10 strange ways your life will change when you move to London

10 strange ways your life will change when you move to London

Get ready for amazing queues, multiple travel adapters and the ‘Heathrow injection’. Living in London is a life changing experience in more ways than one.

When you move to live in London you can expect your life and mindset to change in so many odd ways.

Here’s the reality of life in London

1) Your journey will be full of queues. You will often look up and find yourself in a queue. You might not know why or where it leads, but you will stand there patiently in that perfectly ordered queue for as long as it takes.

2) Many London museums are free; a good place to go to on a rainy day and a great place to go if you are suddenly feeling clucky.

3) The “Heathrow injection” is not a myth. You will find yourself wondering why your waistband is getting tighter and blame it on the lack of sunlight, but it’s probably the beer and cider.

4) Bathroom scales are no longer used to measure one’s Heathrow injection. In fact, they are strictly used as a tool to measure if one’s carry-on baggage is within the required limits for your budget flight.

5) Your toiletries are now no more than 100mls each, you can expertly roll all of your belongings into your carry-on and you have more travel adapters than anyone can count.

6) The Tube is awesome. Even if you arrive at work dishevelled after getting your hair stuck in the closing door, you sweat buckets with your arms pinned against your sides and your makeup has rubbed off on to the shoulder of someone’s suit.

7) Winter fashion doesn’t matter when all you care about is keeping warm. You are quietly thankful for your thick-soled, waterproofed, sensible boots that don’t match your thick puffy coat and thick furry hat with the ear flaps.

8) You realise summer has arrived when office workers emerge for lunch in the sun with their trouser legs and sleeves rolled up for maximum exposure, the evenings are spent guzzling wine and cider in the park and weekends simply exist so you can spend two days abroad.

9) You cannot confidently use the words ‘thongs’ or ‘pants’ without someone thinking you are perverted.

10) Living in a share house until the age of 40 is totally acceptable, living a 45-60 minute commute from work is a reality and living in a sharehouse with 18 other Antipodeans and 1 shower is a scary possibility but you need to save on rent if you want to travel.

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Jacqui Moroney

Jacqui Moroney

Jacqui Moroney is a marketeer, avid travel writer and ex banker, traveling around the world on the honeymoon of a lifetime. She was born in the red centre of Australia, raised near the coast in Brisbane and is now a nomad in search of adventure with her new hubby. Jacqui is a travel writer, with a focus on living in London and traveling the world with her partner in crime. When she is not traveling, Jacqui is an amateur wine enthusiast, an unapologetic food junkie, and enjoying her never ending honeymoon!