We should levy Facebook and Google to fund journalism – here’s how

OPINION & ANALYSIS: Advertising once paid for muscular news organisations in the private sector. It doesn’t any more. The dominance of Google and Facebook now poses a real challenge to the continued existence of a robust fourth estate.

Is Melbourne the music capital of Australia? Sydney or Adelaide might pip it to the post

Is Melbourne really Australia’s music capital? I crunched the numbers to find that the jury is still out on this claim. Indeed arch rival, Sydney (or even Adelaide) have a chance to claim this title.

Found with cocaine in Colombia, we should presume Cassandra Sainsbury’s innocence

ANALYSIS & OPINION: If faced with a similar situation to the young Australian arrested this week in Columbia on suspicion of drugs trafficking, would not most people prefer that a judge or jury came to a trial unbiased by what they had read or heard about a case?