” specific – I hope they have not felt that way . However I do care when international brands invest a high amount of money to open a retail operation abroad and yet the fundamentals are not known.
      Let’s take Westfield Shepherds Bush in London – close to me and I visit it regularly. Most of the foreign entities have come in and gone out very quickly – including a dress company from Australia.
      Happy to discuss it on the phone.
      Retail is tough and the KPI’S must be known.
      Do you agree that the GMROI is a key measurement of the stock performance?
      Now ask, small to medium retailers if they know it or track it. You will be surprised.
      Happy to share more.

      Thierry Bayle @retailfashion

    607. SS says:

      I guess the excuses have dried up, time for honesty

    608. Laura says:

      Pilger’s biased bullshit was excruciating to sit through. He’d better be prepared for a beating from Central Australian audiences! The big complex story starts here in Britain and the story might still not get to a clear solution, but it hasn’t been told well yet. And Pilger’s version gets a big thumbs down from this Central Australian

    609. Angela says:

      This is a brilliant article and so true.. You forgot to mention how by the time you get home all your friends are pregnant or have babies :)

    610. duncan says:

      Well, I can’t wait. wish I was back in Brisbane at the ‘Gabba watching the first day. Instead, I’ll be blurry eyed staying up all night. Think England will win 2-1.

    611. Johnny Titmarsh says:

      The real picture ay? Victim blaming won’t get us anywhere. It will take generations to heal the damage that has been done, and it starts with tolerance and empathy on our part. You can’t mend a broken culture overnight.

    612. Peter says:

      There’s still a place for stubbies, barbies and beer (not guts..haha)

    613. Michelle says:

      Every single Australian needs to see this film.

    614. Anthony says:

      What a biased load of cow chips. You need to open both eyes John and see the real picture.

    615. Agg says:

      It’s all their own fault. They’ve done nothing for themselves, they get drunk, abuse themselves and their kids. It’s about time the do gooders of the world stopped feeling sorry for them and maybe they’d get off their ass and do something with their lives.

    616. Amanda says:

      By the time I got this alert in the enewsletter nearly all the previews had already been screened. Disappointing :(

    617. Brigitte says:

      & now I admire You!

    618. Bruce Hornsby says:

      All I can say is what a pack if f ing idiots. Puts a brand new slant on me staying here,investing the 15 mill I was going to invest.

    619. Wally says:

      I just cant believe the crap I’m reading about this vandal.
      His smarmy, empty rhetoric and charming prose that led nowhere unseated a real Government. He and the ALP thereafter presided over the collapse of Australian industry. Pure vandalism. Then we had Gillard, a communist vandal who put the final nails in the coffin of the first world Australia. But oh no, whinging, whining, petulant Rudd never forgave being knifed by his own and destabilised the ALP even more. Good riddance. These 5 minute Charlies in Govt aren’t worth a cracker for this country. And the loser, Rudd, has to wait to grandstand his way out on the first business day of the new parliament. I’m sure that gives him a greater exit entitlement! What a spiv! Wake up Australians and EXPECT and DEMAND more from your political servants!

    620. Anthony says:

      She should claim to have been born in Pakistan,or anywhere in the Middle East or Somalia for that matter. Evidently identification papers are unnecessary. Then she’d be allowed to stay without question. She could always declare herself a Moslem and claim religious asylum.

    621. Anthony says:

      Goodnight and goodbye, it hasn’t been fun. This show pony waited until after the election to quit, giving himself a good deal extra pension and forcing the taxpayer yet again to foot the bill paying for another election in his electorate. How much government entitlement did he receive after the last election?. Bet he doesn’t give any of that back. Money grubbing germs the lot of ‘em. Like the song says “Money for nothing and the chicks are free”.

    622. Keith R says:

      This is just another case where an Aussie smashes someone in the head as an answer- i.e.it scalates a silly situation into violence. Like with Warner representing Australia in London saying he was provoked, I don´t think that this reflects well on Australians…again…would have been better to just simply walk away.

    623. John Tradlyn says:

      I admire people who made the rich list by their own honest work, not so much who made their fortune with family wealth which they built on.

    624. Fitzy says:

      Aus v Nz final.Poms won’t go close.Hate to say it but the Kiwis will take a serious amount of stopping

    625. Elliott says:

      Hello, me and my girlfrend/ soon to be wife are planning to move over there shes half Australia and most of her family live there all there life (her father would be our sponsor), shes got a house there ready and waiting to be moved into and work waiting for her, i’m wondering do i need a visas to live there and work once we marry or can we just move staight over there?? Can i be looking for work when we move over? and how much would we need in the bank for trhis to happen??

    626. Jack and Jill says:

      What a fabulous idea! Trust the Aussies to come up with that one!!
      If only I had a Smartphone….

    627. Laura Geran says:

      Many Australians, such as myself face the threat of having to leave the UK due to change circumstances beyond our control – which affect our Visa’s. How can Australian ex-pats living in the UK work together to change this?

    628. Laurent Grenier says:

      Please explain to me why they keep saying “the ipad air” when the picture presented as evidence is clearly not the picture of an ipad air (with much narrower bezels). M9re than likely an ipad 2.

    629. Cheryl says:

      What about the fundraising in Canada by Amanda’s friends and family? Does that not count?

    630. Carolyn Kelly says:

      great article by Cohen Brown. Cant wait to get to Camden town and “Melissa’s”. Need more from Cohen Brown.

    631. Keir says:

      If this happened, it didn’t happen in Canberra. No such incident reported, no fire brigade callout. Sounds like a recycled version of the myth we’ve heard before about smartphones, laptops etc.

    632. Vicenta Dunstan says:

      Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister of Australia. Why compare him to a super model? I don’t think he is avoiding media. He is just doing what is right for everyone. He does not need exposure by media. So please leave him alone with your unfair criticism.

    633. Juan Tradlin says:

      How could he go home at night and face his wife. If he is guilty I hope he gets a severe penalty.

    634. Boris says:

      I’ll be back when it $2.50 to the pound again! Can’t afford to go back until then…

    635. hans says:

      The sooner Abbotts head joins the ranks of Australias past prime ministers the better!

    636. hans says:

      Why the climate denying, 50’s man Abbott do anything to support saving the environment?He and Putin are out of the same mould.

    637. Hans says:

      You left out Phony Tony Abbott and most of his team of liars including,of course John Howard. Then there is the most unaustralian American Rupert Murdoch. They don’t come more unaustralian. Your lot are amatuers compared to this mob.

    638. Teresa says:

      Fully agree with this. At least there is an attempt at egalitarianism in Australia! and it’s the lesser of two evils to have status defined by money rather than by silly posh quirks like what paper I read, or what shop I go to/what school my kids go to. There is way too little social mobility in the UK and there’s a lot of ‘head in the sand’ mentality , for eg: people fully believing they are middle class and that they are ‘comfortably off’ when they are way below the poverty line by Australian standards without much hope of that changing.

    639. DavidP says:

      I suppose someone would care if these people were worth caring about, but really they are just people who happened to be in the right place at the right time to become newsworthy, that’s all.

    640. Hendo says:

      Where is Rupert Murdoch? Why is he not here? (Hope I don’t get hacked for saying that)

    641. Allan says:

      What’s so unAustralian about their behavior. Seems pretty typical to me . . .

    642. Terry Dav says:

      You missed Shane Warne, an absolute disgrace

    643. Terry Dav says:

      You missed Shane Warne, his antics are a disgrace, a real dork!

    644. Terry Dav says:

      You missed No 1, Shane Warne, has to be in the first three, a real dork!

    645. eddy shaw xxxx says:


    646. eddy shaw xxxx says:


    647. marcus says:

      Please make a correction to your news article. Turkish Government was requested to approve the attendance limit by the Australian & NZ Governments. Small but important piece of information.

    648. Iago says:

      I hope Scotland votes yes, then hopefully we will in Wales soon after and the north of Ireland can be reunited with the south (like Germany did). We’re not even represented on the union flag…by the way Lejon…the national flag of Scotland is the Saltire, the Red Dragon for Wales and the Tricolour for Ireland…the union flag is the state flag of the disfunctional uk – a state that has been changing constantly…England conquered Cornwall (England as we know it today was created), then conquered Wales and annexed it 1536-43 (still called itself England, even though the old Welsh were the original British), the greedy Scottish nobles united with England in 1707 (not voted by the people – became great britain); then they took control over Ireland in the 19th century (became the united kingdom of great britain and Ireland, which in 1921 the south of Ireland became independent (became the united kingdom of great britain and northern Ireland) and they kept the north…now in 2014 Scotland will be voting to leave…what will the state call itself then??? Just get rid of it all and become seperate independent countries. :) I hope that one day, as a republican, you vote to end the English reign over your Head of State…as Australians should be able to run for the role themselves.

    649. Debra says:

      Thanks for the tips. However, just one correction that S.A.D. = Seasonal Affective Disorder and not what was explained above. You can use a light therapy box or another type of light to reduce the symptoms of S.A.D. in the winter time.

    650. Pamela says:

      Correction: Lilley, not ‘Little’.

    651. Pamela says:

      I have to say that girls like the one’s Lilley is portraying, don’t know how lucky they are. However, even with the massive cringe factor this show is mesmerising.

    652. Malcolm Kerr says:

      Only found out you were closed when my wife and I came down to the big smoke yesterday for my birthday. Most crestfallen were we. What’s your online contact details now? At least we can obtain goodies that way — I’m dying for a cherry ripe

    653. Johnny Titmarsh says:

      @ jobaby

      I’m not sure either, what happened? I left Oz 7 years ago and found moving to the UK made me pile on weight cause I wasn’t getting as much exercise, constantly stuck indoors. Oz does have a very bad junk food influence though, instead of kebab shops it’s Maccas and KFC everywhere.

    654. duncan says:

      For the blokes, it’s probably too much beer…1 beer = 1 hamburger – google it.

    655. Beenabus says:

      Thierry. Are your comments specific to Industrie? I suspect not.

      Can you explain why you feel this way? Do you have any evidence supporting this or are you marketing yourself, hoping for a bite?

