Trump’s self-serving sympathy for Putin augers badly for American leadership

OPINION: It remains to be seen whether America’s celebrated checks and balances will prove any hindrance to Trump giving full expression to his monumental egomania and self-obsession.

Sussan Ley and the Gold Coast apartment: murky rules mean age of entitlement isn’t over for MPs

OPINION: Sussan Ley will have breached the standards if she was found not to be acting in the public interest, or if her entitlement claims are judged to be illegitimate. But the rules on claiming ministerial entitlements are unclear and very complex.

Kevin Rudd: reflections on a troubled country and a troubled world

OPINION: “We live in a deeply unsettled world, where once again the great questions of war and peace rumble across the international headlines, casually, almost as a matter of routine, as if we have become inoculated to their actual meaning,” says former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, arguing there are two competing visions for Australia’s future.