London, prepare for a sonic assault: Midnight Juggernauts

With Midnight Juggernauts about to launch ‘a sonic assault’ on London on 8 July, drummer Daniel Stricker catches up with ALEX BRUCE-SMITH to talk modern technology and Serge Gainsbourg.

The Five People You Will Meet At Every Festival

FACE THE FESTIVAL 2013 | The people you go with can make or break any festival, no matter who’s playing and what the weather’s like. You’re also likely to meet a few, erm, characters along the way. To help you spot them, we’ve compiled a list of the five people you’re most likely to meet this festival season.

Down the rabbit hole at the Beefeater Bartender Grand Finals

The Beefeater 24 Global Bartender Competition Grand Final brought together the world’s best in shaking and stirring in celebration of that key ingredient to all great cocktails: gin. ALEX BRUCE-SMITH tastes the magic with Australian competitor Gregory Sanderson, of Melbourne’s Eau-de-Vie.