Cadbury introduces new Vegemite Chocolate

Cadbury introduces new Vegemite Chocolate

The rumours are true… Cadbury will be releasing a chocolate and Vegemite flavour combination on 1 June.

Cadbury Australia’s official Twitter confirmed that Cadbury will be releasing a new flavour combination: Vegemite chocolate.

The announcement follows rumours online after an image of the Vegemite chocolate slab appeared on Reddit with the caption: “What were they smoking?!

In the short promotional video posted on Twitter, Cadbury said: “Yes, the rumours were true. Yes, it’s available June 1st (but you may see it sooner). Yes, it’s surprisingly delicious”.

The responses on Twitter were mixed, with some users labelling it as disgusting and others as delightful. 2015-05-07 12-42-19

Vegemite chocolate 2015-05-07 12-42-54

Cadbury Australia also tweeted three other new flavours: