Netanyahu’s visit prompts Australia to rethink its relationship with Israel

ANALYSIS: Israel can count on only a handful of friends on the international stage. Australia is one of them. While the government says it is opposed to “one-sided resolutions against Israel”, four Labor statesmen – Bob Hawke, Bob Carr, Kevin Rudd and Gareth Evans – have called for diplomatic recognition of the State of Palestine.

Australia emerges as a leader in the global darknet drugs trade

OPINION: More than a quarter of the world’s darknet methamphetamine trade is facilitated by Australian cryptomarket dealers.

Airbnb hosts beware – it’s not just Centrelink using robo-debt systems

OPINION: Airbnb has had perhaps the most long-standing and significant influence in Australia, in most cases prior to any specific legislation being created to regulate it. And if trade and commerce are free of regulation, they are also free of government control, protection and taxation.