Lugano: the deliciously Italian flavoured slice of Switzerland

Most travellers are familiar with Switzerland’s German and French speaking capitals, but there is a third, equally intriguing language region that combines traditional Swiss elegance with an unmistakably Mediterranean flair.

Kitting out your new London digs: should you go new or second hand?

Most Aussies coming to London aren’t making a permanent move, so finding affordable options to fit out their new home is a must. There’s markets, and then there’s Argos…

Sick in the city: Where to get medical assistance in London

SURVIVING LONDON | You’re feeling ill (cue sad face). It happens, but when you’re unwell and far from home where do you turn to for help? You can’t speed-dial your mum, or your local doctor for that matter, but there’s no need to reach for the panic button just yet. There are plenty of ways to seek medical advice in London that won’t leave you penniless.