    656. jobaby says:

      Any reasons as to why? Perhaps it’s Aussie’s obsession with food and drink. Honestly, everyone is a “foodie” in Oz – wine, food and coffee abound. Plus, people eat out heaps. The BYO culture only exists in Oz from my travels. I really miss this about Oz but maybe there is something to be said for Britain’s still rubbish food. It’s better to load up from Waitrose and cook yourself up something which expends more energy and is better for you. Just a theory.

    657. Vijaya Paul.Bandhanadham. says:

      After One and Half Year I Wll Come.

    658. Elly says:

      Thank you for all your information! Will be getting onto that this weekend!

    659. Bill - Wales - UK says:

      Oh My! 60% of your population!
      You are nearly as bad as we Brits!
      So…keeping that in mind here is a couple of points for you Aussie Feminists.
      Forget about dieting…it won’t work.
      So what you have to do is to change MEN (but you knew that already) to think that they actually like FAT women…(they actually don’t…
      most men think fat women are a pretty unappealing bunch)…but with a bit of work and political muscle you will then be able to have your cake and eat it too!
      So here are my three rules:
      1. Spread the rumour that “men like “curvy” women”.
      Never mind that what men think “curvy” is a size 8…(I don’t know what that is in Australian currency)…not a size 12 or 16.
      2. Boycott stores that sell men’s magazines….you know the types.
      3. Accuse any man that does not conform to the new definition of FAT (i.e.; size 22 or above) of being a “misogynist fatist” and “not being a real man”.
      There you go……with a bit of work you can keep being FAT for the rest of your life.

    660. SallyL says:

      Wow, this place looks beautiful! I really want to visit now. This might top last years getaway with the hubby to Quebec City! Although it might cost a little more hehe. When we went to Quebec City we drove down from Toronto and found a sweet hotel deal via bigcitybooking.com

    661. Geoff, somewhere in England says:

      Re: the last paragraph. If that hypothetical Englishman in the pub is anything like me, he’ll be hoping that Scotland goes independent. It’s only the British political classes (who avoid mentioning the word ‘England’ at all costs) who want the Scots to stay in this lousy ‘union’. I hope to see the day when the ‘Union’ flag is obsolete, just like the USSR’s rag, and the flag of St George flies alongside the flags of Scotland, Wales and Ireland (all 32 Irish counties under one government), but without anyone trying to make any of those flags ‘superior’ to the others.

      Good luck to the YES campaign next year.

    662. David says:

      Not so.
      The NSW Govt is sacking all front line public sevant disability worker and throwing the money at the Private sector.
      The massive amount of money to Govt will come from real estate sales.
      The nsw govt will have nothing much to do with NDIS.
      Only the high functioning person may benefit. All others will be left with less quality then prevoius. Good luck.

    663. Ian says:

      Max Moore Wilton is a left over from the Howard era who while also being chairman of Sydney Airport Corporation also rides roughshod over local councils. When he was in charge of Prime Minister and Cabinet (Howard era) he allowed an Australian to be hanged in Singapore without any pressure to save the victims life. He was also said nothing when the then Australian federal police commissioner alerted Indonesian authorities of the Australian Bali 9 and some of them are going to be executed. For the royal prank call he is supporting treason because it is an offence to impersonate the Royal family and as the individuals are in his employ he is just as guilty. Max is a big fat slob who needs to be given manners in humility but then again shit may not happen when that is all Max Moore Wilton is and I enjoy watching him being flushed down the drain.

    664. Mick Piggott says:

      Aren’t Christians supposed to be compassionate? With regard to asylum seekers, the government lacks any compassion. Abbott reckons he is a Christian but he certainly lacks compassion. He is in fact a goddamned hypocite.

    665. Craig says:

      As an Aussie living in Scotland who gets to vote in the referendum, the advice in the last paragraph is simplistic at best. Whilst the referendum debate is all over the news here, the only people passionate about it are those voting yes. The majority of the people I speak with who will be able to vote, including many “expat” English, will be voting no. Not because they are passionate about the union, but that they can’t see the benefit of independence, or dislike Alex Salmond intensely. And that’s in his home town!

    666. Jason West says:

      Your article is wrong with regards to the Union flag. The flag came about because of the union of crowns which was a century before the union of Scotland and England. So even if (I will be voting YES) we do become independent the flag of the UK will most likely stay as it is as Scotland intends (like Australia) to keep the Queen as head of state.

    667. T. van 't Foort - NL says:

      Yes, change the Union Jack for the Aboriginal Flag. They deserve it. It is their land.

    668. T. van 't Foort - NL says:

      Yes, change the Union Jack for the Aboriginal Flag. They deserve it. It is their land!!!

    669. Lejon says:

      Shane , the vote on Scottish independence is very different from the referendum that Australia had in 1999 . The ’99 referendum was about who Australias titular head of state should be not about Independence . Australia has been fully Independent since 1986 with the passing of the Australia Acts . Scotland could retain Elizabeth as their head of state but severe their connection to the British Parliament . The National flag of Scotland is the Union Flag and that would have to change as Scotland would no longer be a part of the UK . Australias flag should have changed in 1986 when we separated from the UK .

    670. Mick Piggott says:

      So how about that beautiful all-encompassing word for politicans especially the likes of Cameron and Abbott – FUCKWIT?

    671. Jo Rofe says:

      No one says “traino”. It’s the British who say “bathers” and they say “trunks” also. Aussies say “swimmers” and “cossie”. You’ve left off the best one – “spunk” and all variations of including “spunk rat” which is a very big spunk indeed. That usually raises a few pommie eyebrows. Maybe young Aussies no longer use this expression.

    672. Lesley says:

      “Chav” is derived from a romany gypsy word “chavi” which means child. Nothing to do with council estates.

    673. Kevin Riddell says:

      He may be a bastard but Roxon, you’re a bitch.He was voted in by his electorate and it is up to them.

    674. Alan says:

      A typical Labor party politician – still airing their dirty linen in public.

    675. KP says:

      The media are again showing their short little attention spans. Their are eskimoes untouched by western civilization who know Kevin Rudd was a bastard. The big revelation here is that Rudd used to refer to NSW Premier Kristina Keneally as “Bambi”. She is actually very intelligent and out-manoeuvred Rudd at the COAG negotiations.

    676. Debra says:

      Having lived in London & Sydney, London has more economic opportunities and a wider variety of entertainment but Sydney is cleaner, safer, has more space per individual and friendlier people (in general). It depends on what the ranking criteria they used were as this could’ve affected the result.

    677. Benson says:

      No wonder that Bill Shorten wants more women in labor. The bloody men they’ve got are useless and it sounds that they are going to depend on women to bring unity to labor.

    678. Peter Murphy says:

      Ranga?? never heard of it think you mean Bluey/Blood Nut
      Goon bag?? your making this up, what part of Oz are you from?? have lived in this great country for 65 years never heard of goon gag.

    679. Michael D. says:

      I totally disagree. I feel the inclusion of Plibersek at such a high level will only aggrevate the already tense situation. Her acidic tongue will get her and the party into heaps of trouble. The Labor heirachy is beset with allegiances to many factions – and that, in itself, is reason to be wary of this so-called “democratic election” for the leader (& team) just held.

    680. mick says:

      Tania has the right colour hair to be a minister in this Labor Government ” I rest my case “

    681. Emps says:

      Most of the aussie so called slang putting’o’at the end of words is what Brits did at early years school but grew out of. Brits can also relate bucks picked up from the yanks not Aussies. Whats the big deal about undies, pants and trousers? we know that its an Aussie obsession, but have they not heard the word breeches still used in some parts up north. Arvo..traino..woop..woop, don’t make me laugh..pmslol.

    682. Matt says:

      I wonder about the people who complain about our transoport system. I think it is fine. Not as good as London’s but we still have a world class AND SAFE transport system. As for the price of living in Sydney, it is still cheaper than London, Paris, New York, etc etc etc. Plus the sun shines in Sydney often, and summer is rally summer! I love the place!

    683. Grog monster says:

      Bathers my bum, what a load of crap, what about cossies, boardies, scunnos, dick stickers, budgie smugglers, togs…..Bathers actually sounds so English

    684. Steve says:

      “ask a British male what they call their swim shorts – they are so primitive they haven’t even got a word for it.” Er, yes they have? Swimming trunks? Google it.

    685. Kalyn says:

      I love this too much! Is it weird that I live in Canada but I still read Australian Times? I don’t think so

    686. Jon says:

      I take it it doesn’t take into account the woeful transport system, or the price of living in Sydney?

    687. ex-welded to labor says:

      Sorry ALP…bill shorten – bad choice. should have picked someone with integrity. bill shafted kev, then shafted julia. is this not self-serving political opportunism?

      get in touch with the zeitgeist ALP.

    688. James says:

      Bianca needs to give us TNT readers more information on London transport than this rudimentary effort. It’s simply a lesson in the “bleeding obvious”.

    689. James Stevens says:

      Great news for the environment. Especially as the reality of global warming is hitting many Aussies right betwen the eyes. As an Englishman, the sodden masses of unread TNT magazine polluting my local high street has always depressed me. The content was always garbage anyway – this news is literally good riddance to bad rubbish.

    690. Ken McGregor says:

      This is actually John Olsen’s second exhibition in London. His first solo exhibition was at Cosa Gallery, London, England. 7 December – 22 December, 2005. The exhibition was a series of etchings and a book launch. Teeming with Life, His Complete Graphics 1957-2005.

    691. Kathryn says:

      Bonkers! Having lived in both, I’d say Sydney beats London hands down for cleanliness, safety, space and friendly locals.

    692. James says:

      He’s hot. I’d totally snuggle up to that!

    693. Henry T says:

      Jamie Soward was a absolutely amazing for London and he bought a spark of life to the team of youngsters and underperforming aussies. He is a top class professional because he managed to lift a depressed, losing team from the bottom of the table and reach the challenge cup semi-final. He scored 5 tries, 24 conversions and a drop-goal in 9 games for the Broncos. He scored some outstanding tries but my favourite was when he scored an outstanding solo try in the CC v Sheffield Eagles (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-pe3yG7ZhI)

      In his short time in London, Soward became my favourite player and I’m very sad that he had to go to Penrith. But he did say that he would highly consider finishing out his career at the London Broncos ‘if his body allowed it’!

