20 totally hilarious (and dead-set real) signs, only in Australia [PHOTOS]

20 totally hilarious (and dead-set real) signs, only in Australia [PHOTOS]

Take this as a sign from Australia to not take things too seriously, mate. Have a laugh, but watch out!

Travel all over the Australian countryside and you will encounter many a strange thing. Thankfully, the good citizens of Oz are there to give you directions or ample warning as to what lurks just around the corner.

Whether it’s hitting the road, hitting the pub or even hitting the dunny, take heed of the signs and notices that Aussies have left (or kindly doctored) for you to stay safe and smiling.

And yes, these are all for real…


20 Stupidly Funny Australian Signs

1) Complete bull shark. Very dangerous

funny bull sharks sign


2) Our men and women in blue have got you covered

funny australia sign police crime


3) We don’t call it a ‘thunderbox’ for nuthin

funny toilet sign australia


4) McWhat?! Big up to Yass. Just don’t dare order the Happy Meal

My Ass McDonalds


5) What’s that Skip? Snow? In Australia? You’re taking the piste

skiing kangaroo


6) Get it right, postie! Jeez

australia post sign funny


7) In Australia, everyone knows the cops have the best gear

funny police speed sign australia


8) The first to the scene of a road accident is always a cow

stock on road sign australia


9) In Australia, we have drive-thru butchers (cows are everywhere!)

falling rocks funny sign cow


10) We are also at the forefront of science

funny aussie signs tenetrfield rock


11) Australian tax payers’ money hard at work, right there. More of that science stuff

rain sign funny australia


12) Tip: Bring insect repellent .. and shears, if ya got ‘em

Glendambo funny sign Australia


13) Our mate Craig is a really nice bloke. No, seriously. And he sure knows how to dazzle with his thongs

craig notice date thongs


14) Oh yeah, we got snakes. Big ones. They’re adorable

funny australia sign snake


15) Buckle up, baby – you are in for one helluva ride in Oz

hunter sign humour


16) In Australia, every night is ladies night

australia pub sign


17) And our chooks are fair dinkum ENOURMOUS … because they drink beer

cassowary funny sign australia


18) We love to shift the blame. So, who’s fault is that jumper?

funny sign australia classic


19) In Australia, jumping on the bed is a serious crime. So is clothesline swinging, by the way … if you are caught

funny harvey norman bed sign australia


20) Because we don’t let them jump on beds …

slow down kids bounce apex





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