Celebrating Australia Day in Switzerland

AUSTRALIA DAY | We may have not had the temperatures, the beaches or the cool beers but in freezing Switzerland a piping hot fondue and a few bottles of Barossa reminded us of home and memories.

Aussie Sarah Kendall at Soho Theatre: Get Up, Stand Up

In 2004 Australian Sarah Kendall became the first comedienne to be nominated for Perrier Award in almost a decade. Now she’s bringing her hilarious and unique brand of political comedy to Soho Theatre from 5-9 February. Get in quick for your chance to catch this critically acclaimed Aussie stand-up comedienne at her best.

Chav camouflage

SUBCULTURE SLEUTH | This week our sleuth tries to cement his reputation as ‘the chav whisper’ by going undercover, complete with camouflage to pass undetected into their ranks.