Don’t feel expat shame when you need to let your homegrown hair down

Believe it or not, Australians are not the only expats in London. We aren’t the only ones who like to make a bit of homegrown noise every now and then, so there’s no need to be embarrassed about it.

How to prevent your antipodean London sharehouse becoming dosser hell

Every Australian who has lived in the UK has experienced the delights and horrors of sharehouse living; particularly when it comes to overseas guests. You need t work out a policy early with housemates to ensure your expat sanctuary doesn’t become a 24/7 motel.

10 great things about living in London expats actually do love

What Aussies in London really like are also the things they’re too ashamed to admit to friends and family back home, or things they just won’t get.. like Primark, Jeremy Kyle and Snakebites.