Dramatic CCTV footage of earthquake shaking Nepal [VIDEO]

Security and traffic cameras around Kathmandu reveal the moments of panic and devastation when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal. [WARNING: Some people may find the images disturbing]

Dust, debris, rumblings, buildings collapsing and absolute panic. These are the dramatic images captured by security cameras around Kathmandu when the earthquake struck Nepal last Saturday.

The earthquake has resulted in the loss of nearly 5,000 lives, while thousands more have been displaced.

The raw footage shows a shrine in the middle of a roundabout collapsing as crowds huddle and cling onto a gate.

A large arch collapses onto a busy street as a passing motorist just manages to spring out of his vehicle before his vehicle becomes part of the temple’s debris.

Once the initial shock is over, people can be seen rushing to help those stuck under rubble.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said at a press conference that over 1,400 Australians in Nepal have been located and accounted for.

Australia said it was raising its aid to $US4.7 million and sending humanitarian supplies to Nepal as well as evacuating the stranded Australian citizens.

“We will have an air force plane taking humanitarian supplies over and so it can take Australians to Bangkok where they can get a commercial flight home if they are unable to get out of Nepal,” Bishop said.