10 great things about living in London expats actually do love

What Aussies in London really like are also the things they’re too ashamed to admit to friends and family back home, or things they just won’t get.. like Primark, Jeremy Kyle and Snakebites.

Best park life in London: It’s the place to be for summer sun frivolity

LONDON’S 10 TOP GREEN SPACES: The concept of ‘going to the park’ in Australia conjures up images of children’s birthday parties and unruly teenagers looking for a place to drink after dark. In London, the park stands for something completely different.

It’s easy for an Aussie expat to pick up a London accent, innit

But don’t just think the expat affliction of acquiring an English accent is necessarily about contracting posh, clipped tones and a habit of saying yo-gurt, instead of yogurt.