    694. Barb from Oz says:

      San Frans is so awesome, I’ve been going often over the last 10 years that now it feels like a second home. I highly recommend it and if you’re from Sydney you’ll feel very at home too as it shares some similarities to the city area in Sydney. Don’t forget amazing American hospitality which can’t be beaten in any other country.

    695. Agg says:

      If the Indo govt was serious about stopping the trade then it would be sorted by now. Their lack of effort/commitment/care means someone else has to take care of their problem. If they want to have a whinge then let them. They’re lucky they’re not sent the bill for all this!

    696. Markr says:

      Actually the debt is quite small & Abbott, when he was Opposition Leader was busy digging up dubious past incidents about everyone on the other side of the house – so please if he can’t take it he should resign….

    697. Holiday cottages Carlisle says:

      I really like what you guys tend to be up too.
      This sort of clever work and coverage! Keep up the awesome works guys
      I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

    698. Kelly says:

      Is there anywhere in Edinburgh showing the game?

    699. Thierry Bayle says:

      This is exciting as the UK market is open to new international products. The city is truly international.
      However, as I work on the business side of Fashion, I often feel there is a lack of business insight especially today when it comes to stock management and optimization.
      Many Brands including some really high end could have no understanding of key concept or retail KPIs like open to buy or gmroi.
      Looking forward to visiting the shop in this vibrant Covent Garden London location.

      Thierry – @retailfashion

    700. Brian Coogan says:

      Fantastic news for wheelchair users like me!!!
      The Maxi Taxis currently in use in Perth are ancient and lack dignity and comfort for people with disabilities. Toyota is found particularly wanting in this regard!!!
      Is there the slightest chance that some vehicles could be allocated for private self drive
      purposes by wheel chair users. It would appear to only require removal of the driver’s security screen and to convert the driver’s seat to rotate 180 degrees to facilitate transfer from the wheelchair. This would revolutionise self driving for disabled persons around the globe.
      How about it?

    701. BJ Dwyer says:

      As a former employee I have to say no other bar in the world is like it and I know no other bar could ever replace the infamous SheBu Walkie. From the Australia Days, Waitangi Days, AFL grand finals, Kangaroos Q&A night, the ridiculous hours over the Rugby World Cup and the unforgettable night of Katchafire, raise a glass of snakebite (dirty or clean) and here’s cheers to the Walkabout and all of the amazing memories, or lack there of…

    702. Larissa says:

      I am so saddened by this news!! The Walkie was such a comfort and our slice of home in my beloved new UK home. I worked at the Walkie in 2006 and earnt every bit of my 5.25 per hour for all the snakies I made. A real loss!

    703. Jana Pekova says:

      Thank you for sharing the article. Making your way down South of Morocco, beyond the Marrakech destination is a real treat for any traveler. Chegaga sand dunes are spectacular, much larger spreading over bigger area then Erg Chebbi and also much more adventurous as you can not get there by regular car.
      It is not only the desert that should attracts travelers to the Souther part of the country. It is the stunning and every changing scenery, the culture where one can still see Nomads on the fields with their herds. It is the ruined Kasbah that dot the roads and small towns where life seem to stop in place.

    704. Liss Morgan says:

      I remember watching Just Jinger play after I had just moved to London, was a great night and I met a whole new London family that are still great friends to today. Even starting there on the circle line Waitangi Pub Crawl and still being able to stand to finish there 11 hours later, absolute epic, great memories

    705. Richard says:

      As a Kiwi, also many good memories there. It was the place to be after the famed Waitangi Day pub crawl! When we lived in Cambridge (before moving to London) we would head down to go to Shebu. Best pub in the world, hands down..

      Now it’s closing, the UK is dead to us..

    706. Marcus says:

      So many epic nights at the Walkabout. My highlight was when Hamish and Andy paid a visit during their gap year. Hilarious!

    707. Cam says:

      When the predictive text on my phone completed the sentence “Just having one more beer” with “at the Walkabout” .. I knew I had a problem.

    708. grace says:

      top reason to move there.. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH

    709. Hoa Minh Truong says:

      Everyone one in Australia and Indonesia, including both government know well the most people come from the Middle East without fear, they just buy the airfare with legal passport then go to Indonesia as tourist, the next stage paying for the people smuggle ring and taken a short trip to Australia.
      The asylum seeker is not refugee, but Indonesia gains profit from them: tourist and people smugglers, so An Indonesian MP told rubbish about the Australia turning back the boat is illegal..he is very low profile.
      People have no happy while someone come to your house without notice and you have to pay for accommodation, making trouble…that is asylum seeker.
      I am Vietnamese boat people, I got out from my country was not easy, I had to hide in jungle and took a small boat. I didn’t know the destination, it was the God sake. I faced the extreme dangers as rough sea, hungry and the Pirate came from Thailand, I am survivor. From 1975 to 1989, there was about 500,000 Vietnamese boat people died on the way to find freedom, but in the reality, the numerous boat people was up to a million ( The Greens is like Hanson Sarah Young has to wake up, if Greens want to know, please read my books).
      But there is Vietnamese boat people turned asylum seekers after to be granted the resident status, they came back safe to where they claimed the human rights being abused, even though someone became the drug traffickers and planted the cannabis in Australia, US, Europe…As the hard evidence, in 2005, the Hao Kiet boat carrying 54 Vietnamese boat people, they claimed the danger if live in Vietnam, therefore after getting the resident status, they came back Vietnam without threat.
      Hoa Minh Truong.
      ( author of 3 books: the dark journey, good evening Vietnam & from laborer to author)

    710. John Azzopardi says:

      Why does Indonesia stop the arrival of all these so called Refugees into their country. If they are allowed to land there then They are Indonesia’s
      problem. Jazz

    711. Judith Laws says:

      It seems inhumane to me, but I guess it is one way to ‘stop the boats’. Well done Australia

    712. Robert Hindry says:

      Thank God, at last we have a government with a bit of ticker.
      Indonesia needs to respect our borders.

    713. victoria says:

      People smugglers have blood on their hands once again. The governments of both countries need to stop this illegal activity before any more die.

    714. John says:

      Most Australians are strongly opposed to the current Government’s policy on asylum seekers and refugees coming by boat.

    715. A.Dwer says:

      Australia has every right to turn back foreign vessels that do not have a ‘Port of Departure Clearance.’ I am a retired ship’s Captain who regularly sailed to foreign ports and prior to leaving Australia I had to obtain a ’Ship Clearance’. Many time I sailed to Indonesia and without exemption I had to produce a clearance document from my port of departure.
      The Indonesian authority is disrespecting Australian sovereignty by allowing Indonesian flagged vessels with Indonesian crews and carrying aliens into Australian waters. We have every right to protect our borders.

    716. Anthony says:

      Great movie, but (spoiler alert) the movie didn’t show what happened once all the inhabitants of earth suddenly became citizens of Elysium, and therefore able to go there. Eventually Elysium would become overpopulated, polluted and starved of resources too! The funny thing is, in real life, Matt Damon is one of those people living on Elysium. How about letting a few refugees come stay at your place and enjoy your wealth Matt, then tell us we should open the floodgates!

    717. Russ says:

      I’d love to to see Target ‘target’ advertisers who are clearly masculine or feminine as represented by the vast majority of their customers instead of bowing to their trendy uni-grad advertising department that purposely chooses to put a person representing an activist minority group. The ads definitely aren’t realistic. Forget the fact that he’s homosexual – would people honestly snuggle up alongside him or be drawn to someone like that, let alone have children trailing along behind him like the Pied Piper in the video ads? Seriously. How typical would that be for the average Aussie parent to encourage their kids to jump in alongside some like that. He’s free to make his own life choices. And Target is free to rub his creepiness in their customer’s faces. Until we decide there’s heaps of other stores that don’t have to stoop to championing weirdness and yes, we’re shopping there. New K-Mart opening up in our town and if Target forges on in this workingclass area, they can just lose market share if they choose. Freedom of choice? Yeah. For the consumers as well. :)

    718. Richard Clowes says:

      Senator Christine Milne is a fool and does not speak for the majority of Australians. These people did the crime, now it is time they did the time.

    719. Richard Clowes says:

      It is about time that we have a government with the balls to stand up to these illegal invaders and their Indonesian accomplices. Well done!

    720. Phill Robinson says:

      well done !! the Australian Navy at last they are allowed to do their job and return those people to Indonesia

    721. Graham says:

      Well done! We need to send them all back to send a VERY strong message to Indonesia that our doors are closed. We can’t look after our pensioners and homeless so why should we have to accept these people? The priviledges and monies given to these people is disgracefull, free this, free that, whilst our own linger in poverty! Come on government, do you really think this is fair? Our own have paid taxes, contributed to the country and we give ALL the benefits to these boat people! It’s WRONG! STOP the boats, ALL of them and spend the monies on our own.

    722. SSAO says:

      nothing personal…but it takes a great mind to manage lies, half trues and the occasional straightforward, problem causing full truth. Does Abott have this Magiavelli mind? Duhuh.. As every child knows the truth will eventually creep up on you, emerging on the wrong moment. sleep well Aussie, the PM will take care of you…I have a dream, a dream that hopefully will turn out in good dream. Peoples lives, happiness, the occasional well being are involved. Already this PM is hiding into the dark curtains and he has hardly started yet. Elm Street business coming up next! sleep, sleep,….SLEEP

    723. F.E.Youngs says:

      About time, send them all back. I am sick of paying taxes for these people.

    724. Matt says:

      Epic fail! So much for Abbott stopping the boats, and now using their own spurious argument this government have blood on their hands

    725. Donzal says:

      Full marks expat tiger with one exception. Democratic government does the will of the people and can be trusted to account to them. This pack of charlatrans couldn’t lie straight in bed (and hope you’re stupid enough to not realise it). Thanks to the distrustful xenophobes and shallow thinkers that voted in a team of their own kind for us all to suffer..

