Confused about the UK Ancestral Visa? Some questions answered

Confused about the UK Ancestral Visa? Some questions answered

The UK Ancestral Visa remains one of the most popular ways for Aussies and other Commonwealth Citizens to live and work in the United Kingdom. Here, the Breytenbachs visa specialists address some of the muddy issues.

Despite its popularity, there is often uncertainty regarding the rules and regulations of the UK Ancestral Visa.

Here we clarify some of the unknown aspects of the visa:

Working on the UK Ancestry Visa

My husband is the breadwinner, and a dependant on my Ancestral Visa. Do the rules of the visa require me to work at all, whilst on the visa?

One of the rules of the UK Ancestral Visa is that you must be able to work and intend to work whilst in the UK on this status.

Furthermore, in order to be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after five years on this visa, the applicant must be able to provide evidence that they have indeed been working during the five years of their visa.

The main advantage of the Ancestral Visa is that one can work without restrictions in the UK. Not only will you be able to work for an employer, but the visa will also allow you to be self-employed.

Spouses, civil partners, unmarried partners and dependent children can join the Ancestry holder in the UK and they will be granted the same period of leave as the main applicant and will be able to work without restriction.

Applying for a Second Ancestral Visa

I previously worked in the UK with a UK Ancestral Visa in 2010. However, I was made redundant by my UK employer and as I could not find another suitable position in the UK, and subsequently returned to my home country. My visa has since lapsed. Can I apply for another Ancestral visa?


It is possible to re-apply for a UK Ancestral Visa. This must be done from your home country.

You will be issued with a new UK Ancestral Visa if you meet the requirements.

Unfortunately, the time you have completed in the UK previously will no longer count towards your indefinite leave to remain.


I am a dependant on my wife’s Ancestry Visa, and we have now been in the UK for only a couple of months. We are about to start the process of divorce. Will this affect my visa status in the UK?

Your dependency visa is based on your marriage to your wife. If you get divorced, you will no longer be able to live and work in the UK, as your dependency visa will no longer be valid.

In order to continue to live and work in the UK, if you get divorced, you will have to qualify and apply for a visa in your own right.

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