Australia’s most in-demand jobs

Australia’s most in-demand jobs

Whether you’re a recent graduate, or are looking to take your career in another direction, it’s interesting to consider which Aussie jobs are in high demand.

Choosing one of the most in-demand jobs is certainly likely to net you a bigger wage than one where there are likely to be a hundred candidates for each opening. Of course some of these jobs will require relevant training, and you can learn many of the skills needed to tackle these jobs online, which may mean you can continue to work in your current job whilst training for a new one.

Here, we look at the most in-demand jobs in Australia at the moment. Perhaps, with some training, you could be in high demand as a candidate in one of these areas!

Education and Training

Australia’s population continues to grow at a very large rate. This gives the education industry more pressure and increases the demand for extra teachers. The education industry needs teachers who are patient, organised and able to deliver lessons to children from Pre School to University. Subjects can range from Primary Education, including mathematics and English, to higher education that can include complex subjects such as law and philosophy.

Medical and Healthcare

Australia’s senior population is growing very quickly too. This means the Medical and Healthcare industry is growing larger. Nursing jobs seem to be constantly advertised and there is a great need for nurses for the aged care industry. Technology based jobs are also always available in this field.

Design and Architecture

2014 saw a very large influx of architecture jobs, which became the most popular job that was looked for throughout the country. The economy is currently creating the need for more architects for projects ranging from single storey extensions to large building projects.

Building Trades

2015 sees an excellent opportunity to get into the building trade. By November 2018, the construction industry will have expanded by about 8 per cent. It’s not only construction workers that are in high demand in this industry, though. Project managers are needed here to oversee large building projects and ensure they keep to timescale and budget restrictions.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

ICT jobs are extremely important for all industries. There is always a demand for IT specialists, project managers and other similar jobs in this area, provided that candidates have the right skills.

Digital and Marketing

Chief Marketing Officers and Digital Marketing positions are becoming more popular. This is because there is a need for more suitable candidates for the digital and mobile sector. Companies are frequently creating business online, and to thrive online digital marketing strategies are essential.


The retail industry is always growing. Some of the jobs needed in this area are in growth. These roles will require the candidate to come up with opportunities to expand across technology and digital media. In addition to this, personalization in retail is becoming more important. This will involve obtaining and analyzing knowledge about the behaviour of customers and coming up with more tailored approaches to marketing. Across all of the most popular industries is a need for those skilled in project management. When it comes to any industry, projects large and small will need to be completed and having those on your team who have a knowledge and skills needed to oversee projects and bring them to a successful conclusion will be the most in demand jobs in Australia, not only in 2015, but in years to come.  Thankfully, it is eminently possible to learn project management online, so wherever in your career you currently stand, you could ensure you’re in high demand from hereon in.


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