Sydney ‘embraces’ 2013 with a New Year’s Eve fireworks spectacular

It’s the party that starts the world’s New Year celebrations and Sydney didn’t disappoint yet again, with a fireworks display themed ‘Embrace’ started by Kylie Minogue with the press of a button.

Sydney’s 9pm fireworks light up the sky for 1.5m spectators

Sydney’s early fireworks have illuminated the city and dazzled spectators in a warm-up for the city’s midnight spectacular.

New Year’s Eve in London: 2012’s best parties and events

New Year’s Eve can be hard to organise, with the looming question ‘Am I having enough fun yet?’ hovering over us all. Whether you’re new in town or a seasoned London party goer, Australian Times is here to help. We’re debunking the oldest New Year traditions and giving you some exciting new ideas to see in 2013.