Australian injury in running of the bulls

Australian injury in running of the bulls

An Australian teenager has become the first casualty of this year’s Pamplona Bull Run in Spain.

An Australian teenager has become the first casualty of this year’s Pamplona Running of the Bulls in Spain.

The Australian and a Spaniard were injured on the second day of the San Fermin bull festival.

An 18-year-old man from Melbourne was taken to hospital with various injuries sustained as hundreds of daredevils dashed through the streets of Pamplona’s historic quarter and narrow streets today for the run.

The 20 year-old Spanish man from Zaragoza was taken to hospital with an eye injury sustained on a street almost halfway through the run, the Navarra government said on its website.

Both were initially listed in a stable condition but are under close observation however the exact details of their injuries or their names have not been released.

It is believed that neither of the victims touched by the bull’s horns, which can cause serious injury or death.

Last year, a 27-year-old was gorged to death but a bull which pieced his neck, heart and lungs in front of hordes of tourist before claiming numerous casualties, including several Australians in the most dangerous run ever.

The bull runs have claimed 15 lives since 1911 and each year dozens of runners are injured.

A teenager was gored to death during a running of bulls at a festival in a small north-central town of Fuentesauco over the weekend.

As part of the run, thrillseekers try to outrace six bulls and steers released to run from their corral through the old town’s narrow, cobbled stone streets to the bull ring where they will later die in a bullfight.

The daily run continues for eight days through to July 14 and is the highlight of the nine-day San Fermin festival in Pamplona that attracts hundreds of thousands to the non-stop fiesta.

Dozens of runners, dressed in the festival’s traditional white shirts and pants with red sashes, sang a chant to a statue of San Fermin at the start of the route seconds before a firecracker rocket blast signaled the release of the bulls from the pen.

The festival also features a range of concerts, street parties and dances and the revellers’ nightly ritual of spraying each other with red wine.

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