Cranky emu attacks cyclists in Canberra [WATCH]

Cranky emu attacks cyclists in Canberra [WATCH]

VIDEO: Bike riders play chicken with big, angry bird.

Canberra resident Chris Wilson had his feathers ruffled over the weekend when he was harrassed by an emu.

“I think I’m used to magpies now, but getting ‘swooped’ by an emu is getting out of control,” he said on the Facebook post of the video, below.

The clip is actually of fellow a cyclist being chased by the same big bird after Wilson’s own close encounter.

“Just to clarify, I got through and it chased me. Then I stopped and filmed this guy trying to get through. I had to edit out my chuckle at the end because I thought you all may consider me cruel,” he added.

It’s actually not unheard of for Aussie cyclists to be attacked by emus. Check out this video of a mountain bike rider getting the fright of his life as he peddles through the scrub…

It is thought that emus attack in such a manner in defence of their young.

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