Choosing the right tyres for your SUV

Choosing the right tyres for your SUV

The ‘Sport/Suburban Utility Vehicle’ or ‘SUV’ for short has quickly become quite popular as a family vehicle in recent times and can sometimes be seen to be preferred over the typical car as well.

The main reasons for this can be its off-road, all-wheel driving capability, high gravity centre, towing capabilities that rival a pickup truck, carrying space for passengers that are similar to large sedans/mini-vans, etc. Since they are capable of tackling any sort of terrain and providing plenty of space for the whole family to ride in, they can provide you with the best of both worlds. ‘Tyres’ are one of the most important components that allow it to be utilized in this way. The following things should be taken into account when getting the right tyres for your SUV.

The Rating of the Load and Size

Not only the likes of speed bumps and potholes in any road, are no match for SUVs they can also be ideal in carrying heavy loads too. Each SUV has its own different ‘load rating’ and ‘size’ recommended for it. So it is very important that you do not buy any tyre available, just for the sake of its looks but go through the SUV’s manual in order to correctly identify the right size and load rating for your SUV.

The Width of the Tread

This is another important factor that should be considered when choosing the right set of tyres for your SUV. The standard tread width for SUVs are known to be 6-10 inches and the different variations of these treads affect the weight that can be carried as well as the skidding in your SUV. Higher speed limits can be achieved when the tread width are high. Shops situated in tyres Ferntree gully in Melbourne can provide you with a wider range of different tyre options that will meet the right tread needs for your ride.

On-Road/Off-Road Use

When all things are considered, selecting the right tyres will ultimately come down to how you generally intend to use your SUV. If you go on adventurous trips and cross-country vacations on a frequent basis, then it will highly be likely that you might need a right set of tyres that are good for hard use as there will be plenty of off-roading action involved. On the other hand if you are using it only for your day-to-day family requirements, then lighter tyres can be used instead of the tougher, hardy versions. So it will be up to you to weigh your options and pick the right ones for your sport utility vehicle.

Picking, just the right tyres from among the many different brands (like Bridgestone, Yokohama, Goodrich, Pirelli, etc.) and styles can be challenging for sure. But getting the perfect tyres, will be a well worth purchase that provides comfort for you and your whole family and also will allow them to be used for a long while. Make sure to consider the above facts when purchasing your SUV tyres, so that it will surely grant you the opportunity to ride safely and proudly.

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