    726. robert curtis says:

      they should return all asylum seekers back to Indonesia or we will experience the atrocity’s the same as in Africa ,

    727. Warren says:

      Well done the Australian Navy and Australian Government. It’s about time we had a government with a bit of ticker and will stand up to the ridiculous situation of allowing other countries to dictate what we, as a nation, will accept on their behalf! We’ve been a soft touch for far too long…

    728. Matt says:

      It is quite unfair seeing that Australians are known as notoriously hard working people and all they can manage is two years working their backsides off whilst Eastern Europeans swan in to England and live off benefits with no intention to work…

    729. TT says:

      anyone know where I can watch then grand final in the manchester/warrington area?

    730. expat tiger says:

      Thats the new way of democracy, now Australia is on par with North Korea. The same argument was we will stop the refugee boats: we just wont report their arrivals to anyone then they think there are no boats. O me miserum.

    731. Barbie says:

      Thanks, haven’t been to some of these & now looking forward to a few weekends in Soho. Great work!

    732. charmaine virgona says:

      I will be there for her family having been a victim of rape and survived – thirty ago!!!! People can make a difference!!!!

    733. Alex Ivett says:

      This is the article on where to watch the AFL Grand Final in 2012. For 2013 information see http://www.australiantimes.co.uk/sport/afl/where-to-watch-the-2013-afl-grand-final-live-in-london.htm. Thanks.

    734. Felicity says:

      Need to check your facts….Freo Dockers are in thr Grand Final, not Sydney Swans!

    735. Pigeon says:

      Thank goodness someone in a position of political authority is finally taking a stand against this rubbish. I hope the UK government follows this example.

    736. Winston George says:

      Always a mean bunch.

    737. PSV says:

      Obidos is indeed a magical village. Portugal is indeed full of these small towns and villages that are steep in history. Result of the countries long legacy. Portugal has indeed been a hidden gem but it’s starting to get noticed by virtue of multiple awards that start to ad up in the last couple years. All these awards are a testament to the quality of the attractions in Portugal.

      If you’re vising and like to “experience the country like a local”, I’d recommend services like http://www.WiserGo.com. They that let’s you design several travel packages with Portuguese agents, select your favorite, they will book everything and provide customer support while you’re in Portugal. Since they are local agents, they know the ins-and-outs of everything and you get to experience the country as a local!

    738. Rebecca hill says:

      My partner and I are thinking of moving to Australia but don’t know how go about it I have two young kids one going school next year I’m a sales manager he has done labouring n Goodsin is there many jobs n schools out there for us to get into please email [email protected] any guidance much appreciated

    739. Bruce Lynn says:

      Julia’s quote which exemplified this embrace of failure was “No excuses, no explanations.” http://brucelynnblog.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/no-excuses-no-explanations/

    740. Alan says:

      No, Amanda admitted her family had no money nor raised any by the ransom payment in Nov 09.
      Yes, the Brennans + Bob Brown financed all of the US$600k ransom then Dick & Pip Smith loaned the $620k to pay AKE, the London based K&R co., its 4 months fees/expenses.

      Apparently, to date, the Lindhouts have yet to repay the Smiths any of their half of the $1.2m paid out – though Amanda claimed in ivs last week after her book launch that they had done so “within 7 months of their release” cf. Not at all, as set out in Nigel’s book 27 months later.

      So is Amanda right and Dick Smith wrong – what do you think?

      eg. see last week’s MacLeans mag article in Canada: http://www2.macleans.ca/2013/09/06/escape-from-hell/

      Who do I believe? no doubt I’d go w Nigel’s t-shirt (& book) everytime on that!!

    741. Kate Bishop says:

      Thanks for the great info on where to watch the AFL Grand final. Any tips for where to watch the NRL Grand final? Cheers

    742. David says:

      I have lived and worked in PNG for 10 years, raising my young family there. It is really tragic what is happening in that country. While PNG enjoys a very high GDP/capita, it is scratching bottom in its standard of living. Why? Embedded corruption has alienated a growing segment of the ‘grass roots’ population who are weary of seeing their nation’s wealth being siphoned off to off-shore havens (mainly Australia) Law and Order has collapsed! Emergency? Police often have no fuel for their neglected 4WD’s in rural areas.

      PNG does look fantastic from the air and once had the potential to be a true ‘paradise’. Sadly it has chosen the path of lawlessness, from the top down, and lived down to its motto ‘The Land of the Unexpected’ in the worst possible way.

      Righteousness exalts a nation, but lawlessness condemns any people.
      Proverbs 14:34

    743. Jerome says:

      Great Article

    744. Rubee says:

      Australia has the largest number of wild purebred camels in the world and we export them to Saudi Arabia!

    745. Stephen Gay says:

      The liberal democratic party is clearly an issue however it is little variation from DLP compared to ALP. The main issue is that the Liberation National Party totally lacked the foresight to see the potential clash and do something about it.

      We were wondering how many Liberal/ National politicians voted Liberal Democrats by mistake. I would suspect about half.

      With respect to comments that the system is flawed complete total nonsense. There are many second placed ALP and Liberals who do not get large primary votes. Are they seriously suggesting they should not have been elected either? No of course not; they are mainstream.

      What the election showed was that voters are uneducated and confused.

      I agree some sort of filtering process is required to limit the number of Senators – but how? I would suggest a noncompulsory preelection to endorse candidates. In the modern age this could be done online.

      Candidates have to win say 1% of votes in order to be endorsed to go onto the Senate Ticket.

    746. Billgo says:

      It is not possible to design a perfect system, but we can design a better one. Making voting “below the line” practical and sensible by limiting the required number of entries (say to 12) would be one important step, by removing the incentive to go with all of your chosen party’s choices instead of having to fill 100 or even 54 boxes.
      A second simple improvement would be to make it compulsory to nominate your major preferences if you choose to vote “above the line” – even having to number every ‘above the line’ box would be an improvement on putting yourself entirely in the hands of the ‘party strategists’ and would involve less paperwork than the present system.
      A third possibility is to follow the English practice of requiring a fairly hefty deposit from candidates or parties which is forfeited if they fail to get over a minimum proportion of the primary vote (say 7%). That might at least slow down some of the loonies.

    747. bernard law says:

      The Catholic church didn’t care if these guys were cured, just like satan wouldn’t. If they thought they were cured, they would have told the parishioners.

      The Catholic church rapes children, lies about it, and fights the victims. Why do Australians not realize that it isn’t God’s church??

    748. Very Concerned says:

      What fanciful thinking by Mr Palmer, especially considering he failed to complete his undergraduate degree. He will have very little sway in parliament. Sadly whilst this man has perceived wealth, he has little substance.

    749. TC says:

      The derisive attitude towards “light” beers is ridiculous. I don’t understand it. I have a friend that will drink English bitters all the live long day (very low alcohol) but turn his nose up at a Sam Adams lite or a a Coors lite. It makes no sense. If you want to drink a Corsendonk or St. Sebastian after working out in the hot sun all afternoon, go right ahead, but a high alcohol beer is not what I want at that time. My guess is the high alkie folks are not getting much exercise anyway other than the one handed hoist. Cheers

    750. sahil vig says:

      i am having 3.10 years experience with finance and banking, am i eligible to move on permanent residency. kindly check and revert.

    751. Winston George says:

      Craig Emerson has now retired & should hold his rhetoric. Kevin was elected by the the people of Griffith to stay & he is now obliged to assist them for the next three years. He has proved that he is talented & has a lot to contribute to the labour cause.

    752. Jerome says:

      Great Article

    753. Nicole says:

      The new story I saw said Amanda’s family raised the money…interesting

    754. BruStep says:

      It appears that the further your are from the country’s “woes”, the clearer your thinking!

    755. hugh jorgan says:

      where’s KEVIN’S video? .. the abc doesn’t show it .. the murdoch media mention over and over again it’s a generic yet it brought the housemates to tears.. i don’t want to watch abbott’s one..i’ve seen it already on the ‘objective’ national broadcaster..balance please!

    756. andrew petrou says:

      Another Abbot symptom of being punch drunk: he opens and closes his mouth and flicks his tongue around when not speaking. It turns my stomach. Hi is an embarrassment to Australia.

    757. Helen Moat says:

      Hi Lorna!
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Glad you enjoyed the story.

    758. Lorna Bell (nee)Lavery says:

      Hi Helen! What a lovely description . I felt I
      Was there with you. Well done on winning. So many happy memories of growing up with you. You were the best and probably the most influential person in my teenage years. Precious times of inocence and simple pleasures. Do you remember Moira hall on Friday night! It was so exciting I fell asleep. Lorna x

    759. Kristi says:

      Such a talent!! Wish I could be there to share what will be, without a doubt, a powerhouse performance! Looking forward to hearing the new tracks soon.

    760. Welsh Dog says:

      I’ve no doubt that personally Tony Abbott is a nice man, perhaps even a better bloke than Kevin Rudd but the policies of the party he leads are socially divisive and potentially ruinous to the economy. The only safe alternatives are Labor or the Greens, especially in the Senate.

    761. Alexander says:

      I’d pick a intelligent socially awkward leader with economic, foreign policy and technology skills over a bogan sexist half-priest from last centuries politics

    762. Peter Farmer says:

      I believe there is more issues of paramount importance other than the issue of homosexual marriage to be considered by Australian voters.
      This election result will determine what Australians really value and need for our country’s and its peoples future.

    763. maria hadenough says:

      too funny Andrew lol I can’t stand it when Abbott speaks but i have managed to listen to Rudd for hours at a time lolo

    764. joh says:

      If Rudd is so married ,in love and a Christian why isn’t there a MRS Rudd , does she not want to share his name because it might be bad for her business

    765. Ian says:

      Most of Australia cringes when Mr Abbott opens his mouth.

    766. ET says:

      Abbott is an idiot. He reveals this every time he opens his mouth. How anyone in this country is planning to vote for this fool is beyond me. Remember people, this guy will be our representative to the world. He is already a joke, if we elect him in, then we become the punchline.

    767. Brian Dunn says:

      Thank God the housemates only get one vote each.What a bunch of lame ducks!Tony Abbotts daughters are a credit to any father and should be applauded.No,they have too much class to be on Big Brother.

