How to prevent your antipodean London sharehouse becoming dosser hell

Every Australian who has lived in the UK has experienced the delights and horrors of sharehouse living; particularly when it comes to overseas guests. You need t work out a policy early with housemates to ensure your expat sanctuary doesn’t become a 24/7 motel.

Will some Brit ‘posh boys’ always dismiss Aussies as ‘convict stock’?

They are the pompous type that treat Aussies and Kiwis as though we are Neanderthals with little to no knowledge of history and culture.

Best park life in London: It’s the place to be for summer sun frivolity

LONDON’S 10 TOP GREEN SPACES: The concept of ‘going to the park’ in Australia conjures up images of children’s birthday parties and unruly teenagers looking for a place to drink after dark. In London, the park stands for something completely different.