Year-on-year bleaching threatens Great Barrier Reef’s World Heritage status

ANALYSIS & OPINION: The extreme marine heatwave in 2016 killed two-thirds of the corals along a 700km stretch of the northern Great Barrier Reef, from Port Douglas to Papua New Guinea. It was a game-changer for the reef and for how we manage it.

Banning foreign political donations won’t fix all that ails our system

ANALYSIS & OPINION: A federal parliamentary committee has recommended foreign citizens and entities be banned from making political donations.

Netanyahu’s visit prompts Australia to rethink its relationship with Israel

ANALYSIS: Israel can count on only a handful of friends on the international stage. Australia is one of them. While the government says it is opposed to “one-sided resolutions against Israel”, four Labor statesmen – Bob Hawke, Bob Carr, Kevin Rudd and Gareth Evans – have called for diplomatic recognition of the State of Palestine.