    768. mAROON says:

      Big Brother is a waste of viewing space, Kevin Rudd is as believable as the Bob Katter proclaming to represent the Northern Qld electorate, both wantabee’s
      When the election is over Rudd will once again get knifed and Bill Shorten will be the new leader.
      Rudd is a dill,with Shorten in charge the Labor Party will be much stronger and more believable.

    769. udi says:

      I disagree with Julian about many things, but some scrutiny of government workings, would be a fine thing. If they were fielding a candidate here in WA, I would cast my vote in their direction.

    770. mick says:

      All most every person that appear on Big Brother are MORONS

    771. Auspol Observer says:

      How about this one:
      ” I think there does need to be give and take on both sides, and this idea that sex is kind of a woman’s right to absolutely withhold, just as the idea that sex is a man’s right to demand I think they are both they both need to be moderated, so to speak”
      Abbott on q&a in 2009

    772. Brad says:

      If you vote Wikileaks & there are not enough votes to elect Wikileaks your vote will go to the next preference – The Wikileaks Party: (NSW Senate Preferences) http://www.aec.gov.au/election/nsw/gvt.htm#i – and voting below the line is a nightmare – over 100 numbering….

    773. Brad says:

      Hello, wake up – highly valid are the senate preferences as your vote goes to the next in the line of preferences – I don’t want my vote going to a right wing party that puts One Nation first like the shooters party! No Hello – preferences count! Who numbering 100 or more candidates on the over the one meter long senate ballot paper of over 39 small parties – 4% vote below the line and select their own preferences – the rest, thats 96% vote with one number and don’t put 100 numbers on the ballot – wake up Australian voters – senate preferences count.

    774. Ian Decker says:

      Isn’t it odd that when an election is called it shows how well police are protected. The lies that is being exposed shows the length the police will go to – to present them as above normal law abiding citizens and if elected will bring secularism in that the concerns of the electorate will be equally represented. How many citizens have a crimminal record because the police gave evidence against alledged law breakers all because the police believe like the liberal coalition they are born to rule regardless of the consequences and damage they cause to individual people. Operational police when protected are just as corrupt as those exposed in our last Royal Police into corruption

    775. Helen Moat says:

      Thank you Dimuthu – and thank you for getting me there.

    776. Dimuthu Gamage says:

      Wow You won! That’s great Helen!!

    777. Andrew Petroh says:

      I can say with confidence that Abbot is showing obvious signs of being punch drunk with his continual repitition and his ” umming and aaring” plus his George Bush style irrational comments plus other physical symptoms like his boxer style walk and barely controlled tongue movements.

    778. mphammed says:

      I am mohammed alsawalqa from jordan.
      can i be a truck driver in Australia?

    779. Helen Moat says:

      Thank you, Amila. And thanks again for your encouragement on Sri Pada.

    780. Tradlyn says:

      If you get publicity that is all the better. We need people like Wikileaks to show that there is still freedom to tell the truth of what governments try to hide.

    781. glutenfreiberlin says:

      Hi, just found your blog post from my berlin gluten free alert. There are quite a lot of places here that cater for gluten free now. Dirty South in Friedrichshain is rather good. I have them all listed on my blog, just search for glutenfrei in berlin.

    782. Winston George says:

      The liberals are getting very arrogant with each day passing. Rupert Murdoch is working wonders for them. Well it is not over until the fat lady sings. Labour voters & supporters keep the faith our values & vote with pride.

    783. Christine says:

      The freedom of movement of people around the globe is a difficult and contentious one. I don’t think(or at least I hope) these restrictions will be indefinate on OZ and NZ and will be relaxed when there is a need again for extra labour and markets pick up again.

      I think the current government wants to shows an overall reduction in immigration figures which has impacted unfairly on Australians and NZ’ers. It now looks as if they (the torries) will not even achieve these outcomes of reducing overall immigration while removing people like Sally who would like to stay and sincerely benefit society and the children they teach.

    784. thomas vesely says:

      with wikileaks party in the senate trough feeders and enablers will be held to better
      can’t be bad……….

    785. Amila Sampath says:

      Wow! you have won it! Nice one :D

    786. Helen Moat says:

      Thank you, Jonny – thought you’d find the article interesting as you’ve done the climb.

    787. Agg says:

      My case for Indefinite Leaving to Remain was remitted to the Home Office after a hearing on the 24th July 2012, since which I have had no response or update, which I am sure you will agree is an
      unreasonable amount of time.

      What the most frustrating part is that the hold up centres on no one, (except my lawyer who found the ruling in law) including the Immigration judge for my hearing and the Home Office attorney, knowing the ruling on whether the arrival and departure date is included as a day “outside the UK” when totaling the number of days away during my 5 year Ancestry Visa. If the days were to be included then I would be about 15 days over the 180 limit (which has since been changed to 180 days per year, not per 5 years), but as the law stands I was under the limit by about the same amount.

      As it stands I have had to postpone a flight to Australia I booked last January twice costing £250 (thinking that 8 months would allow plenty of time to process my Visa), missed a family holiday when I was to meet up with my Mum, sisters and nephews, and now will miss my best friends 40th birthday in May which all my old friends will be attending. I’ve also lost £600 from internal Australia flights I booked last January that couldn’t be put into credit. On top of the £1200 application fee I’ve also had £1000 lawyers fees and £120 court fees.

      I haven’t been able to leave the UK since January last year when my passport and birth certificate was sent to them for the initial application and I can’t apply for other jobs either without having a Passport/Visa (luckily I’m quite happy where I am at the moment).

      I have always paid my taxes since I arrived in 2007, have had regular employment and due to me not being eligible for government funds, have never claimed any benefits. I have adapted well to the UK way of life, have mostly British friends and an English girlfriend.

      It seems that being a part of the Commonwealth, having the queen as a head of state etc is meaningless to the UK govt these days. It also seems as though non EU people are being harshly dealt with because the govt has no say whatsoever in who waltzes into the country from the EU and they want to reduce overall immigration. So, we, Australian’s, and other culturally aligned countries pay the price for the UK govt poor policies.

    788. Jonny Blair says:

      Nice one Helen!! Well done and I loved Adam’s Peak too!! Jonny

    789. Helen Moat says:

      Thank you, Wendy. I didn’t think I had the energy either, but with the encouragement of my Sri Lankan companions I made it up there.

    790. AGGI says:

      Who world are you in mark, the high-ground is easy

    791. Wendy says:

      Well done Helen! Sounds good but don’t think I’d have the energy.

    792. Helen Moat says:

      Thank you, Glenn. It’s worth the journey. I hope you make it there one day.

    793. Glenn Asher-Gordon (@asher_gordon) says:

      Congratulations Helen – on both winning the monthly competition – and reaching the top of the mountain!! Hope to try it myself some day.

    794. Terry Rowlings says:

      Navy has used Morton Bay in the past and knows how unsuitable it is as a Fleet Base. It is a shallow bay with a man-made channel which needs constant dredging against the shifting sands. Another Rudd thought bubble without bothering to ask people who understand the requirements and the issues.

    795. Mimi says:

      1. are you joking? So you think there were no deaths during Howard’s reign? LOL
      2. so the tradies all of a sudden didn’t know how to install home insulation? Bosses train, bosses are responsible
      3. Abbott said 2009: “I also think that if you want to put a price on carbon, why not just do it with a simple tax? Why not ask motorists to pay more, why not ask electricity consumers to pay more and then at the end of the year you can take your invoices to the tax office and get a rebate of the carbon tax you’ve paid.”- Yeah but it’s ok if he says it ey?
      4. yeah let’s plant some trees that’ll fix it
      5. again, where do you get your facts? Know anything about the senate?
      Yeah you take Abbott and Fr Nestor – we know your type

    796. portland says:

      citizenship will never happen for most kiwis, Australia has got a big problem with boat people, and now they will fast track rich asians to citizenship. I really think kiwis living in Aus need to wake up that asians are there no 1 priority. There is also chatter that aus immigration department will be sending home heaps of kiwis with criminal records, homeless and unemployed kiwis, it is coming

    797. Jabez says:

      NO! Keep them away and their bleeding didgeridoos and boomerangs until they come to their senses and ban the bleeding Monarchy.

    798. Winston George says:

      If Bruce Reid is cleared in the Supreme Court, then the club should revisit this whole saga to get a likewise finding

    799. Keli says:

      Some audiences need to have a good look at their irrational behavior an hurtful words.

    800. Ian says:

      Truth, justice and freedom. Left + right concerns. Quibbles about preferences not going directly to the Greens are a petty issue and maybe those who resigned were more interested in benefiting left-wing parties with an interest in rubber-stamping lower-house government decisions than in providing the kind of oversight that the Wikileaks Party has been created for?

    801. Chickadee says:

      He wasn’t actually “trafficking” as in dealing with substances. A couple of times a sports scientist got him to take the peptides to the sports doctor technically comes under “trafficking”.

      To quote an article: “Sandor basically picked up something from Dank and took it to Dr Khan,” Mr Unsworth said. “It was entirely for his own use.”

      ASADA believe this trip constituted one of the elements of the trafficking charges against Earl. “

    802. Hopeless Hick says:

      Adam Who?

    803. Adam Rheeston says:

      I want to live and work in Australia with my wife and child. I am over 30 and have no qualifications on paper but have years of experience. I am in my mid thirties and do not consider myself as to old. my Mothers Cousin and her Husband ( Who is the Head of a large Mining Consortium) have said they wish to Sponser us, as I have the relevant experience He wants. But as there is no paper trail, where does that leave us. Is there a way it can be done? your help would be most appreciated.

    804. mark says:

      very well written. good work. i am excited about what the party could bring.

    805. Hugh Eveleigh says:

      Yes he’s partly right but the door must be open to all the Commonwealth Realms i.e. NZ, Canada, Jamaica etc who have the Queen as Head of State. I believe there still have to be immigration controls but Realms should be accorded privileges as they are part of the family

    806. Kat says:

      Sally deserves a place here! So bring her back!

    807. Winston George says:

      The sooner the better. Australians would make a far better contribution to the well being of Great Britain than most European countries. They are there only for economic reasons & are least patriotic

    808. expat tiger says:

      O’Farrell showed thats all he can do is huff and puff. Since he has been in power he has achieved nothing; good job if you do nothing and get paid highly for it. Just look at the shooting crimes around Sydney that are out of control, you are safer on the streets of the Phillipines.

    809. Benson says:

      So since Barry O’farrel publicly told Kevin Rudd off, is Kevin Rudd going to blame Rupert Murdock for that public confrontation?

    810. Flipper says:

      It is unfathomable that a Prime Minister would ignore a Premier and the obligations he has to his state and peoples and do what Rudd has done. As O’Farrell says, even a phone call might have been reasonable. Rudd is gone. He is only in this PM’s job for Rudd and that is against the will of the people. Both he and Gillard have completely trashed the brands of 1) the ALP, 2) the Office of Prime Minister and 3) the Parliament of Australia – even moreso than the foul mouthed hasbeen, Paul Keating.
      I hope they get wiped off the face of Australian politics on the 7th. because that is what they deserve.

    811. Pamela says:

      Unless they’re sent out here by ship for stealing a loaf of bread to feed their families. Ring any bells? The jokes on the authorities of the time because they turned their ships around and went back to depressing grey old England while we live in a sunny paradise here :p

    812. Pamela says:

      Keelan I don’t think our PM knows the actual expression is Fair ‘suck’ of the sauce bottle, but it’s typical of another conservative to lame it down.

    813. Pamela says:

      It’d work for the after hours drinks, since our drinking habits are about the same.

    814. Michael says:

      I spent 4 years in the UK and couldn’t believe what I had to go through to stay in the country that long while EU residents who can’t even speak English let alone assimilate within the community could come and go as they please. Aust, UK and NZ share common bonds and values and Boris’s idea makes fantastic sense.

    815. Carol says:

      I’ve been living in the UK for 22 years with IDL, married to a Brit, have two British children, a mortgage there, done jury service but had to return to Australia to spend time with aged parents and because I overlooked that I can’t be out of the UK for more than 2 years I can’t return to the UK to live!

    816. Wendy says:

      Why not!!! My daughter, born in the USA , with Australian citizenship & Irish ancestry is able to freely work in the UK & EU.
      She has been living and working permanently in London since 2005 & loves it!! She considers herself one of the lucky ones. Many of her Aussie friends reluctantly had to leave due to inadequate visa requirements. I totally support this idea.
      Poms & Aussies are on the same page!!

    817. Roger Whybrew says:

      Whatever rules, they should be reciprocated by both country’s. Simples.

    818. Keelan says:

      its fair “shake” of the sauce bottle ;)

    819. Agg says:

      Yeah I think you’re right Charlie, but it would have helped me in my situation after having spent the last 19 months waiting for the utterly useless Home Office to sort out my ILR Visa. Meanwhile the Bulgarian’s will have more rights to work in the UK than the Aussies soon despite being in the Commonwealth (which means nothing these days), having the Queen on the coins and fighting in the wars side by side with each other!

    820. Ashley says:

      I cant see why Australians should have anymore right to work here than anyone else. I dont personally know many Brits that would rush off to Australia.

    821. libby says:

      Aussie of course but don’t forget the Kiwis – we would need the same conditions if any visa conditions were to be relaxed.

    822. Erin says:

      If I’m after a tasty pho or bun, Viet on Greek Street is the place to go, but if it’s Thai I’m after then I head straight to Spicy Basil on Kilburn High Road.

    823. Charlie says:

      Even though I like the idea of Aussies working freely in the UK, this wouldn’t work for the benefit of Australia as half of the UK would move to Australia within 2 years. Imagine the population boom in Australia :)

    824. WendyL says:

      As I see it , the victims needs have been met with emergency financial assistance, family liaison officers, travel back to Bali for commemorations + lifetime health care, counselling + out-of-pocket expenses. My conclusion that Tony Abbotts pledge of $75000 is nothing more than a political point scoring effort. Disgraceful!

    825. Gary says:

      Today I googled “Australia protests Lane killing” and all I got was page after page of links to posts where Americans were asking “Why isn’t Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, etc. condemning this killing?”. To many, undoubtedly conservative, Americans this is an eye-for-an-eye issue. In reality there are no racial points to be scored in this incident; that so many (white) people should be trying to do so just shows what a deep seated problem racism still is in the USA.
      I applaud Tim Fischer’s proposed boycott, as ridiculous as it is in itself, it demonstrates to those Americans not under the spell of the NRA, what a f—-d attitude the USA has towards guns in comparison to the rest of the “civilized” world.

    826. Andrew says:

      A few things to do ? Edinburgh has more things to do and more castles and stunning architecture than the whole of Australia

    827. Henry says:

      I’m a mind reader and know what he will do for me….nothing. So he won’t be getting my vote.

    828. Hoa Minh Truong says:

      People concern a recycled product lessens the quality, despite it is the same as real one. Mr. Kevin Rudd, a rarely recycled prime minister in Australia political history, so his policies also recycles into the carbon tax, that he devised and re-product as changing title. The asylum seeker policy of Coalition to be re-productive as the PNG solution.
      Whatever, despite Mr. Kevin Rudd employs a strong advertising team with the excellent actors, but people know his policies doesn’t insure if he re-elected, he will wave the promises easily as he did since 2007.
      Hoa Minh Truong.
      ( author of 3 books: the dark journey, good evening Vietnam & from laborer to author)

    829. Benson says:

      Personaly i’ve had enough of this incompetent labor government in my opinion they have been a total disaster for Australia for the last six years, and no number of debates and ellection promises lies and illusions by Kevin Rudd is going to make me change my mind . The last six years of turmoil, chaos, division is what labor wants us to forget as if none of that bad has ever happened. They keep Falsely boasting how they saved Australia from the GFC then they rewarded the savior }of the GFC Kevin Rudd by sacking him soon after.Then Julia Gillard for her own political gain, announced Gonski, and the NDIS both policies are very popular as they should be, but then she too got sacked ,and back to square one with Kevin the Dudd the false Messiah

    830. alex says:

      Rudd requires a 8.5% swing against him in Griffith to lose the seat. That’s unlikely. These automated polls are predicting massive swings and are not anywhere near the results gathered by traditional polling methods. I think we can disregard them.

    831. Michelangelo of Australia says:

      Election speculation ad-nauseam ad-crapitorium.
      Seems like it has been forever that here, down under in Australia all we hear of is elections this, elections that. Who is stabbing who in the back. Who to trust. Who not to trust. Polls polls polls and polls and more and more and yet more and more and more polls. Well stuff all the polls, stuff face book, stuff the tweeting, stuff the biased unconstructive opinionated beat up media and journalistic incompetence, news and press that has become nothing more than vacuous commentary. Ban certain USA citizens. Too much negativity.
      Most Aussies can make up their own minds thank you very much, not everybody is as stupid as the media would have us believe.
      OMG, another 16 days to go.
      There is ONLY one poll that counts.. Roll on 7th of September.
      Rudd will still make the better Prime Minister.
      Abbott would be an International embarrassment for Australia.
      And the final question must go to Michelangelo…..
      Hey, when is it going to finish?

    832. J Doyle says:

      The most charming Indian is the lovely Malabar restaurant near Notting hill tube station in Holland Park. They have a good website with recipes too. Gorgeous pumpkin curry available as I remember.

    833. nononsense says:

      How is stating a fact racist drivel? You may not like it but that does not make it any less true. If the city of chicago and its urban dwelling minorities were to drop into lake michigan, illinois crime rate would plummet. its just true.

    834. HYUFD says:

      A Reachtel poll earlier this month had Rudd comfortably ahead in Griffith, so that Lonergan poll looks a bit odd.http://www.reachtel.com.au/blog/federal-election-2013-griffith-poll

      However, given Rudd’s relatively higher popularity in Queensland relative to the rest of the nation, I would expect him to do slightly worse in Griffith than he did in 2010 compared to the ALP’s performance in the rest of the state. Remember, in 2010 while Gillard was ALP leader he was still ALP candidate in Griffith so outperformed the ALP’s statewide performance, in 2013 he will be ALP leader so the ALP voteshare will increase across Queensland

    835. Maxine says:

      I just want to say: not all states have gun laws like Texas. Further, such a boycott is likely to hurt the states with stricter gun laws since many of the major American tourist destinations are in more liberal states. Such as Hawaii, which has among the strictest controls in the nation, and it’s much harder to transport weapons from another state. So, maybe just boycott states which have terrible gun laws. Although, I’m not sure that’d be boycotting or just considering your own safety when making travel plans.

      And Natassia, please take your racist drivel elsewhere. You might give people the impression that reasonable Americans actually believe that crap. Or maybe you really do think that, since all members of a group must think and act alike in your mind.

    836. Joan says:

      Go for it. Boycott the US for all the wrong reasons.

      Changing the gun laws only affects law abiding citizens. These KIDS weren’t old enough to legally own guns.

      It is possible that the guns were legally owned by clueless parents. As previous posters have commented, there are segments of the US population that have been socialized to believe that such behavior is no-biggie.


      So, yeah, if they didn’t have a gun, they’d use something else, equally effective.

    837. Flipper says:

      Essendon should NOT go into the finals. If the guilty verdict is upheld as it will be, what hapepens to 9th on the ladder? Another lawsuit that’s what. The AFL has gone soft again here and has been pursuaded that Essendon has some rights to object to the charges that are already proven. As for the stunt by Hird, a typical case of all to gain nothing now to lose by heading to the supreme court that only an AFL coach could afford! Demetriou has overseen the gradual dereliction of this, OUR, game. Its tiome he was fired too.

    838. PROM3THEUS says:

      So there’s your answer; if you aren’t a professional anything (or a customer service professional, as you like to call having absolutely no real world skill set) don’t be expecting to have money thrown at you and be treated like a King; or better yet be more pragmatic, stay in school, and develop an actual skill set in life before trying to squander your existence like some bohemian throwback on a quest to catch pubic lice, hep C, and cirrhosis of the liver!

