Expat issues: best features of 2011

Expat issues: best features of 2011

Exploring the expat experience. The best features by Australian Times columnists and contributors in 2011, as picked by our publisher.


AT Australian Times, we invite writers to explore the Australian experience as an expat living overseas, particularly in the UK.

What’s life like for an Aussie in London? How does living abroad affect us? How are our perspectives on Australia and ourselves as Australians altered by our time in Britain?

The issues raised and observations made by our columnists and contributors in the Voices section are thought provoking, enlightening and often hilarious. These are just some of my favourites from 2011.

The ideas and opinions expressed here may not necessarily be those of Australian Times but strewth (or is it blimey?), how we can certainly all relate:

Living overseas: what a mind blower
Last week I met a man who was fluent in nine languages. I can speak one; English. And even then, my fluency in that is debatable. It was a ‘we’re not in Melbourne anymore, Toto,’ moment.
By Leigh Johnston 

Are you losing your Australian-ness?
Living abroad can sometimes change the way you talk, the way you dress, even the way you act! You may be becoming a little less Aussie and a little more British if…
By Lee Crossley

The politics of drinking
At the risk of alienating readers and the drinking public in general, I don’t like beer. It’s bubbly yeast water served cold enough to snap your face off.
By Adrian Craddock

It’s about time England updated its stereotype of the brash, unsophisticated Aussie
Being the only Australian in my office, I was like the new play thing, expected to say things on demand such as, “strewth”, “daggy”, and “flamin’ galah”. Is that really how people in England see us?
By Pip Perry

Why do Australians travel so much?
ITCHY FEET | So, what drives us Australians to travel? Are we generally more adventurous than those from other nations? Does exploration course through our very veins?
By Liv Hambrett 

Dad, I want to play for England
One of the main dilemmas of the expat lifestyle is: which country will your children support and/or play for in sport? It’s a very tough question for an Aussie dad.
By Bon8 

I’m MORE Aussie since leaving Australia
There is something odd about feeling more Australian in the UK than in Oz but I’ve never felt more Aussie than I do while living here.
By Emily Banyard

I’m LESS Aussie since leaving Australia
Just quietly, I may actually be the least Australian person I know. I don’t think I’ve ever wished anyone “g’day” in my life.
By Steph Davies

Hanging up the backpack?
GO HARD OR GO HOME | I love travelling, but lately I’ve realised this love is not as unconditional as it once was.
By Shannon Crane

When pants, bollocks and snogging is all you need
Aussies swarm to the UK like ‘scousers to a tash convention’ but sometimes we can get a bit mixed up with all the different lingo. Let’s explore the weird and wonderful world of British slang.
By Nina McGrath 

The cultural cringe of Aussies in the UK
Since being here in the UK there have been occasions where I’ve noticed myself looking down my nose at a certain group of people. And if you’re reading this, there’s a chance you’re one of them.
By Joshua Lloyd 

A touch of Aussie class in London
I think most Australians could agree that Australia is very much a classless society but where do we fit in, in the UK?
By Mark Reddie 

Umbrella etiquette:  because the rain affects us all
Let me be clear from the beginning, when it rains (as a result of the Hydrologic Cycle, that’s right Mr Costello, I was paying attention in Year 9 Science!) it falls on EVERYBODY!
By Liam Flanagan


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Bryce Lowry

Bryce Lowry

Publisher and Editor of Australian Times.