Australia Tourism’s best liked Facebook photos

Australia Tourism’s best liked Facebook photos

Ohh, ahh and aww at Tourism Australia’s list of most liked Facebook photos.


These fantastic photos were taken by amateurs and professional photographers who caught – and shared – some of Australia’s most awe inspiring moments.

Every year Tourism Australia keeps track of the Top 10 photos on their Facebook page that received the most likes, interest and generated the most social media participation.

Check them out.

1. New Year 2013 fireworks over Sydney Harbour.


Photo by: City of Sydney
Likes: 123,459

2. Sydney Harbour seems to be a favourite and took both the first and second spot on the list!


Photo by: Hirsty Photography
Likes: 120,245

3. They have the ‘cute factor’ stacked. Cute alert! Koalas captured at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.


Photo by: Tony Britt-Lewis – a zookeeper at Taronga Zoo.
Likes: 98,830

4. An outstanding pic of a day out snorkeling in Coral Bay, WA.


Photo by: Nathan Wills Photography
Likes: 72,596

5. Koalas seem to steal the show with another one making a laid back entry at the 5th most liked photo.


Photo by: Glenn Addicott
Likes: 70,634

6. Taken in the Zoodoo Wildlife Park, Richmond Tasmania this cute little girl brags with her baby kangaroo.


Photo by: Jen Rayner Photography
Likes: 69,418

7. Turtles on Wilson Island on the Great Barrier Reef.


Photo by: Tourism Australia
Likes: 61,725

8. Another cute Australian. This time a sea lion pup swimming with the photographer at Baird Bay in Southern Australia.


Photo by: Rod Keogh
Likes: 59,720

9. Making waves. Massive swell in the Margaret River wine region.


Photo by: Russell Ord Photography
Likes: 57,043

10. The quintessential ‘wish you were here’ pic.  Taken in Port Douglas.


Photo: Tourism Australia
Likes: 56,845

Main photo from Australia Tourism’s Facebook page


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