    839. No Nonsense says:

      Would you feel better had they stabbed him to death, beat him with a rock or run him down with a car. It is pretty easy for 3 men to kill 1. The victim’s best chance would have been, to be armed himself.

    840. Kent says:

      Grass is always greener. I loved my 6 years in London for the culture, travel, shopping (Amazon!) and professional opportunities. At the same time I missed the chilled out lifestyle in Oz and am happy to be back again.

      At least 4 or 5 points in this “article” were essentially the same: I wanna drink cheap booze in great company in one of greatest cities on earth. Author is clearly obsessed with drinking and on a low income. What city would be amenable to that combination?

    841. Mr. Ed says:

      Yeh, thats because youre skilled in IT. You get paid heaps. If youre a customer service professional, the pay is awful compared to Sydney. IF you have money in London and easily find a job and accomodation, youre set. If not. you will struggle.

    842. Jess says:

      I’ve been in London a couple of years and am loving it. It is possible to get out and travel on a regular basis if you plan well,take only a backpack and take advantage of the sales.

      I’ve done two five day trips this month and booked another for next month. I also get out of London and see the country when I can as well. National Express do bus fares to other cities for under £10 so I find planned well a weekend out of London can be cheaper than a weekend drinking in London. Make cheap airfares, bus fares and hotels/hostels work for you!

    843. Natassia says:

      The problem is not the NRA or traditional gun culture.

      The problem is urban-dwelling minorities. Christopher Lane was shot to death by three young black men. Although young black men are less than 5% of the U.S. population, the account for half of the murders.

      And most of them carry firearms illegally because they are too young or they already have a criminal record, or they don’t have a permit to carry concealed. They obtain their weapons from fellow criminals, and oftentimes those were purchased through strawbuyers (also illegal) or stolen.

      The issue is not guns. The issue is minority Democrats (because all urban minorities are Democrats).

    844. Cheyne says:

      What crap, the author of this article obviously has no idea how to travel .. I lived in London for 2 years and had the time of my life.
      I did learn all about the history, I did country trips, and I travelled to the rest of Europe frequently on short holidays.

      As a contract software engineer I was making about 4 times the money I would be in Sydney and had plenty of time in between contracts to explore.

      Iv relocated to San francisco now for another job I would do it all again in an instant.

      Anybody considering doing the London move, dont listen to what this person has written, they sound like someone who goes on a holiday and never leaves the hotel.

    845. T says:

      Paul, I am saddened by the loss of Chris. I am at a loss with your reasoning that gun laws that could have prevented these thugs from killing him? Do you think they went to the local sporting goods store and bought registered guns? No. We have spent a Trillion dollars on the war against drugs but we are still the largest user of illegal drugs and are in the midst of an opiate epidemic. It’s not the guns or laws, it’s the people. 2% of our population, broken down by demographics, is responsible for 40% of the murders. Our government doesn’t want to fess up to the fact that our social policies have failed miserably and we have something called “politically correct speech” so we can’t say anything. The reason we need guns is not only to protect us from the lawless but also from the ones who make our laws! I understand and support the boycott but it is not our guns that are our problem. Please don’t forget there are Americans like me who know that Australia is the only country to stand beside us in every battle we have waged.

    846. maximus says:

      Agree. I was there 8 years. The first year was like the Author but you soon get tired of that bogan existence and look for something better. If you earn great money you can live very well there, far from the snakebite drinking hordes.

    847. Jarrod says:

      If you really think this is an accurate representation of working and living in London then you are the biggest idiot. Yes, you’re actually going to have to work believe it or not! Don’t spend all your time drinking and then you might have an income.

    848. Paul Gadd says:

      There is some truths to this rant, but overall my two years in London in the early 90’s were fun and exciting. Mind you, i did not do the typical Aussie UK experience, that is why i left Australia in the first place, Aussies can be quite embarrassing overseas, so i stayed away from them as much as possible…made for a much more enjoyable experience!

    849. Philip says:

      I was in London for 3 months 6 years ago and hated it! Over priced and full of miserable people. You couldn’t pay me to return there.

    850. Lee Patterson says:

      Really?? Is this what these Pollies have come to. Looking like a bunch of nerds and idiots and these are the people who want to run the country. They are promising millions of dollars to companies, schools etc but we are broke, are we not? Didn’t Rudd-Gillard-Rudd spend all we had after Howard left??

    851. Arron says:

      I cant wait to go back. I did have to come back cause of the money issue but i still managed to last for 4 years.

    852. Sarah Blinco says:

      So glad people agree with me here – this story really annoyed me – totally inaccurate. It’s what you make of it. Also, I have to say without fail, people I met who lived in London for under 6 months liked it ok, BUT anything over, and you’re hooked. I think it’s disgraceful to run this sort of article which would scare people from experiencing what could be the BEST time of their life in one of the most awesome cities in the world.

    853. BeeKaay says:

      There are people who believe that nobody has the right of self-defense. Those are the types who think that thugs and criminals should just run things and be the boss.

    854. Evan says:

      Well said.

    855. Adam says:

      I actually followed this story over from news.com.au to leave a post about how inaccurate this story is. I am so glad to see that several people have already jumped on it. Aussies are very quick to tell people from other countries “Well if you don’t like it go home”. So love, pack your bags! I had an awesome time in London pretty much doing the total opposite to this story. How do you publish this crap!

    856. JCee says:

      Rudd is the author of the kids book Abby and Jasper. Rudd is good at making up stories and telling them to kids, each day he campaigns in the sand pits and the school yards of Australia, Kev, kids don’t vote, STOP scaring them.
      When Rudd does venture out amongst people it is like a movie set, the extras are brought in on a big red bus. Rudd is a self manufactured fake and the recently added hand gestures are just another artificial additive to the strange mix.
      In Qld he is know as Dr Death for his cuts to the public service under Goss. Those, like the caucus and Dr John Mendoza, who got a taste of the real ineffectual Kev are scathing.
      I, like the polls, would trust the Libs to handle the economy, not Rudd.

    857. Evan says:

      Jonny – I’m not slating people working in a bar as you suggest. I’m referring to the wider article and Tim’s comment about ‘people doing it wrong’. People who move overseas and then don’t make the most of it, these are the people I’m referring to.

    858. Tara says:

      East Street provides a great mix of Asian food including Malaysian, Thai and Japanese. Be sure to try the Tahu Goreng… Delicious!

    859. Dan says:

      Mr Fischer as an American I agree, Australians that do not want to put themselves in danger of random senseless acts of violence on vacation SHOULD AVOID AMERICA. Insane Americans are running around with weapons killing for the fun of it. I am not in favor of the USA loosing our second amendment rights, but I am in favor of warning the people of the world planning a vacation anywhere on this planet of the possible threat of violence.

    860. milk4me says:

      “As far as I am concerned, the day you choose to join a criminal gang and carry a firearm is the day you lose your rights.”

      I don’t disagree that gang members should be disarmed, they are not “law abiding” by definition. But why disarm those that aren’t in a criminal gang? Has technology come so far as to predict that a citizen will become a gang member or commit a crime? If America were to disarm the law abiding population…the gangs (who don’t comply with laws) would rule every corner of the country overnight. If you want to affect crime in the U.S. you have to start by actually punishing those that do the crime with a real deterrent and not just a smack on the wrist. End the glorification of violence and “gotta get mine” attitudes in the inner cities. Until all that happens, law abiding folks need guns for protection since the police are not legally obliged to protect citizens anymore.

    861. countyline says:

      “The New South Wales Opposition today proposed legislation that would allow police to search individuals without a warrant under a Firearms Prohibition Order”

      So much for Aus being a free country. Don’t propose laws like this then criticize us for our gun laws. These kids were already breaking several laws.

    862. Jonny says:

      You think bartenders are all bogans?
      Huge generalisation there.
      What other jobs enable you to make friends and meet like minded people as much as a bar job does?

    863. FrauleinFink says:

      I work for a Tour Operator based in London that specialises in Antipodean travels! We have been approached in the past to spend money on advertising in Aus News UK… let me say this. WHY would we spend money on advertising with a website the publishes this shite?! It does not paint a good (or accurate for that matter!) picture of life as an expat in London, and I think it is a poor example of writing (no talent, sorry) and subject matter. London is what you make it, and for the majority of us it is an exceptional place with plentiful opportunity for all walks of life. I don’t get paid much but let me tell you the good times and travels have been abundent in my time here in London and I love every single minute!! This article should be removed.

    864. Scout says:

      Are you serious? This article is ridiculous to say the least. My time in London was the best time of my life. And I plan to go back for more. How’s that fit into the “reality”?

    865. Ebonie says:

      Anyone saying on here that they have friends who are able to travel every month are telling big porkies. The only people who can afford to do that on £7/hr are either doing it on credit/mummy and daddy or still have some savings left. In saying that there are heaps of awesome free things to do in London if you take the time to look them up :)

    866. chet manly says:

      Author is a twat.
      Love current expats that get off their arse.

    867. Jason Bredhauer says:

      Absolutely obsurd! I’ve lived in London for a number of years now. I spend my evenings hitting the ‘glamorous clubs’ and restaurants and spend my weekends exploring the lovely english countryside and hitting the farmers markets. London makes it so easy to do what ever you want. That bogan lifestyle the author has described does exist if you’re some newcomer off the boat who is ignorant and likes hanging around like-minded bogans in the walkabout winging about the weather and how ‘crap’ and ‘expensive’ London is, much liker the author has done here. I hope I don’t have the misfortune to run into her on a night out, but I doubt that would happen as she tries to live the aussie lifestyle and sadly will never have the pleasure to experience London the way it’s meant to be experienced.

    868. Sam Toucan says:

      Expectation: You’ll steer clear of all the aussie hangouts and mix with the locals.
      Reality: You find nothing but aussies all trying to do the same thing.

    869. Alistair says:

      I agree with Tim, London is absolutely what you make it. If you come over unprepared then get ready for a hard slog. If you have a career path or you dont mind a lot of bar work then life here is nothing short of awesome. 3 years in and still loving it!

