Getting a job in today’s times

Getting a job in today’s times

According to recent research by Barclays, the multinational financial services and universal banking with operations in over 50 countries and territories, Australian households are the most indebted in the world.

Compared to other developed countries that are paying down their debts, we are increasing our mortgages, credit card debts, overdrafts and personal loans. This could put Australia in a vulnerable position in the event of another global financial crisis. With the soaring house prices in Australia, it’s not surprising that Australian households are taking on record high mortgages just so they can afford to buy a house and achieve the great Australian dream of home ownership.

However, it also means that they are up to their neck in debt, with some drowning in debt. To avoid losing their homes due to mortgage defaults, many Australians will have no choice but to delay retirement and remain in the workforce for longer than they had hoped. However, that is easier said than done when they are competing for limited jobs.

New graduates complain that they have to compete with older more experienced workers for the same jobs and older workers complain that they have to compete with new graduates who have the advantage of age. Whether the competition is real or perceived is debatable; however there is one way to make landing a job easier and that is through recruitment agency Melbourne.


What do recruitment agencies do?

In brief, recruitment agencies help job seekers find the right jobs according to the job seeker’s skills, training and experience; and they help employers find the right employees for available jobs according to the employer’s requirements. To further help employers, some recruitment agencies also provide outsourced payroll services such as employee registration, weekly pay-runs, payroll and employee queries, payroll tax, superannuation, group certificates, Work Cover management, pay advice and electronic time sheeting and industrial relations compliance.

What areas of expertise do recruitment agencies have?

Recruitment agencies have consultants that have skills and expertise in a variety of industries, including administration (i.e. office and finance support roles); construction (i.e. all trades and services); manufacturing (i.e. product design, development, production, maintenance, management, process development, Occupational Health & Safety and quality assurance); food processing (i.e. from assembly line workers to management staff); transport and logistics (e.g. drivers, pickers and packers, dispatch officers, etc.); warehousing (e.g. forklift operation, material handling, shipping and receiving, etc.); executive/management (e.g. former employers with a history in start-ups to senior management in multi-national organisations); hospitality (e.g. bartenders, chefs, hospitality administrators, etc.); retail (e.g. sales assistant/supervisor, distribution manager, visual merchandiser, etc.)

Why use a recruitment agency?

For job seekers, recruitment agencies can help them to find and connect with the industry of their choice in accordance to the job seeker’s skills, training and expertise. Staffing consultants from recruitment agencies can assess a job seeker’s credentials and conduct a career analysis to determine the job seeker’s goals and objectives and therefore, which job opportunities are best suited for them. For employers, recruitment agencies can be an extension of your human resource department by taking the time, effort and tedium out of the recruitment process and thus, freeing you to focus fully on your business. The recruitment process alone can take up to six months or more and involves sourcing, screening, evaluating, selecting and monitoring candidates. Because of their experience in screening and interviewing candidates, recruitment agencies can undertake the first three stages of the recruitment process and provide you with only appropriate pre-screened candidates.

What if there are no current jobs available in my area of expertise?

Submit your resume anyway because recruitment agencies are often the first point of contact for employers looking to hire new staff. Recruitment agencies have agreements with a variety of job boards, specialist websites and newspapers and therefore, know what positions are available in the Australia job market. Job applications to recruitment agencies are usually reviewed within a week of the advertised closing date. If an applicant meets the job requirements, a phone or e-mail interview will be conducted followed by a final interview. If approved, the applicant is shortlisted to be interviewed by the employer.

Whether you are an Australian who is forced to work for many more years to pay off your mortgage or just someone who wants to be in employment for as long as possible, a recruitment agency can be the door to your future career.


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