    870. Evan says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Bogans.

    871. Tim N says:

      Would love to reply directly to this article. London is amazing. Reality: whoever / wherever this story came from are obviously doing something wrong and probably working in a bar earning £8 an hour.

    872. Leighton Sharpe says:

      Great article. I’m currently writing a blog of my travels in London:
      Check it out :) http://leightonjsharpe.blogspot.co.uk

    873. etba says:

      Very true!

    874. etba says:

      I agree! Sounds like an absolute whinger! I’m living out my “expectations” which aren’t too different from what the writer has said. It isn’t actually harder to make friends too. I think the fact taht you are travelling with your hubby means that you probably don’t put yourself out there to form new relationships. I have done that and haven’t had a problem. Have made a great circle of friends in the last 4 years.

    875. Kylie says:

      I LOVE this! I’m currently living the ‘reality’ dream and having the best time! Great article, well done!

    876. JP says:

      Whoever wrote this article definitely needs to go home they sound miserable. Signed: the guy who is seeing on average 2 bands a week over summer, has a music festival coming up in 2 weekends time and a trip to Barcelona weekend after that, and is talking with friends about which european ski resort to hit up this winter.

    877. Sparky says:

      I decided that because of these considerations that is the reason that to live in the UK the only way forward was to make a proper commitment. Moved over and took a full time job and have been able to enjoy most of the good points in your article while missing the bad points! I love Australia but it is definitely fun enjoying the English lifestyle while I’m here. Nothing like a lovely fish and chips on a late summers night with a cold breeze blowing in from the coast before walking the dogs and returning to the warmth of home! I never thought I would enjoy it when I first moved over!

    878. James Caan says:

      Got to disagree with the article. The writer must have been on £3.00 an hour or something. Cant be suprised that that you wouldnt be able to do anything! I have friends on £7.00 an hour doing travelling every month… btw, In london you actually lose weight from walking around more, rather than driving 2 mins to the supermarkets..I love Aus but seriously, get real!

    879. Jake says:

      To be honest it just seems like all of these “realities” are you being lazy. I currently live in London and I can’t say it’s anything like that. Except for the short holiday thing.

    880. Adam W says:

      Most Brits havent even seen most of Europe.. except for maybe the cheap holiday destinations.
      10pm sunsets in summer, 4pm in winter. Well, thats if you can see the sun behind the grey clouds :)

    881. Adam W says:

      This is precisely why I moved to Zurich instead. Most of those expectations are actually reality here.

    882. Mark says:

      Reality: London and the south west of England is too damned expensive to live. Get a job and live out in the west country or up North in Manchester, Liverpool and go down to London when you can be bothered. There are just as many ‘cool’ clubs in Manchester as there are in London and it’s a lot less expensive. And you can get the same cheap flights out of one of the multitude of airports surrounding the Manchester area as well. Unless you get a high paying job (and you wont on a tourist/working visa… but you will if you have dual nationality), stay away from London like the plague. Nice place to visit, but I wouldnt want to live there!

    883. JohnB says:

      Yep, that’s what we need. More lawyers telling the rest of us how to think.

    884. Leigh Oats says:

      . . . whereas a few months later, in late August, he’s still barking with his Palmer United Party, cleverly abbreviated as PUP, which is what he’s trying to sell to the electors of Australia.

      And I wonder what the hosts of this discussion thread think about his intent to create an outfit called The Australian Times:


      Has he done his homework?

      Anyway, dear AT, your captcha facility has a glitch for this smartphone user. It needs to be redesigned.

    885. B Antill says:

      The 70bn black hole the Rudd speak about is fiction and he knows it. You can not trust this man; full of spin and deceit; anything to retain power. Do not trust him!

    886. Al Hubbard says:

      Yeah, like reduced alcohol beer is still beer. And, like others have said, just drink an occassional glass of water and some salty popcorn or peanuts. Why get so fancy.

    887. NSWgirl says:

      Matt, there is nothing hilarious about a person’s opinion that the LNP is more trustworthy than Labor. Your counter reasoning that the LNP is the same party that supported Iraq and Afganistan invasion is naive as no matter who was holding the seat of government at that time would still have made the same decision and fought the same war. Be thankful Australia doesnt know poverty and politics like they exist in the third world and in America. Be grateful that both sides of politics are still able to plan for a surplus. People like you and me get to vote, and it’s a vote that counts. Sorry, but Labor’s time is up.

    888. John says:

      there was a brew in England called “same again” that the brewery added sulphur to give you a hangover

    889. Donald McIntosh says:

      Someone should tell Kevin there are plenty of people, particularly those in retail and small business, who believe the recession has already begun.

    890. Matt says:

      I think the hilarious thing is that you somehow think the LNP is any more trustworthy.

      This is the same party that flat out lied to us about the reasons for invading Iraq and Afghanistan, and thus getting our people and innocent civilians killed.

      The obsession with a surplus no matter the social and economic cost is a dangerous idea that should be left in the ground.

    891. Les of Queensland says:

      Do you believe this, We had a Global Financial Crisis in the middle of a MINING BOOM. A man who is obsessed by Lying and has lost his way. Not one of Labor has any financial idea of how to run a business or the Labor Party. Just faceless union Officials in the back ground are running the party.

    892. JohnP says:

      100% agree with the previous post. This great country clearly needs a new, united and stable government and the Liberal Party has certainly presented itself as the more cohesive and professional team.

    893. gOOD gUY says:

      Dear Mr Rudd,
      What about the 6 years of waste? What about the failed and over expensive pink bats? What about the $12 billion you wasted on refugees when you dismantled Mr Howards working policy? What about your own “No surplus” in 6 years? You are all lies Mr Rudd and “you know something” no matter how many more lies you tell, we the Australians have made up our mind….We will vote you out!

    894. Piers Hammick says:

      Bang goes my support for the Wiki party.
      Green go the voters…O

    895. John Schafer says:

      I live in America and I have terminal brain cancer. When people deal with questions of life and death, you can see very quickly what kind of a moral foundation they have. Those without a moral foundation based on the Objective Truth will always support euthanasia as the “Compassionate” answer to this issue. And that would be TOTAL NONSENSE. If you full understand that you did not create yourself and that you were created by God, you then fully understand that I do not belong to myself. On the contrary, I belong to God. He made me and it is His decision alone to decide when it is time for me to go home. The fact that you may suffer greatly does not change the Truth and does not give anyone the right to take their own life under any circumstances. I was diagnosed with about 9 months to live – that was 3 years and 3 months ago. The “compassionate” answer to my terminal illness does not take into account spiritual and moral realities that are not determined by any human being, but by Jesus Christ. His death on the Cross not only gave eternal salvation to mankind, but was the example of why suffering is not bad and is not evil. Suffering, when joined with Cross, has redemptive powers beyond what any human being can grasp. But, just because we can’t grasp this as human beings, does not make it any less true. This is a very difficult concept for many to grasp, but it is essential to understand this reality in order to stand up against euthanasia. My suffering is not useless, it has purpose on the spiritual level. When one understands that suffering has purpose, one understands that euthanasia is NOT the answer to suffering.

    896. Joe says:

      As interesting as it is, drink water throughout the night and you’ll never have a hang over. It’s called self control. In fact, if you take the occasional water break you can drink your buddies under the table. However I can see where this can be a very good thing for people who only drink a couple beers at a dinner before driving. Should reduce any of their risks of getting a DUI if they keep a two drink rule.

    897. MacRobert says:

      God bless the good work!

    898. Frank says:

      I’m no scientist, but haven’t people been eating electrolyte coated pretzels wth beer for over 100 years…..

    899. Chad says:


    900. Richard Miles says:

      Actually, Dr. J. Robert Cade, the inventor of Gatorade, discovered the same thing back in 1969 and collaborated in the production of Hop ‘N Gator, made for only a brief time by the Pittsburgh Brewing Company.

    901. jnobfan says:

      Just another marketing tool.
      Try drinking a pint of vodka with a 1/2 gallon of Gatorade and tell me how you feel the next day. Been there done that and I felt like crap.

    902. Joe says:

      reduced alcohol content=FAIL

    903. rob says:

      OR… You can just drink a sports drink before crashing.

    904. Olden Atwoody says:

      A completely fallacious study. Hangovers are caused by the physical reaction to aldehyde compounds in the beverage. Generally, cheaper alcoholic beverages have higher levels, thus the association that ‘expensvie is better’.

      The best defense is to take an antihistamine aka ‘cold tablet’ before and after drinking, and consume plenty of water during.

    905. Cheyne says:

      Did they test doing this on full strength beer? I don’t even see the point of testing it on light beer, you can’t get drunk enough to get hungover off it anyway

    906. Jerry says:

      Reduced Alcohol? I don’t think so.

    907. macd313 says:

      Interesting, I will have to try a splash of Gatorade with my Absolute and Red Bull

    908. Charles Dixon says:


    909. AHAB says:

      Anyone else gonna be upset if they don’t name this new beer Brawndo?


      Cuz it’s got ‘lectrolytes.

    910. Dave says:

      Beer: The most important food group.

    911. jlw says:

      They have found that by adding electrolytes… and reducing the alcohol content could make a beer more refreshing than ever.

      congratulations, you re-invented Gatorade.

    912. Lefty Capuccino says:

      Drinking without consequences? What’s the point?

    913. DooKy says:

      Reduce the alcohol content???

      W T F!

    914. President Comancho says:

      Brawndo’s got electrolytes, what plants crave.

    915. Maxwell says:

      When I was in college it was the hangovers that limited our drunken nights to weekends only.

      I don’t see this going well for the grades of the future generation.

    916. Jason says:

      So how many college kids did it take to realize that in order to avoid a hangover, add a dash of salt and lime to your corona? Nobel prize anyone?

    917. Rich says:

      “BEER” I love it! You just stay away from mine and every thing will be fine. I’am very picky about what I love!

    918. Mal Reynolds says:

      Yaaa! More Beer!

    919. farticus says:

      Need in the USA ASAP to help compensate for the incompetence of obummer and his cronies. nsa bite me!

    920. Slobby says:

      “scientists develop” and anything food related just don’t mix.

    921. Fred Flanigan says:

      How exactly is there something new about reducin